HI SISTERS! I'm James Charles, a 19 year old kid with a few blending brushes. Subscribe to my channel and join the sisterhood for all things makeup, entertainment, music, and more!
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  1. Michelle R. Acker

    channel very well put together, nice

  2. Greeen Shoots Productions

    Your channel is great :) I would be happy if you subscribe me too.Thank you.

  3. YaBoi M.O.E

    loving the page honestly! ill sub if you sub back! lets bulid!

  4. Jennifer ¿

    Hey, Don't listen to anyone being negative, a lot of people are here to support and love you, including me! you are so inspiring to so many people, and you do amazing videos, great job keep it up! :)

  5. shorkboy

    Your voice is so nice..I just listen to your tutorials while I do my homework! Honestly, I love your makeup!

  6. growolf Rocks

    Are you gay?

    1. irene

      obviously he is .. hes also a mistake

  7. queen Raspberry

    OMG I am so confused are you Transgender or just a guy doing makeup tutorials and that's fine if you do I honestly think that's amazing

  8. Mettaton Ex


  9. Emma Rosenburg

    I hated when I first saw this guy but in reality he's an artist of his own craft. It may be different but that's the beauty of art. He's obviously click bate for the CG brand but it's also obvious that he's talented.

  10. Rita Valentine

    Your channel makes me sick.

  11. Katie Wlkinson

    James Charles please look up Hayley Kiyoko shes a strong Supporter of LGBTQ youth and adults shes a singer actress and songwriter she doesn't do makeup on youtube I think you would like her when you have the chance look her up also if you have a iTunes account you should download her EP s A Belle to Remember This side of Paradise ans her newest one this year is Citrine

  12. Farah Sorokin

    Chat conversation start 15:49 Hi, My name is Farah Sorokin I just recently published an article about James Charles, Covergirl's first Coverboy! www.theodysseyonline.com/james-charles-covergirls-first-coverboy It would be awesome if you guys wouldn't mind sharing it out on your page, as I am sure that a lot of your followers possibly would be able to connect with it. Please let me know if you share it; I'd be most appreciative!

  13. Carolina Tucker

    You do you! I like that your not afraid to be yourself. Congrats on Cover girl!!!!!

  14. Andrés Zaldivar

    Wow... you're absolutely amazing! I admire you so much, and I would considered myself one of the luckiest people in the world if I were anything like you! You're a crazy talented makeup artist and you're personality is to die for! I applaud you for being perfect! Keep changing the world! Love you so much!

  15. o g

    I think you are beautiful. Stay that way❤️❤️

  16. Kamand Shafieha

    omg i was looking for smoky eye tutorials and i thought you would have some but noooo whyyyyyy

  17. Tibo Norman

    no more video !!! James Charles, are you sleeping or what ?

  18. gib2301

    I don't know whether to adore you or fucking hate you cause you're like a year older than me and have only been doing makeup for a year. next to you I suck

    1. Love Staine

      im 14 and my goal is to become him by the time im 17 not like him i want to BE him ... the name change is coming soon hahahaha jk but no seriously his subscriber count is lit and he deserves it

    2. Kamand Shafieha


  19. George Bullukian

    Simply Flawless.....

  20. MsStarbelly

    You are an amazing artist! Didn't know you existed until I read about your CoverGirl deal. I'm a girl, but I'm not really into makeup. Whatever...I AM into art, and that is what you do. Stunning! Comgratulations and good luck to you! Everybody's about to know your name! :)

  21. Tessa Turner

    You're amazing and such an inspiring artist and clearly super talented. For us less talented ladies out there please do a brush video and say what each brush is good for. I'm lost with my eyeshadows!

  22. Danika chambers

    Ilysm and I think you're a great makeup artist and singer. Stay gay bae<3

    1. linkinbirch


  23. Frankie G

    sjw cancer

  24. Hope Monterone

    That's Creepy!

    1. Action Cat

      what's creepy? equality? oml -_-

    2. Helena Handbasket

      Danikalbbh, do you really want to talk about someones profile picture? Please turn off your computer, I'm sure it's probably way past your bedtime. smh.

    3. jw wdp

      A man in a commercial for makeup.

    4. Danika chambers

      No what's creepy is your profile picture

  25. Joaquin puerto

    you're like the first man on the moon, It is a big step for you, but a great leap for mankind... <3 congrats <3

  26. Noah Jonas

    He looks so much better without the makeup.

  27. Beech-Nut

    Last time I wore eye shadow was in the 1980's. But yeah this is way too great, and last time I was into women stuff, let me think, oh yeh Reagan was president, god been that many years, but congrats kid, every one to his own.

  28. Nikita Nopants

    When I saw CoverGirl's new CoverBoy I had to look up the videos. You're beautiful and fun to watch. It's about time the makeup industry included men in their ads. Congratulations on being the first!

  29. Laura Hildebrand

    I am so jealous, you've got wicked talent. I just saw your ad in CoverGirl and I was like "Oh my gosh! Totally amazing." So I had to look at your Twitter feed and Instagram and wow, you blow it out of the water. I wish I had the talent to do what you do. Keep it up James.

  30. ShiraiRyuNinjaRanmaru

    Fruity ass fruitbowl

  31. Sheila Wolk

    Congratulations*+*+***++*+* well deserved!!!! :-)

  32. VocalTranceUK

    Seriously WTF

    1. LPSnerdlings

      yeah lol

    2. jw wdp

      I agree totally

  33. Harry Hawk

    Congrats on CoverGirl :) truly deserved..

    1. Harry Hawk

      Your comment is heartless. I don't know him in real life.. his channel is great.

    2. Harry Hawk

      He is amazingly talented and as a GR-newsr... Very entertaining.

  34. Coco Violet

    You are crazy talented!

  35. NipahMotherfuckers

    26k subscribers... 4 videos... How????????

    1. Harry Hawk

      Collaboration :) with other Tubers... other network platforms (like instagram) and amazing talent.

  36. Deanna Munro

    you just got a new subbie! <3