10 Scary Videos You Have Never Seen Before



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    In this top 10 list, we look at the most scary videos you have most likely never seen before. Whether they're real or fake, let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Enjoy my analysis of these videos.
    Narrated by: Chills
    Edited by: Huba Áron Csapó
    Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
    jdgehlert (pond5.com)

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    1. Chills

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      1. dragon slayer

        I hope if a zombie apocalypse happens your the first one infected imagine running away from you. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

      2. Fabbiha A.

        12:01 you said twistsss its just twists. Lol. 😂

      3. Travis Chilafoux


    2. Ryan Ruesch

      Number 15 Burger King Foot Lol

    3. Moist Catburger

      N U M B E R F I F T E E N

    4. m carlson

      For # 8 they are shades not metal bars

    5. Toxic Channel247

      At 9..20 I heard the whisper but i can’t tell what it said

    6. Malcolm Burton

      I saw a man on the field in the hunting one

    7. Ella Brown

      Wait a minute can cats get possessed

    8. Alexis B.

      I hate how he talks

    9. Sturm Sanitäter

      Me: Walks into the house i decide to buy Me: *Walking around* Random invisble cat that just appearead: Meow Meoew get off of my property now. *Runs at me*

    10. Drak Václav

      3:59 gave me heartattack

    11. Garion Ramsey

      I'm scared of his voice

    12. ellipticleek 603

      Number 14 Taco bell piss nachos

    13. Emilio Rossi

      Hit or miss I guess that cat never miss huh

    14. Jason Voorhees

      Your voice is toxic

    15. curto berto

      Animal attacks are spooky now?

    16. Dragon GamerGirl

      I hope so cause if I had seen one it'd be pretty anticlimactic

    17. UNBOXED & Gameplay

      Is a ufo but only a bright light on it

    18. Unknown Cupcake

      Bending a spoon or fork isn't that hard tbh.

    19. Lazy-Assed Wanderer

      "#1 Burger King foot lettuce"

      1. Lazy-Assed Wanderer

        +boi Yeet well you sure sound like you're a blast to hang out with at parties. I bet you're the type of dude that brings down the vibe of everyone hanging around you. Let people have their fun, man and don't be so up tight. I think you'll find that you feel better about yourself.

      2. boi Yeet

        A. Your profile picture B. This has been a dead meme for almost a year. That's what's wrong about this comment.

    20. Yogurt

      cats just protecting her home

    21. Elias

      You are the best scary story stellar

    22. Margarita Kent


    23. RagSoul Gaming

      At the anthonys haunted rituals one when he opened it it sounded like the whisper said "he's ascending." Reply if you also heard it sound like that?

    24. Savage Pizza

      Ive seen this on dab tdm

    25. Young Skiddoodle boi

      Number 8 was probably my brother

    26. MaskedGamer Potato

      Burger king foot lettuce

    27. Stutter • Allan Scott

      Number 10, who needs dogs 😂

    28. B V

      The whispering to Anthony said 'LISTEN'

    29. Daevyon Smith

      lowkey it might be her breathing look at dat nose

    30. KaptainBasketball

      Why would you go alone to a paranormal place.Takr the whole gang thats when it's the best

    31. I exist I guess

      Number 2. The whispers. Sounds like it's saying "sinner sinner sinner"

    32. Brianna The Mutt

      #10 proof cats are fucking assholes

    33. xKing's Nightmare

      That's a teletubie house

    34. MemeMan

      Number 15 Burger King Foot Lettuce

    35. Sweet Heart

      Bruhhh I know those guys!! They went to my school

    36. BigFatGiraffe 6

      *man cats are scary*

    37. El tiny mexican drug lord

      Your voice and speech patterns are ridiculous. That is all

      1. El tiny mexican drug lord

        +boi Yeet k sorry, I didnt mean to offend anyone, if you think you need therapy or you need me to build you a safe space just let me know an I'll get right on that. 😗🤠👿👽👨‍🍳👨‍💻👩‍🚒🕵️‍♂️💂‍♂️🎅🤶🧞‍♂️🧞‍♀️🕺🕴💪👈👉☝️👆👉👌lol p n vg💩🏃‍♂️💃🛀💅🤲👊🤙👅🧠💢👖👕🧦💣👢👡👠👟👞 🤔😁

      2. boi Yeet

        Leave him alone.

    38. ƵEN十 ŦħAI WARRI十R

      10 is a cat bro. Water bend that damn furball

    39. zyan zik

      Cest un chien lol un epagneul. Ils only a dog ! 😂

    40. yourboiijosh lit

      My guys voice 😂

    41. Sixth Gear

      7:45 you can see the girl in backs fingers slightly shrink in length temporarily, to indicate Force was applied

    42. HEX METAL

      it's a simple trick to bend a fork or spoon just by rubbing your fingers of the neck to heat up the metal.

    43. Xavier prynce

      That's the abandoned ghost town that omargosh tv went to

    44. Ashley Timms

      Ive seen all of them

    45. That random guy

      Oh boy I can't wait to see some scary creepy vids. first video, #10 a fucking cat.

    46. Stumme-40203

      #15 Burger King foot lettuce

    47. Tenley Zielinski

      When are u posting ur next video

    48. Larry Ascota II

      I Think The Whisperings In #2 Said "666".

