We make Monster school Minecraft in real life series animation videos are our most watched videos but that is not all we are limited too. Our most popular video has over 30 million views and is Mario meets Minecraft. We like to mix video games together and make minecraft animations in real life. We strive to make videos that people like and enjoy! I love the the visual effects process and everything to do with cinema and animation. I specifically like making videos of video games in real life. It is typically easier to do visual effects with minecraft characters because they are simple geometry for the computer to render and animate.
Animation: Autodesk 3ds Max 2015
Compositing: Adobe After effects cs6
Editing: Adobe Premiere Professional cs6
3d Motion tracking: PfTrack
Got any questions? Email Us! ccmegaproductions@gmail.com

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    What happened to Monster School with Ms. Herobrine?!?!

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    I want the song in the monster school highlights.

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    Nice guns with modified bullets.

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    what software do you use to make your minecraft school in real life series?

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    Play minecraft

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    In monster school add new students :manga cube blaze sliverfish and wither skeleton

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    puoi fare un altro video?

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    what do you use for special effects? They are pretty good

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    and can u make a tutorial on how to track :D

  12. Letz Go

    what tracking program do u use for it

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    What's the song at the end of your video: Mario meets minecraft?

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    Your Gold video was AWSOME

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      Thank you!!!

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    wow your channel is very inspiring to me i just cant believe you only have 9,000 subs you guys deserve a million keep up the good work!!! hope to see more content from you :D

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      We are still goin :D

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    Hey this is Chris Sanchez I'm friends with Matt heffle I'm the guy whose writing your theme song it's all ready you just need to hear it what's your email? I can send you. A recording oh and remember I'm just recording

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