2018 British Grand Prix: Race Highlights



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    A Silverstone stunner - watch all the best bits from a British Grand Prix to remember.
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    1. Dream VNW

      Welecom to VietNam 2020

    2. SuperSilver301

      Kimi: *I TOLD YOU!...* yeah, i told you(continues with softer voice)

    3. Grant Gipson

      Why do two cars start in the pit lane at 1.15?

    4. Maribel Suarez

      Piace al famoso manger internazionale mondo 333 9217782

    5. selva raja

      Fia mother fuckers give 10 sec penalties

    6. M&M 123

      Excellent news and good luck Nasser Qatar dakar rally

    7. Ali Arman Khurshid

      People blame him for many things but often forget what he has achieved and done for ferrari and this is one of many examples!. He'll get the silver team next time👊

    8. Nikolai Samstag

      He should have closed his DRS.. 3:25

    9. Lucas Glendon

      Grosjeain motherfucker i bet he did that on porpuse.

    10. HC16's Music Breakdown

      Spoiler-Hamilton gets his 5th world title

    11. 車大好き 車大好き


    12. Francisco González Meza

      this will weigh on the history of Lewis ... if he had won it would have been senna level

      1. Abhi Aravind

        He won from 14th place in German Grn Prix at Vettel's home, so fair to say he made up for it. Lewis has surpassed Senna this season for sure.

    13. Gesù Santificato

      Really good race for Kimi, the two Ferrari was great in this race!!!

    14. Phil Driver

      all these complaints about lewis . went on to be world champion for the 5th time . now who is fukin crying lmfao . and won by a country mile .

      1. Abhi Aravind

        Indeed, what an epic season for him and Mercedes.

      2. Phil Driver

        and probably make it 6 next year . best driver in the world .

    15. Maria Margaretha

      Ferrari vs mercedes

    16. Federica Bartolini


    17. pappa xxx

      10 sek penaty fuck idioten ...

    18. Zach Lee

      It rly pisses me off “he turned into me mate” u clearly understeered into him like stfu

    19. manoj tewatia

      The fierce Red

    20. Paul Nguyen

      When Vettel was still a great driver. R.I.P

    21. jackbxt

      Hamilton sucks

    22. Adriano Abreu

      Só assim mesmo para segurar o inglês 🇬🇧👈

    23. Matheus neres

      melhor corrida que ja vi

    24. Dr. Spectre

      To hell with Hamilton. If he is as good as a driver as he claims he is, I would love to see him racing in another team. I hate that stupid cry baby.

      1. Alumnikiid

        Funny thing is he did race for another team, mclaren and won a WDC. You can not say it was a good car because his teammate was 7th in the standing. So now you have to think of a different statement to utilize to discredit his driving skills.

      2. Ruby GMAX

        He is fucking your mum's and sisters ass week in week out .. he will keep winning as no driver is nowhere near him .. you gonna keep crying you fucking inbred

    25. Riccardo Cardone

      The BEST race of 2018 season so far

    26. Marc Russell

      And now that FIA sensor is on the battery system, Ferrari don’t get these flying starts anymore. Wonder why?

    27. John Vu

      Love F1 racing! So much more entertaining than watching Nascar!

    28. Deezel Kane

      why isnt anyone talking about Grosjean straightening his car for a split second in the corner to hit Sainz ??? that guy is a fucking menance, how hasnt anyone notcied this. Garbage ass driver, him and Magnussen.

    29. 1pr007

      Boy.....how things change ........Get in Lewis 67pt lead with 4 races to go!

    30. Seth The Sloth

      Take that Lewis Hamilton

      1. Abhi Aravind

        Keep crying like a bitch. 5 time WDC.

      2. Alumnikiid

        @Seth The Sloth ...Did you mean take that 5th world championship?

    31. Marcelo Pereira dos Santos

      Os pódios do grand prix da Hungria e Inglaterra foram os três que venceram também, aliás isso já é normal de acontecer né.

    32. Marcelo Pereira dos Santos

      Os pódios do grand prix da Hungria e Inglaterra foram os três que venceram também, aliás isso já é normal de acontecer né.

    33. Marcelo Pereira dos Santos

      Os pódios do grand prix da Hungria e Inglaterra foram os três que venceram também, aliás isso já é normal de acontecer né.

    34. Marcelo Pereira dos Santos

      Os pódios do grand - prix da Hungria e da Inglaterra forma os três também que ganharam aliás isso é normal acontecer né.

    35. Henni

      770 Hamilton fans disliket

    36. Gaming 10701

      "Sergey Shirotkin" 0;01

    37. Andreas Flicke

      Congratulations to the Championship lead to Lewis. He showed Vettel how a Champion needs to drive - 50 Points ahead ;)

    38. Matty ander

      Mercades 👎 Every other team👍

      1. DoubleLucky777

        Mercedes 🏆 ferraris 💩

    39. The Master's Sin

      I miss Maldonado.

    40. Vanet voann

      retarded raikonen i hope he will retire soon but looks like he has to pay his alcohol bills! he isn't done with f1 yet

    41. Giuseppe Lombardo

      Go seb

    42. Alex TGL

      Erricson 2 crashes at high speed

    43. To ten Krzychu

      I hate vettel only Lewis

      1. DoubleLucky777

        Me too

      2. Richie Tech

        god bless you.

    44. BN5

      Only one of the race highlights vids this season that doesn't start with "it's lights out and away we go" 😂

    45. Maxximal

      Am I the only one who sees Hamilton closed the door and it was not Kimis fault?

    46. Mat

      Help me understand, kimi got a penalty here, and Hamilton didn’t at Monza?

      1. Alumnikiid

        Vettel hit Ham in monza

      2. DoubleLucky777

        Because Hamilton is the boss of them Im Lewis Hamilton fan

    47. cacaroto cacimbinha


    48. Bruno Angelo

      Fixed racing.. So many safety car

    49. Kek Cheng Lee

      I like Ferrari!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    50. Blackstone Daze

      F1 really needs to drop that old timey song that is played at the endow every podium celebrations. Sounds like some WW2 victory song. Pretty outdated. Something more modern would certainly liven up the podium !!!