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    Hannah wasn't the only one.
    13 Reasons Why Season 2 - Now Streaming.
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    13 Reasons Why: Season 2 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

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    1. Brooklyn Schnapp

      0:24 HOLY SHIT:

    2. Lordali Slapmegatron

      gay show

    3. Taylor Swizzle

      Hey its Hannah . Hannah Baker settle in cause I m bout to tell you the story of my life

    4. spiderman


    5. Wendley

      13RW Fans there is a youtuber making fun of a very horrific scene in 13 Reasons Why and it's the Tyler scene I personally hate people like this and he thinks its funny to do this I'd like you all to join me on disliking his video and send some crucial hate cause this show is not something to be made fun of. gr-news.com/online/βίντεο-eksi7D3d0Hs.html

    6. Rana Saied

      المسلسل كامل ومترجم محدش يعرف موقع عليه المسلسل

    7. Seriale i Filmy

      Will be the 3 season

    8. fairlyaudrey

      my mom still won’t let me watch this season. ever since season one first came out, it changed me; and my whole perspective of life. i had a best friend, and he committed suicide. she thinks if i watch it, i’ll get more depressed than how i already was. but i feel incomplete without this show in my life, it’s helped me so much. i just wish she saw my side of things.

    9. •Queen Kitty•

      I'm late LOL

    10. Sophia

      Ok nothing could prepare me for what happened to Tyler in the last episode, and I mean not even spoilers...

    11. Jack Murphy

      Tyler should have killed Monty.

    12. Animated scum studios

      Season one at least was bad for suicide awareness even breaking nearly every CDC rule for displaying suicide in movies

    13. aekesh power

      Nice mind blowing and amazing acting

    14. Markfanboi D

      did anyone get a semi when they cut them self

    15. Asma khan

      Rapist on Bryce's locker #makingmyownjustice

    16. Rosey Sam

      I have watched season 1 and 2, loved the fact that the show is talking about serious and sensitive topics that many students and people go through every day, weeks, months or longer. I was absolutely excited about the fact that there will be season 2 and the justice will at some point happen as there's a punishment for every crime. BUT, after watching almost all season 2 up until episode 12.... Spoil alert!: I don't think there's a law will throw an accessory to rape in jail for 6 months and free the actual "Rapist" for 3 months under probation, I can tell that this is extremely unfair and won't happen in the real world except if you are oddly protected from the government then maybe... What happened to Tyler also was so unfair ending to the series as to collapsed every fan hope that there is help for people who need, but the show promoted an opposite results and make you understand that no matter how hard you fight for your rights and you keep holding on (((Nothing will change)))) I'm so sorry for the director and the writer because they have just lost a fan here and there's no way that I will be interested in knowing what will happen in 3rd season because if it will be good it should have happened this season.

    17. MARK tred

      No spoil : Do not watch this season because you will simply waste your time. With spoilers: in this season you will notice that bullying and raping are allowed and will always win for rich people like Bryce who became a father in the last episode. People who say the truth will get fired or get more bullied so simply the message in this season will be: don't say your problem to anyone or you will get fucked.

    18. Gel

      I was really bored watching the entire season but when tyler's scene came up, it was so horrifying i was so shocked

    19. Asif Ahmad

      Season 3 gonna be about Tyler

    20. Strongest Avenger

      Yesterday I just finished season 1 and 2 in 4 days, how am I so late!? The feels are still fresh with me 😭💔

    21. For You MUsIX

      I m waiting for s2 so badly.

      1. For You MUsIX

        +RyanL181095 yeh my bad s3 😜😜

      2. RyanL181095

        Season 2 is already out now. You meant season 3

    22. Lindsay Nevaeh

      Don't know that it's worse than season 1.

    23. LIL H00DIE

      That theme is gonna be in my head on Wednesday since I start high school

    24. Jayla Noelle Reuter

      My favorite


      13 Reasons Why is one of the only shows to depict what actually goes on in the real word: rape, sexual assault, bullying. It's an incredible show.

    26. Himanshu Chaudhari

      Finally i came to a conclusion that no one was to blame for Hannah's death ....she her self was responsible coz she was a slut ....now i don't want to see your fucking face ever...show no mercy to Hannah

    27. SmileWithMe

      This season was so good. Can‘t wait for the next one !!

    28. What The Hell

      I don't understand Hannah. She can wait to make some tapes about scores she already settled and while she is asking for help but cannot find a reason to live in all that time. She could get revenge on her tormentors, find way to make them suffer like she did then kill her self, that would have made more sense.

    29. Rana Musa

      İ want a movie in the same level of 13rw Please replay if you know :)

    30. Hershlynn Salesia

      Tyler deserves better.

    31. Niall And The Potatoes

      Cant wait for s3! I keep thinking what will happen to tyler after toni took him. And what about Clay and sky.

    32. 2 Sunny Girls

      I hope this never happens to me

    33. Zen George

      Can we just take a moment and remember the fight scene from S02E11? MAN, THAT WAS GOOD.

    34. 최에스더

      boring, couldn't get past episode 2

    35. cyra francisco

      season 3 please

      1. cyra francisco

        +RyanL181095 so excited for it

      2. RyanL181095

        It comes out in 2019

    36. MILAN Shah

      Anything happens , i want tony to be clay's bff .

    37. wizard demigod

      what is that song playing at the beginning

    38. Anju Verma

      SPOILERS !!!!!

    39. soha qureshi

      can someone help me with the link..it isnt showin on netflix 😭

    40. Shubham Gupta

      Man seriously it's addictive warning ... Btw can anyone tell why this series is so addictive I mean it's really amazing we all #tenagers can connect with it

    41. moha abdullahi

      why in this series every family has one kid except zac

    42. no me iamo

      i dont see the 1 season yet and ill die for watch season 2

    43. Stoned Draco

      I watched entire season because of justin

    44. RyanL181095

      I'm gonna start watching this season every Friday starting at August 31, 2018.

    45. Amadou Seck

      Zach and hannah where cute 😍

    46. takeshwar prasad chandrakar

      this shit is so depressing

    47. Sahil Vlogs

      1:27 Clay's Mother.....?

    48. Ankura sahu

      OMG 😱 😱 😱 I love the couple. And Katherine is not in the 3rd season. I'm upset.

    49. Muhammad Amer Al-Hyari

      What's with the note Tony burned? I still don't get it??

    50. sluchie perry

      🎵we're all in this together🎵