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  1. pilipino Film

    I love It

  2. G G

    Please post the video of the little boy and girl fighting over the goldfish! Goldfish vs. Cookies!

  3. Bruce MacNamara

    I live in Cambodia now and AFV is not broadcast here. Is there any way to watch the series consecutively? My son loves it

  4. SpiritWolfeMoon

    What next AFV not allowed in Canada (Dammit I gave them an idea!)

  5. Princess Emmy Rae Higginbotham

    can i send Fan mail

  6. Javon King


  7. Planetkid32

    Ey congrats! 1 million subscribers!

  8. Jennifer Brooks

    Does anyone know how to find the video where the Mom is singing "If You're Happy and You Know it Clap Your Hands" to the little girl in the car seat who keeps replying, "No!" instead of clapping her hands? I can't find it anywhere!

  9. steve b

    Alfonso you SHOULD NOT rhyme.

  10. Matthew Zaslavsky

    Yo Dude Im Back AFV

  11. Planetkid32

    I love this show!

  12. Cheyenne Alewine

    GRR ( screams and shouts

  13. Cheyenne Alewine

    THEY REJECTED THE VIDEO I MADE AND SENT!!!!!!!!!!👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿

  14. CrashboxEvolution HBO

    I made an A Little Curious Upload from AFV

  15. Israel Wilkes

    I just wanted to be special and post on the discussion board

  16. Leszek Snajper

    4.29 does anyone know the song in the background? opera hymn, something operatic? 4.29 please give me a title gr-news.com/online/βίντεο-DpUzqo5txEo.html Top 100 Scare Pranks

  17. Sarah Kline


  18. CreativityRoom

    Hey, I'm trying to find this one clip that was on tv last night. Of a kid wearing goggles, he's standing in this ticket booth watching all of these tickets fly around him and not grabbing them. Does anyone know what I'm talking about/ can someone help me to find this? Thanks!

  19. liltremi xtreme

    hey can i send u a video some time

  20. bfulsoul

    Can i upload my baby's funny videos here? if yes, how?

  21. Hatty The top hat

    I hope they make a compilation of kids reacting to being on the naughty list

  22. EVZYL

    The channel should be called America's Funniest Children's Videos - most of them feature brats.

  23. Derek Sisk

    i have something funny to say.

  24. ChargerProductionz

    Can't wait for season 28!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  25. Idiot Fishing

    Cant find the video where the great grandma thinks she gave the granddaughter 300 dollars in the birthday card and screams "300 HUNDRED DOLLARS"!!!

  26. How To Make Sushi

    Funny it is


    How can a show be so bad? People showing videos viewable via youtube and make it a show. This and ridiculous are some of the worst shows to exist.

  28. Lunar Flare Studios

    Can you post the full video of the baby who couldn't tell the difference between a banana and an apple? I saw it on a super old rerun and I still can't find the whole video anywhere. I only found a small 30-second snippet of the video and that is super disappointing since that video makes me fall over laughing. Also glad you liked my scary fox video. I'll be trying to submit another video for next season. It will be different but I'm going to make it a surprise. No spoilers here. Heh, that's what makes it funny after all. Surprises.

  29. Nina Pizzo

    so funny

  30. 毅阁下丶

    Hello, I come from China, I like your video. I would like to share them with BiliBili in china. Let the people know. Hope you authorize. Thank you

  31. Charm Smith


  32. HoneycombTPM

    Yeah, how are you guys still on the air even without videotapes?

  33. みぎちぐま

    This movie is just a picture of my little bird, a sound of my own little bird walking, a perfect match of the bird's movements and sound, not a thing stolen, such a simple nature It says that you can exercise copyright onTentID by sound, or that sound effects etc. should not be ConTentID in help. Https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/2605065 Please withdraw the complaint

  34. Musafir Tuhin

    I was so amazed with your videos and presenation that I had to subscribe after the very first video I saw.

  35. Gisella Guerreiro

    I absolutly love AFV!! I watch it EVERY single Sunday! It is so funny, and it definitely makes my family and I laugh! Thanks for making the world a funnier place AFV! You bring out the smiles in people great and small! :)

  36. mermaid wizards

    How do I send videos to you? Can I get a reply

  37. Video Lover

    I want some more Slingshot Ride videos please.

  38. Cat Brothers Network

    Didn't AFV once air on Fox?

  39. TheLittlePig321

    i love afv it's my favorite

  40. Bryan Vo

    hey afv let's see all of tom's home videos from seasons 13 - 25

  41. betsycisek

    funny :)

    1. Gisella Guerreiro

      I know right!?! AFV is the best! It is so funny! :)

  42. D3TH Studios

    Nice videos , fantastic channel! Nice :o

  43. Andrew Horne

    It would be great to see all of the clips from the very first season.

  44. Jam Jam Jam Jam Jam Jam Jam Jam

    I miss Tom!!!! The new host SUCKS!!!! #BRINGBACKTOM

  45. BoredBlaby

    Can someone link me the video where that guy misses a backetball trickshot infront of a yellow house? i forgot what it was called

  46. Scrumpy

    You dont live in america? What to watch the videos use ProxFlow!

  47. Andrew98G

    What about the Australian version?

  48. ProudToBeMe


    1. Gisella Guerreiro

      I TOTALLY disagree with you. I think the new host (Aflonso) is WAAAY funnier! He is the best! And also, you aren't allowed to just post rude comments about the new host on here. If you have something mean to say, say it in your head, stupid. >:(

  49. greenmachine

    can you guys do a weekly compilation of all videos posted? please