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  1. Bachir Adil

    super cool

  2. Andrea Villalba

    ME ENCANTA @Tekashi6ix9ine quisiera un dia conocerlo. El es mi inspiración de salir adelante dia con dia!!

  3. pawel niezgoda


  4. idris chouial

    stoopid hh

  5. Haru 7Star

    If this generation of 'rappers' has taught me anything it's that being pro choice is a necessity..... Please all who plan on having kids, if you think or feel you have a mumbling parasite growing in your rotten womb then save our ears... Abort

  6. Jays world

    Soy un gran fan de América. Soy puertorriqueño y nicaragüense.

  7. Санек Соснин

    Нихуя скитлс поднялся

  8. Manoxle

    hi watch on my Channel the best of ist amazing

  9. Apfelbaum Master Race

    u only screaming but thats NAIS bruh!

  10. Maria Salinas


  11. Hugo Barrientosl

    tekashi 6ix9ine is the best person in the word

  12. grzesiu1000000

    how is to life without soul baby ? You know you are tortured in hell by evil ??? god bless You... :*

    1. Madder-Than The-Hatter

      shut the F*CK UP

  13. Syfire


  14. Juan Carlos Garces Delgado

    Cuando vienes a Venezuela.

  15. SAID HINDY Z tv

    You are the best Rabour after Tupac I am following you from Algeria Enter my channel I need support Please love you

  16. jill linder

    <3 a is a big fan

  17. AustPlayzツ

    his car tho su coche Tho ثو سيارته его автомобиль Тхо

  18. jhonKener subcritores

    don kener fallower the dendencie7

  19. Madder-Than The-Hatter

    Daniel AKA 6ix9ine I liteally cry every time I think obout you I would love for you to respond to me I fell in love with you and i really gonna need some financial help at 18 I really want to be a singer but my family disses me a 13 about it I only found you a week ago I left a few other comments on other interveiw channels an I love your personality if you read between the lines you see who you really are I would love to see you in person and I am breaking the familys rules right now not aloud to be on youtube or social medias But I would love to sing with you or get my career started with you music teachers have told me I could make it hhhmmm I just need a little push.13 year old litte white stupid kid doing this I know you would nver do this for some body like me so I just can't stop crying over you.Please I just need a kick start at 18 thats all 5 more years.

  20. Tai Vitolo


  21. Coco


    1. xNukuh


  22. Mysteryu

    Who's subcribe me he get a nice girl :D

  23. Amra Badić

    where is new videos

    1. Madder-Than The-Hatter

      they are on his instagram he needs to put them on youtube some kids dont do instagram hint hint

  24. THE Lyte


  25. Sawyer Larsen

    ur talentless don't even try to diss emenem m8

  26. Elias Rajab

    Would you follow me back on Instagram Tekashi 6ix9ine DREAM COME TRUE @elias_rajab_

  27. morgan golden


  28. brando chirinos

    always supporting you from Venezuela and someday I would like to have the pleasure of seeing you in person. You are the best <3

  29. Roilan Guerra

    Scum Gang

  30. MakeItDrop YT

    6ix9ine i gotta dis for you its cald the fuck you gonna do-btw im better that you

  31. alejo Mayorga

    Buen día desde Bogotá Colombia sintiendo la buena vibra. Un saludo Soy comunicador social, por si necesitas algo por el estilo. Desde abajo venimos subiendo a la meta con humildad.

    1. jhonKener subcritores

      yo busco patrocinio para mi carrera pero duro es cuando no tienes el dinero yo aqui en mi canal e subido algunos videos casero de mi talento contactame y bemos que asemos

  32. Cassondra Breitzke


  33. QUS- TON


  34. satiago bolaños

    algun nnumero de celular de las chicas de bebee

  35. أبشر أيها المسلم


  36. icomeinpeace10000000



    This will be a long posting from me. I have followed this young man for months. He reminds me of other creative geniuses and talents who had a short opportunity to walk this Earth. The pattern is well-documented, especially for Black and/or Latino people in America. This society was not built for you. The roads were paved in gold, but not for you. When you step out of line and try to walk the gold path, this society WILL PUNISH you for trying...and WILL DESTROY you for achieving said goal. First, I present evidence: 1. 3000 African-Americans were hung from trees throughout history. No cases have been brought to justice. 2. No African-Americans or Latinos who have FOUGHT for JUSTICE have celebrated their 70th or 80th birthdays without untimely and unnatural death, jail or suffering. 3. No African-Americans or Latinos who prospered towards or into billionaire territory, without support of the Establishment, have celebrated their 70th or 80th birthdays without untimely and unnatural death, jail or suffering. Second, I present Tekashi's recent behaviors: 1. He knew the Establishment had "marked" him. His time remaining free and on Earth was short. 2. He knew he would have to protect his family (Mother, brothers, Sara, daughter, and Mexican relatives). 3. He knows the rules. They come for who you love then they come for you. 4. He had to give his wealth to his family. 5. He had to distance himself from Sara and his daughter to save them. He had to distance himself from all friends. 6. He is now ready for their wrath. He knows. Daniel Hernandez, you will be remembered as a genius. Your gifts came from the universe and the universe has you now. Trust fate. Trust your path, your story. It was written before your birth.

  38. Skull Clan Vlogs Member:SkullBuster

    make a new music video

  39. Ji Androigra

    AMIGO Привет, tienes buena música так держать.

  40. Alexander Torres

    hoe hermanoooo de pana

  41. Astarte Astaroth

    i am from london and i am madly inlove . any chance to catch you next year in lithuania or sweden again or amsterdam ? this time/ year i was unlucky ...

  42. pedro serrano

    men llegate para venezuela :( :) <3

  43. Jesus Ibarra




  45. Natasha Benitez


  46. Patrick Teinielle


  47. Wissen ist Macht Wissen ist Macht

    69 need to see this.. make a song WITH GZUZ !!! this will blow up the internet !!! promis

  48. Lenin Samaniego

    dale palate 100pre men

  49. dixon chacin