The official destination for the biggest event in internet history on August 25 ;)
KSI vs. Logan Paul & Deji vs. Jake Paul

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  1. Jodene Elizabeth Beavers

    Love Logan! Love his family! Love that he's happy! And I will love watching him beat ksi into the middle of September!

  2. Shummer Productions

    After purchasing the fight, are fans allowed to watch the show multiple times with one payment, or will it cost with each additional viewing?

  3. Poop alive Gibelli

    why is it paid

  4. Strawberry

    team ksi

  5. Ariana Grande And Katy Perry Fan Club

    Live at Manchester Arena We know a place named Manchester Arena :( PS i'm not watching the fight.

  6. jake vella

    hey i have a problem ..... i press the stream link and it says that it is a broken video

  7. Jakepaulerikacostell

    Jake paul and Logan are going to win Wedgie and ksi are going to lose

  8. The J-Man

    *S U C K Y O U R M O M*

  9. Framedrop Clipz

    i followed the link from KSI's video and paid for the fight, only to find out AFTER I PAID that the content is age-resticted! Is taht even legal?! A 17 yearold cant watch boxing?! WTF

  10. Giffameenute Official

    who gets the 100,000 subscriber plaque for this channel? lolll

  11. Giffameenute Official

    who actually has purchases the fight and who hasnt?

  12. Ivoil Sarafov

    Why I can't pre oreder the fight? Is there is some countries that can't order to watch the fight?

  13. James Edits

    can i get a b04 beta code pls

  14. NuclearC


  15. Player 3600

    logang pauler

    1. Bobcat Productions

      player 3600, thats muh BOIIII

  16. Beatriz Villarreal

    what time is the fight in the US?

  17. Destructer_

    im trying to figure it out help please

  18. AwesomePlayer_

    did they raise the price?

  19. Adam Rashers

    My vagina is wet fro ksi

  20. TenG Tank

    i dont get it, cant see how am i can proceed to payment. its it during the day of the event? can somebody help me explain?

    1. Marek Tamman

      same problem...

  21. William Babcock

    just ordered cant wait

  22. ShakaJacka Joe

    Anyone know where i can bet on this fight?

  23. Brenden Braman

    what time does the first fight start

  24. MrAlimoon

    WHO WILL WIN JAKE OR DEJI AND KSI OR LOGAN! I think Jake will easily beat Deji but Logan will just about beat Ksi. I am from England and think they will loose so any other people from England hating on logan or jake. please stop.

  25. Tounsi

    poor deji

  26. Fuzion Wolf7

    Just bought the fight

  27. Happy Ketchup

    Me Me Big Boy

  28. Kaitlin Gookool

    anyone else having trouble buying it

    1. Marwan Elkholy

      me too

    2. Sam Hazboun


  29. aseem bhalla

    i like apples i also think jj is gonna win logan is gonna take a shit on stage

  30. The Pony tones

    ̶T̶h̶i̶s̶ ̶i̶s̶ ̶s̶o̶ ̶s̶t̶u̶p̶i̶d̶ ̶t̶h̶o̶u̶g̶h̶ ̶

  31. Honest Brew

    Guys, where do you get the livestream tickets from?

    1. Marek Tamman

      same problem...

  32. bud679


  33. bud679

    what is up

  34. bud679


  35. bud679


  36. Jed Denny

    is there seriously a whole channel dedicated to this?

  37. Kadry MK

    We want True Geordie to be the commentator.

  38. ShavitSadeDrums

    I opend the link on my leptop and it's not working

    1. ShavitSadeDrums

      someone can help please???

    2. Kaitlin Gookool

      same idk what to do

  39. xI sNiP3r5 Ix


  40. Taryn Hunt

    i hope they live he fight and post it!

  41. MetalSonic420 YT

    KSI will win.

  42. David Garcia

    why is my willy so big

    1. MrAlimoon

      umm ok

  43. AKSebi2

    When are you gonna release Logan KSI faceto face?

  44. thatboy JoJo


  45. STK

    WHAT WILL HAPPEN Jack will win ksi will win and Logan will film deji after to get views Jack will get more ego boost and get insane deji will do collab with banks and rice ksi will think he is pro and a good rapper

  46. Gary Bouttell

    Jake Paul will win, then KSI will win, and then guess who are going to fight each other next...

    1. MrAlimoon

      Jake and loans mom ang dad will fight next. then logan and oam. and them a mouse and Deji. the mouse will win. lol

  47. Adriaan Davel

    I don't mind paying but its not available world wide. They keep talking about most streamed event ever... at this rate it won't be... America and England aren't the only countries that want to watch this fight. It should be available everywhere.

  48. KaitlynnMiyoshi

    wtf u guys are so extra made a youtube channel for it

  49. Thunder Music

    I think Jake Paul is going to win from Deji... But it will be a close one between Logan and KSI. All of them make shit content. Deji can't drive an Audi TT RS, KSI can't launch his Lambo, Jake can't be an adult (neither can Deji's voice.), and Logan has no respect.

    1. MrAlimoon

      Logan has respect. look at his most recent video. but I do not want to sound rude but if I do. I am sorry.

  50. Fernando Banjas

    is here gonna be live streaming