2018 British Grand Prix: Race Highlights



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    A Silverstone stunner - watch all the best bits from a British Grand Prix to remember.
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    1. Andile Mzobe

      Bottas is just a typical number 2 driver, the guy couldn't hold on with 5 laps to go, he gave Vettel that win!!

    2. Wenni Swastikaningrum

      renault power vs mercedes power is no contest

    3. Prasanth Selvadurai

      I'm here to see Hamilton watch Vettel get the 'different' first place trophy that Silverstone reserves for him.

    4. michael jenkins

      Vettel is such an inept driver.....only wins when the race is rigged.

    5. jorge quiza polania

      gracias excelente.Resumen muy muy bueno

    6. sergente cortex


    7. Richárd Szemmelveisz

      Kimi is a fucking LEGEND!

    8. Shea Stephens

      I suck

    9. Sports Patrika

      Check out the top 3 reasons why Sebastian Vettel will win the German Grand Prix 2018 at Hoffenheim : www.sportspatrika.com/f1-german-grand-prix-three-reasons-why-sebastian-vettel-could-win-hockenheim-2018123/

    10. Tathāgata Onam

      1:52 "didnt properly adjust the suspension" LOL

    11. 안용하세요

      And Kimi drinks.

    12. JokerKiller 99

      Ferrari più forte sto anno

    13. Oscar Ek

      Hamilton krasch in start! Nooooo!!

    14. Jauhar

      Looks like two guys up there don't really like each other.

    15. Bastler Klaus

      Vettel - what a Racer

    16. image108

      Valkerie Is such a plonka !!! Bottarse needs to get him self a tricycle ....

    17. katkom

      Bring back the grid girls. #neverforget

    18. Kakashi Hatake

      Why did they start from pitstop?

    19. gaming channel

      4:52 yes yes. He "turned into you".it wasn't your fault. No problem if you turned on the left side in the right side corner and hit him.

    20. CR7_ I love Stockholm

      hahahhahaah raikonnens redneck fans hating on lewis! lewis was right, raikkonen was stupid! under braking lewis is far superior than him! lewis gave him so much space still he crashed into lewis! raikonnen is a real village redneck like his fans! right-wing voter with right-wing voting fans!

    21. Reklaw Nomis

      A go slow version of Wacky Races. Pimped up Fiats and Mercedes Benz dawdling about, the sort of thing a Vacuum salesman drives !:) You can buy a reliable road legal car with 2000 Plus AWHP that does 0 - 200 mph around four times faster than an F1 car. Lewis Hamilton the UK's premier go really slow motorist :)

    22. ©XONXI 💰

      I love you Ferrari SF-71-H 💪

    23. Eduardo Medeiros

      By far the best race this season!

    24. Errol Martinez

      Feels like watching a video game

    25. Beni Esc


    26. Vijay Godson

      What a shame having bottas to swap place for Hamilton. Pure disgust

      1. Young P

        Hamilton/Mercedes fanboys: mErCeDeS dOeSnT hAvE 1sT aNd 2Nd DrIvErS.

    27. Ahmet G

      Nice race

    28. Hus 9

      they did not show vettel vs bots for p1 thats was epic racing who is in charge of the formula 1 channel ... they choose to show crashes instead of actual racing ...

    29. samuelchg

      Hamilton está que se come "cemento"

    30. Nigol T.

      F1 is just so dead. OK here's a great analogy. Imagine a race with 26 competitors, but, 20 of them have to carry 50 lbs weights. That's F1 and whoever wins the championship, wins pretty much a meaningless trophy. A complete disgrace.

    31. Nikolay Boshnakov

      Bottas is a great driver, hope he will win in Germany!!!

    32. Franklin Rafael García

      I liked this Grand Prix so much

    33. gar kein name


    34. Maxi 180804

      And you want to tell me f1 is boring and kimis time in f1 is over

    35. pokwang love

      grosjean for the win

    36. Євген Фокін

      За что дали штраф Кими, если Боттас тупо в него въехал???

    37. scuderiaferrari2008


    38. Fan Of Sebastian Vettel 5

      Congrats to vettel.

    39. aneesh89

      Hamilton maybe a good racer but unsportsmanlike idiot what a disgrace to the sport

    40. Jonathan Tenorio

      I Love Formula 1 on ESPN and ABC

    41. simone pezzilli


    42. matt 916

      holy shit grosjean literally turned into him O_O

    43. matt 916

      almost had to go into another county to get passed ahahahhahaahahahahhaha

    44. EP TV

      i think this GP enter in the history of F1

    45. Joaquin Velasquez

      The only car Lewis Hamilton can overtake is his own team mate .

    46. xX_Kjcomputer_Xx

      1:34 that engine sound

    47. Mathew Dewsbury

      The f1 cars sound different.

    48. パナップ食べたい

      I want you to rankings battle becames more interesting

    49. Özgür Bürge

      I jerked off to Vettel’s overtake

    50. I help anytime

      Vettle is gills vellineuve's new version.