$15 Spaghetti Vs. $143 Spaghetti



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    "It looks like I just kissed somebody with lipstick!"
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    1. Steven Lim

      Hey everyone! Thank you so much for watching and supporting us on another Worth It season. We have three announcements that I’m so excited to share with you: 1. We got renewed for season 5! And are officially taking your suggestions. The best way to share them with us is... 2. On our new Instagram page! @BuzzFeedWorthIt. Follow us for more food, more behind the scenes, and more Adam. 3. Finally, we will be launching merch! We probably should’ve started making it four seasons ago but tbh I had no idea the show would last that long 😛. We are in the design stage right now and more details coming soon. Have a wonderful week Worth It fam! See ya on next week's episode... 🍟👀

      1. Unicorn Magicalness


      2. Stefano Fulciniti

        Steven Lim hi I am an Italian 🇮🇹 viewer

      3. Adriana D


      4. stefan walker

        come to iceland and try some icelandic food plz <3

    2. MeanJoeGreene

      Fancy place that serves champagne in a wine glass lol

    3. gabiluch87

      “Adam is the meatball”

    4. I am definitely the real one I promise

      Does anyone else eat spaghetti with ketchup and hot sauce...

    5. 5474N 7H3 5C13NC3 K1D

      lol i went to BARZOTTO a couple months ago

    6. isucctoesforaliving

      Literally all of Italy 🇮🇹 *triggered*

    7. mmm

      As I guessed, any "most expensive" item will have either lobster, truffle, gold flakes, caviar and wagyu.

    8. Diana Bejan

      Adam seems to be sad... Hungry and ignored :(

    9. La Chica

      Baby come in Italy and i could prepare to you the best spaghetti of your life for 4 dollars! And all the ingredients would be fresh of my vegetable garden

    10. JohanDJ

      please eat jollibee!

    11. Charlene McPhee

      Not quite over the fact that pasta is so expensive lmao, come to Scotland n get a bowl for like a fiver

    12. Nabid Chowdhury

      Do pancakes do waffles do Indian curry do French toast

    13. Wolfpack mm

      Pasta or noodles noodles are Japanese pasta is Italian

    14. CHAZZIE GAZZY that's not my name tho

      SEASON 5 pLeAsEEEE

    15. Marcus Lohrke

      I believe spaghetti is an American dish

    16. Pfleiger Schweiger

      Wow , Only the cheapest spaghetti is fresh made in the restaurant

    17. Error_Kitty

      Adam Toucha his spaget!

    18. lost


    19. Sarah Woods

      Using a spoon is like a sin in my Italian family

    20. Elizabeth Rossetti

      Adam reminds me of my photography teacher. He never smiled and he was kind of awkward 😬

    21. Lila J.

      Ok YUM

    22. Katie Tran

      I would love to be on worth it so I can eat everything

    23. Todeswalzer Levanthus

      We make our pasta by hand... she says as they show her doing it in a machine... sorry love... that's not making the pasta by hand... proper pasta made by hand has no machines involved at all...

    24. Stone Anderson

      Is Adam just chilling with a beer in the back seat?

    25. mcomeslast

      I love that they show their camera guy getting to eat, too.

    26. Wiz Agar

      These dudes and Unsolved should switch shows.

    27. Spero Entertainment Hub

      Somebody toucha my 0:18

    28. alessandro pavan

      Oh siete fissati con ste polpette

    29. Destructor 2000


    30. Lance Lindle Lee

      Funny, the singular of Panini is also Panino

    31. Nuel De Jesus

      "one of the closest episodes ever". All of them pick the same resto though :)

    32. J-hope's Sprite


    33. Nutella Latte

      4:26 There's something about the way that Andrew is staring at Steven, which is delicious.

    34. Mirdjine Previlus

      Do gluten food next!



    36. Rebecca Hewitt

      I only watch these when I’m hungry and depressed

    37. Emma H

      My last name is Ukrainian too!

    38. Squidwards Tea

      mothers spaghettos

    39. Intranet

      0:58 - Lady says "we make everything from scratch by hand"...then the video immediately cuts to the lady pouring flour into a machine to mix and the dough being cut into noodles by a machine.

    40. Alessio Pellizzoni

      38 $ for that lobster pasta is a reeeally honest price, wow!

    41. DrewTheAwsom

      "and then some chives on top of that" Proceeds to add a mountain of chives

    42. Random Person


    43. Amanda Caitlin

      the proper way for eating spaghetti is to use chopsticks lolololol

    44. Chris Wippich

      Uni is probably very salty and the dish for pasta seems reasonable prices because you don’t need truffle and I’ve seen more expensive for less flavour in restraints

    45. Erin Martina

      I really like them haha. More video please :D

    46. Patric Maloney

      Literally only one of these was spaghetti.

    47. Snazzy Killer

      I don't like spaghetti

    48. CaddyKiwi

      Normal slave vrs black slave

    49. Leila Trottier-Evans

      I hate seafood and mushrooms so the last one was absolutely repulsive to me

    50. Aron Velthuis