Arctic Monkeys - Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino. The new album, out May 11th, 2018.
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  1. soka soka

    really good music , they are growing up from ' fake tales of san francisco ' - ' dance little liar ' to ' one for the road ' my favourite songs , every new album is better and better , i hope will be more to come , i cant remember from oasis time band who did something serious like this , but i see this band overlooked : with coca cola generation and justin biber crap , and a lot more stupid music

  2. How music lives

    hey can I remix your songs and I'm a really big fan. Thanks.

  3. superawsomegamer123

    hey can I remix your songs and I'm a really big fan. Thanks.

  4. Atomic Junky

    the monkeys have officially announced a new album

  5. Carla McNaughton

    You guys NEEEEEEEEEEED to play in Potland -OR. PLEEEEEEAAAAAAAA!

  6. הילה משהו

    am i just supposed to give up on a new album?

  7. Matheus Yoseph

    When will they come back?

  8. Yj Y

    I want new songs.... can't wait

  9. Tom Wood

    Please save us from the dribble being released!

  10. Laura López

    Maldita sea! Desgraciados vuelvan, no saben la falta que me hacen, :''v.

  11. o Kiko

    My YT Basically lives on this channel, Listening to *wanna be your's* in *London*

  12. Jemoos

    please, make a new song, I can help you but make a new song

  13. Munkh-Undrah Ganzorig


  14. Ana Am6

    Pls comeback! Come to portugal ^-^

  15. tatang rizky handoyo

    indonesian people want to watch arctic monkeys again.

  16. Δииα Ѧαяια

    I would love to see you guys playing at the UNTOLD Festival

  17. Roshan Rane

    Love your music Artic monkeys ! Why aren't you on sound cloud ?


    W A I T I N G



  20. dark saber gaming

    i lovem

  21. Bojana Stevanović

    Will you ever come to Belgrade, Serbia? We have been waiting for a long time now

  22. Tony K

    Alex come back!!!!! pls

  23. Pablo Rangel

    More songs, come on Arctic Monkeys they are the best :v ;)

  24. ExGaming


  25. TDest :v

    I'm not waiting for your new album, I'm very excited

  26. fun soundwave remixes

    in case one of the band members sees this i dig your music dudes and i saw a live show and you kicked ass! cheers!

  27. Rada M

    Love them very much, hope they go on tour again so I can see/listen to them! I would also like to listen to TLSP live!

  28. Uriel Talamantes Lopez

    Who the f**k are the Arctic Monkeys?

  29. Silvana Miranda

    I hope you come back soon :) Good luck.

  30. Joanna Martinez

    want more of you!!!! I LOVE YOU

  31. BatRock R

    où êtes-vous

  32. Savenko Yuriy

    where are you, monkeys?

  33. Nadia Martinez

    I'm in love with Alex, I can not stop seeing it, it's serious. It's an obsession.

  34. Imaginary Fox

    guys , they will not split up in a recent interview alex said that arctic monkeys will do a comeback at 2017

    1. IG spiderintheditchshesawitall

      they haven't announced anything unless their planning to do a pop-up album it doesn't seem likely for this year

    2. Glitched Cat

      It's... October... Are you sure about that??!

    3. Nico Montaño

      r u sure?

    4. Oumaima Yamoun

      sigh.. still waiting

  35. One Year Stand

    So Arctic monkeys are on hiatusAll the more reason to come subscribe toOne Year StandJoking... We're shit

  36. How To Make Sushi

    Happy Eastern🐣🐇

  37. Hot Tramps

    someone believes in god,we believe the artic monkeys!!...god bless the Hot Tramps

  38. Edgar Zavaleta

    ur mom.

  39. Edgar Zavaleta


  40. Edgar Zavaleta

    kill ur self

  41. Edgar Zavaleta

    lol faggits

  42. Green Tea


    1. Gabriel Hallford

      *They *Aren't *They're *Back

    2. pabloohooney

      thyre arent theyre bck

  43. Senhorita Turner

    Alex are you mine?

    1. Edgar Zavaleta

      +Senhorita Turner ew

  44. Jean Fernandes

    Because you are not making any more music? So it seems that you will end up with the band.

  45. harley quinn

    i fucking love u <3

  46. blink182always

    please make a new song. ive listened t all your songs so i need some more to listen to as the others are the bestest x

  47. futilerify

    so you're making money from youtube by uploading songs of a popular brand, good for you

  48. Anna Ratiu

    I'm waiting for a new song because TLSP's is so rubbish, i love Alex so much but it was the biggest garbage I ever heard from him :(

  49. Karmyuh

    So , Do ı wanna know ?

    1. Edgar Zavaleta

      +Karmyuh [Free] no faggit

  50. Irsyad Toni

    how about some new songs?

    1. Edgar Zavaleta

      +Irsyad Toni no faggit