    49. Ambar Lin

      My friend and I are going to the Devil’s Tramping Ground this weekend. Wish us luck

      1. Ambar Lin

        THE RANDOM THINGS Because we want to. Lol

      2. nothing just me

        Why dude


      8 is just a dog

    51. Dalton Hamar

      It’s been a while since I’ve watched chills and I’m now realizing how retarded his theories are

    52. Broxiu Yt

      pause the video at 2:46 and look at the right side of the window and you will see something that just got me almost fainted

    53. X7 Gaming

      Booorgeeer king food lettucc

    54. DisturbingReality

      I'm a magician and mentalist, the last guy is using simple tricks, trust me, its easy to do.

    55. Ben Hall

      1:36 did u hear that?

    56. Jonathon Gillis

      Man, it's so hard to watch Chills' videos at 1x speed. 1.25x helps a bit.

    57. dantheman1119

      i love your voice!

    58. mike delaney

      I'd have stomped that stupid cat into a bloody pile. Get a dog

    59. green foxy2

      2:23 why people so weird.

    60. Moi Ok

      Cat wtf😂😂😂😂

    61. gtagaming

      Well on 1:45 cats and dogs can see ghosts or thats just a myth

    62. Cachor

      What an obnoxious and retarded way of narrating. It's horrible.

    63. Brot

      Number 15

    64. a box

      Poor cat :I

    65. Royal Dweeb

      Story 8, those aren't bars, those are blinds, though it looks like bars, btw love your vids!!

    66. Ricardo Santiago

      The last entry is possible that someone is trying to ride on psychic kind of career, it's clear that the metal lock fell to it's side from a magnet, and the second part of the last entry is that the guy used a very thin fork to be able to bend it easily

    67. Storm

      #10 I would of just kicked the Cat and stomped on it's head. P.s. I hate Cats

    68. Joshua Giroux

      Number 8 it's a sasquatch I can see his fur

    69. Evart Z

      For the love of all thats holy, get someone else to narrate these! NOBODY TALKS LIKE THAT. You're offensive to anyone that can hear. Cool vids though.

    70. deibid moreno

      Hey chills , I thought this would be some scary videos? 😐 Cats and dogs attacking people? 😐 That's scary? 😐

    71. Matt Rivera

      Hey Chills, just letting you know about the fork thing at the end. That is actually pretty easy to do depending on the material it is made out of. Let me know if you want some further information about it!

    72. FaZe Tiger

      Darren now knows what it feels like when he shoots other things

    73. Ryan Mahaffy

      Imagine if this dude was your GPS navigating voice. Road rage / accidents.. There'd be a lot more spooky videos of car accidents to horriblly narorate!

    74. SecretVVeapon

      I seriously can't find any information. Does anyone know if he has a confirmed speech impediment or disability? Or is he just annoying?

    75. SecretVVeapon

      Yes! Found him! I just asked google who the annoying GR-newsr was that talks funny. Just typed in "top 10" and found him.

    76. strinkz Games

      Scariest video ever so a kitty cat starts meowing I could have died

    77. Rhys

      WTF is with your voice?

    78. jdash717

      It’s a Moth seeking for the most brightest L A M P

    79. Dale Elliott

      Really I seen a cat and a dog and this is not scary with a cat and dog

    80. Rhys

      8) It's a cat.

    81. Nerdymetalhead91

      You sound like you are ending your sentence with a question mark.

    82. fernando radilla

      my neighbors get chased by my dog but they love that and they don't mind

    83. Probablya Sloth

      Cum coma

    84. DzAndPround Yaw

      Anyone who feels something moving in his room or moving stuff or at home I've solution for u just contact me

    85. Techie Wizard

      So with number 4 he can not press any charges against them because yes they were in the same area as he was but he did not see the shooter and it vary well could have been someone else. Also he was Wearing bright orange clothes made specifically so other hunters could tell that is a person and not an animal, it was the middle of the day it looked like and he seems to be in almost a complete clearing with only a few trees in front of him and the rest of the woods behind him, so that being said with the type of gun it sounds like the shooter was using there is no way they did not know that he was a person. The fact that they missed him twice tells me they are ether really bad shots or they where maybe some sort of anti-hunting activist who just wanted to scare him.

    86. RC 5052

      "I feel dizzy" as he spins lol

    87. Jasmine Gouveia

      Why is 10 scary. It's a bloody house cat.

    88. Mac Thoman

      Anyone can tie a spoon like that

    89. aaron kyzar

      you here on vid 2 'im over here

    90. Lucid

      Scariest things ever 1.burger king foot lettuce 2.burger king foot lettuce 3.burget king foot lettuce 4.butger king foot lettuce 5.burger king foot lettuce

    91. Luis Emerson Garriazo


    92. chorizo long macro

      This mans voice makes me mad

    93. Pynkydo Fangirl


    94. L0b0 to Will0

      OK the 2 dogs about that...... Dogs &#%$ hate Bikes 😂😂😂😂

    95. Umpel man

      *see's dust grain in light A strange orange orb has entered the arena

    96. Robotic Nerd

      Those dogs didn't look that aggressive tbh

    97. Ben Swolo

      Well i can do the fork trick too its not that difficult actually

    98. Isaiah Key

      I heard whisperings

    99. dan litv

      why is he speaking in such a sarcastic voice and how is this scary

    100. John Ladouceur Morin

      Gotta find an ignore button for this account