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*disclaimer: social experiment - original artist Denace...go check out his channel he deserves some props on mastering such a unique delivery and dope lyrics of his own.
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Original Artist is Denace - Show him love at the links below.

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  1. Oksana Zhukova

    Hi! It's me... And the game is over.

  2. Glenn Koppes

    If this is you rapping then you´re blessed. Please do something good with it. HipHop needs you.

  3. Taylor Graham

    He’ll get his channel taken down.

  4. Layow

    the songs are trash... and the worst part is that this dude is stealing that shit and trying to make money of it!

  5. Kenneth Metallica Klovborg

    So fake it isnt even funny, not your content, get of youtube you leach

  6. Samantha Gibbs

    okay so the guy that posted this is from kansas city mo i know him personally

    1. Layow

      then go beat his ass up?

  7. Nova Fusion21

    nice job stealing content

  8. Maverick Harai

    Your stealing another rappers music and using it as Eminem.... lets leave a copyright infringement in the comment section below.

  9. Cherie Newton

    Let's see how long this channel stays up

  10. Cherie Newton

    You shouldn't be making money off of some other dudes bars. You suck.

  11. Alex Withington

    if your going to run a channle called eminem leaks at least know the difference between eminem and denace