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    Hannah wasn't the only one.
    13 Reasons Why Season 2 - May 18th, 2018.
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    13 Reasons Why: Season 2 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

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    1. Alex Gonzalez


    2. Naturally Nicole Yvette

      that bathroom scene with Tyler was unnecessary in the development of him possibly becoming a school shooter. having a scene where the implication of what happened is more respectful for those who have been raped then to show it. i loved the first season despite the literal "how to kill oneself" instructions, but after what i just saw completely ruined the show for me.

    3. Lorena Riedmüller

      If you like them, can you check my last video, I need a opinion 😊 ❤

    4. Lam Lam

      1:21 what song it is?

    5. Ariana's left toe


    6. ѕρσиgєвσв's Sidekick

      1:52 is me after seeing how Season 2 has ended

    7. Leo Davies

      damn that broom stick was so bloody and made me sick

    8. stephanatrix79

      Why would they even make another season if they were just going to let everyone get off... and Jessica Davis is such a HORRIBLE character... she is such a coward. She was horrible in season 1 and even worse in season 2... she let all those horrible ppl bully her and try to silence her. After what she’d been through, how would telling the truth about everything be any worse than what she was going through. I hope they stop this ridiculous show now. As horrible as rape, suicide , bullying, parental coverups , ignorance, and ignoring childhood trauma is ... these issues are REAL ! Ppl are constantly being silenced, rapist are getting off with no consequences. This is a real problem. Why make a show that just personifies and glorifies these issues. Give us SOMETHING that makes us feel like there are consequences to horrible actions. Also- high school is such a TINY, inconsequential part of life. This show makes it seem so important . I am so tired of ppl making high school so IMPORTANT. The ONLY reason for high school is to GET AN EDUCATION, Maybe learn some social skills... everything else is BULLSHIT. All these characters are SO WEAK and self serving . What a horrible example of how young adults should act, grow, and evolve as human beings... it makes everyone look stupid, weak, and immoral. What a SHIT SHOW! Hopefully this will be the last season. We have plenty of shows out now that don’t give the youth of today a good moral compass or show how to grow as decent human beings. We surely don’t need more programs that teach or exemplify how to be a despicable person. This show has perfect examples of how to be immoral, evil and just plain selfish. We need NO help with making this 🌎any WORSE than it already is.

    9. Drunken Dog

      I must be on Pornhub because the only things I can see in the comments are a bunch of pussys

    10. myaccount

      I wish i hadn't watched season 2...the Tyler-scene killed me inside

    11. It's me Jason

      Wait is there a season 3

    12. The 10th Doctor

      New subject of conversation now ! .... So ..... let's talk about that broom, that was fucked up.

    13. Nelly K

      i just finished watching season 2 and i swear guys i cried so much what happend to tyler in the toilette i just couldn't believe it i was so shock and generally the hole season 2 is way better than 1(in my opinion)

      1. Meekly L

        Nelly K same 😭

    14. Lola Jonson

      I think you should match it. Just beacause one scene dussturbed you doesn't mean you shoudn't watch it or less that you should tell other people. Plus there IS a warning so if you are triggered by thinkgs like that you shoudn't watch it.

    15. rushna ansari

      I’m really feeling bad for tylor 😞

      1. Nelly K

        me too

    16. Kaneki Ken

      Can't wait for the Season 3

      1. Nelly K

        do you think there is gonne be a season 3?

    17. Kerth Michael Yadao

      I'm finished already, waiting for season 2 😍

    18. anustasia


    19. Dave Pupkin

      I hope there will be no season 3, because season 2 sucked ass. Fucking Clay couldn't make fucking copies of these fucking polaroid pictures? FUCK!!!! fucking fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck! At least Justen got laid before his mommy's bf kills him ))

    20. Dave Pupkin

      I understand that you wanted to show what it's like in real life, but everyone knows what it's like, coz we live in it. So dissapointed!!!!! What's the lesson, Netflix? I guess, you can do whatever the hell you want and get away with it. If you're bullied, beaten, raped, mop fucked etc, don't tell anyone, coz it only makes things worse. Thank you, Netflix for this valuable lesson!

    21. Neville Longbottom

      Slytherin Ravenclaw Ravenclaw Hufflepuff Gryffindor Slytherin Gryffindor

    22. Sulayman Khan

      There were warnings for episode 13 at the start and there was the 30sec talk thing at the beginning at episode 1. If your affected by the bathroom scene go on that website they said for help !

