$1 Street Food Around The World



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    From taiyaki to pav bhaji to pan-fried pork buns, experience these different types of $1 street food around the world - POV style!
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    1. Rex_Doom Intro

      In algeria 1 sandwich for 0.10 dollar😂

    2. TetrisLuq

      In malaysia you can literally eat 4 nasi lemak or have a fried noodle or fried rice or chicken rice

    3. Nabeel Ahmed

      This made me hungry

    4. I am Iuverino

      moldova please

    5. Luis Bernal

      Just so you know porro in spanish means blunt, someone needs to tell them that is a horrible and big mistake. It’s kinda funny m I right ? For spaniers obv

    6. Clara Fernández

      porrO? ... porrO in Spain is a 'joint'... you'd mean porrA, wich means the thicker part of a regular 'churro'.

    7. Detre Gamer

      Hungarian foods please

    8. Dan Mee

      I’m spanish and churros are great

    9. Alicia Holmes

      its interesting that most of them don’t have on gloves

    10. Jonathan Siagian


    11. Mrzenor GT


    12. Pocky

      burek from bosnia

    13. D Queen

      philippines yo

    14. [KML] Dunker Lord

      A hotdog like that would cost $5 where I live

    15. 개구리

      일본꺼 붕어빵아님? 단팥소면 완전 붕어빵인데..뭐야..

    16. Charlie Bernad Thomas

      It is called porra not porro😂😂

    17. Simon Kofi for president

      Italy. Especially Naples 😍

    18. scrlt wtch

      in indonesia u can buy “nasi bungkus” for 1 dollar only

    19. Maher Eljamal

      Middle eastern countries please

    20. Marius Beckhof

      Hey, in Germany you can't buy streetfood for only 1€ but you can buy beer for under 1€! GOOD BEER! 😂🍻

    21. Haskedei

      It’s porra, no “porro” 😂😂😂😂 Porro means joint 😂😂😂

    22. White Man

      US dollar power

    23. NinjaZueiro 18

      Street food from Brazil

    24. Their Teammate

      And in Thailand you can get a large bowl of noodles for a 35baht (roughly a dollar)

    25. WhiteBear #1

      In Belgium it would be nice

    26. Stylish NoobGamer

      Hey where VIETNAM?

    27. Beatriz Alves

      In Portugal, roasted chestnuts are street food

    28. Elman Hakim


    29. Vero


    30. FoksicXD

      Serbian street food

    31. Crystal power Bread

      vietnam street food

    32. The Troll

      Show streetfood from Denmark

    33. Walawey Awesome

      Pav bhaji look so tasty, andd....suddenly starving...

    34. The Troll

      1 euro isn't a dollar lol

    35. Furry. Paws

      In greece you can get a scoup of ice cream(any flavor) for 1 euro!

    36. YT Brothers_2

      WAIT THE CURRENCY IN MEXICO IS PESOS?!?!? THE CURRENCY IN THE PHILIPPINES IS ALSO PESOS!!! Maybe the presidents of these two countries are related in some way And also 12 pesos can buy u a lot of food in the philippines

    37. Dfehsvhs Re

      Were is viet nam ?

    38. CherryGirl 22

      Pls do Hong Kong :3

    39. Anna’s GachaDog

      Polish street food please

    40. Muhd Ezad


    41. henry marcellino Sinulingga

      In indonesia, you can buy lontong sayur, or much of gorengan

    42. Jormait in the musgo

      Porro JAJAJAJAJA

    43. Storm Animations

      Here in the philippines you can get a full meal for 50 pesos(1$)

    44. Jormait in the musgo


    45. Your Nan is a man

      Not trying to be racist/rude but did not expect the indian food to be so clean and nice, i'm impressed.

    46. SmaQ Gaming

      I dont want to live in Germany anymore

    47. edmundosoy


    48. I HATE S N A K E U

      Where's Thai?

    49. Hà Trần thị


    50. Anonymous E3lêdæ

      Mexico doesn’t have pesos Philippines does