    23. Daws

      Season 2 sucked. Felt like a stick in the ass.

      1. The 10th Doctor

        Lmao you are so wrong !!!

    24. Sulayman Khan

      Season 2 is excellent !!!

    25. Malakai Kolokesa

      Broom Stick

    26. Brooklyn Brooklyn

      *Am I the only one who like the Brawl Jocks vs Handicap Asian Gay Nerd Punk Gang*

    27. Brooklyn Brooklyn

      Hahahaha whats up with you Hypocrites all day people in america get shot or something and know you see somebody gets beat up in the bathroom a little and you saying thats "dark" People from the USA are so fake you need to shut up and stop acting like you care "That bathroom scene was so dark dont watch it" wtf

    28. LaptopCrafterLP


    29. Brooklyn Brooklyn

      Shit tyler got fucked up i dont understand why why always him he didnt even had the chance to kill montgomory should kill him i would do putting a mop in my ass bitch dont cry when the gun comes

    30. UFC Man

      what was the point of second season,nothing got revealed,hannah and jessica didnt getr justice,bryce survived and was proved innocent in court,tyler got raped,last scene why was clay just standing there with gun in his hand SO STUPID GIVE US ANSWERS (CHEAP PLOT TO BUILD UP SEASON 3)

    31. Farima Mehrabi

      ok im serious right here, in epi 13 season 2 there is a scene starting in minut 38,DONT TRY TO WATCH IT! I'M SERIOUS ! IM SO SHOCKED AFTER WATCHING IT. maybe u think u can take everything, cause thats what i think,but i mean it, dont try to watch it

      1. George Bush

        Farima Mehrabi I watched it and cringed a little when Tyler started getting his asshole stretched open by that mop but that's it. I'm not overdramatic like almost everyone else who's freaking out about this

    32. Question?

      Just remember movie CAN'T show you how real life funcion. Because it is entertaiment program. If you want really know how is it and what people really go throught. This show is just 1/3 of it. Documentarys can't bring you all, because they also are for VIEWS. So yeah! Show has it's flaws but it just wants us to talk about the topic, people would care if just happens. Bullying isn't there just when it happens. Bullying is everywhere and every second. Be nice to each other, you don't need to like someone but RESPECT them. We all know it will never stop, because people are different and not all are carying, but atleast this shows talks about it and while it is so do people open their eyes even if they don't like it, they RESPECT it. It never said it is baised on true story. It is finctional and as fintcional story trying to tell you something, I liked it. I would give it 7,5/10

    33. Aditya Sahu

      Clay dies im so sad

      1. George Bush

        Aditya Sahu Right? Seeing him get shot multiple times and then pissed on was wild!

    34. 神威

      Am I the only one not that bothered by that scene i the last episode?...I mean it was a shock but it wasn't nearly as bad as hannah's suicide in season one.

      1. George Bush

        神威 I'm not! Everyone so overdramatic about it lol. I cringed a little but that was it. I'm happy that Tyler lost his anal virginity. Good for him

    35. amini

      I never thought I'd fall in love with an Asian guy (zach)

    36. AC Palen

      Hopin' if there's a book!!!

    37. Th Estel

      What's episode at 1:11 with clay ?

    38. BP


    39. Revolution Productions

      THEY NEED TO MAIE A 3 season

    40. Carly Wilson

      Finished this ,, was amazing

    41. Areli

      I feel like Hannah got herself in dumb situations

      1. George Bush

        Areli Yup she does, just like alot of dumb kids who like to play the victim instead of owning up to their bullshit!

    42. Jesse H

      Waiting for season 3 now after that horrifying ending with Tyler...

    43. Dwayne Werleman

      That bathroom scene was so unexpected....

    44. 1 SHOT 1 KILL

      I swear i hate the fucking end of season 2 i wish he would just walk in that party and kill everyone

      1. wbite aye

        1 SHOT 1 KILL ur name and ur comment are literally same

    45. AwkwardIt'sSadiyah

      That bathroom scene......traumatised me like hell.....They did Tyler's character so wrong.

    46. UnnaturalBleach

      *triggered boi*

    47. Melia Wolf

      Honestly, in my opinion, season 1 was better. Still enjoyed it tho

      1. George Bush

        Melia Wolf S1 was alot more exciting for sure. S2 felt like it took forever end cuz of the court scenes

    48. ETHub India

      Which song i at 0:20?

      1. Sam Bloom

        ETHub India literally the first verse dumbass, and the second..... And third how dumb are you?

    49. fer r. frías