2018 British Grand Prix: Race Highlights



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    A Silverstone stunner - watch all the best bits from a British Grand Prix to remember.
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    1. Ultimate BN5

      Only one of the race highlights vids this season that doesn't start with "it's lights out and away we go" 😂

    2. Maxximal

      Am I the only one who sees Hamilton closed the door and it was not Kimis fault?

    3. Mat

      Help me understand, kimi got a penalty here, and Hamilton didn’t at Monza?

      1. DoubleLucky777

        Because Hamilton is the boss of them Im Lewis Hamilton fan

    4. cacaroto cacimbinha


    5. Bruno Angelo

      Fixed racing.. So many safety car

    6. Kek Cheng Lee

      I like Ferrari!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    7. Blackstone Daze

      F1 really needs to drop that old timey song that is played at the endow every podium celebrations. Sounds like some WW2 victory song. Pretty outdated. Something more modern would certainly liven up the podium !!!

    8. isabela costa

      Cade a músicas favoritas minhas

    9. Nathan Clark-mctigue

      Sainz didn’t turn in on Grosjean he hit sainz

    10. Janelle Hutchful

      Kimi you bitch

    11. LegendarySnipez 7000

      Race ratings: Austraila: Ok Bahrain: Good China: Good Baku: Ok Spain: Bad Moanco: Boring Canada: Very bad France: Ok Austria: Good Britain: Awesome Germany: Ok Hungary: Not Good but not bad Spa: Boring Italy: Awesome

    12. Saiye Rugara

      Fantastic race

    13. levrone007

      stunning drive by lewis from the back to 2nd!

    14. Mohamad

      7:01 girls fight

    15. Alvin Bing

      The race was fantastic. I like it a lot and for more tips or formula of racing, explore the link www.talkingcity.org/recommended-bets-on-formula-one-racing

    16. Mr.StealYoGurl

      Jesus, these niggas be driving cars with 1000+HP and I can’t even drive yet.

    17. Jacky Malonda

      Why kimi get the 10 sec penalty? He gave a space to lewis and lewis just slam into kimi

      1. Abhi Aravind

        Are you blind, stupid or just a Ferrari fan? Kimi had a lock up and crashed into Lewis.

    18. Eugene Joseph

      Every race they should jus make all the cars go in the pits for new tyres with 10laps to go have them all in a train and go for it.

    19. Adam Contents

      Loved this race... Ham (Selfish Pig) lost the race..

      1. Abhi Aravind

        Keep crying. HAM rekt VET in Monza.

    20. Elsa Arenas

      Vergogna Italiani a Monza con dipinto del volto del IMMENSO HAMILTO bambino Con la tuta della Mercedes che piange e i tifosi FERRARISTI che segnalano e ridono e le telecamere di SKY compiacite che riprendano il tutto!!!! VERGOGNA VERGOGNA VERGOGNA questa la dice lunga su chi sono gl' italiani...... dei poveri ignoranti, questo è sport non è politica. PRIMA DI TUTTO RISPETTO X L'AVVERSARIO!!! *QUANTA PAURA AVETE DEL GRANDE E ATTUALE MIGLIOR PILOTA DELLA F1 RAZZISTI È QUESTO QUELLO CHE SIETE E IN PIU IGNORANTI*

    21. Bizarre Bunny

      I'm a Hamilton fan since he was at mclaren and still support him and McLaren but hats off to Vettel for an excellent start and I just don't understand the toxic community can't people support their driver whilst still having respect for others

    22. Ian Johnson

      Red Bull needs some TEAM building activities.

    23. Beena Plumber

      Whatever you think of Hamilton and/or Kimi, they are both talented racers. They both did a great job overcoming the crash and the penalty. But why are penalties only focused on the person in violation? In soccer, the victim gets a free kick or a penalty kick. If one driver takes out another, he gets a penalty, but the victim gets no credit to compensate for the loss of laps or position. He should get something.

    24. J bryghton

      Sainz sucks Renault sucks😠 Hulkenberg deserve better Team

    25. Rostam e Iran

      Kimi @1:44 LOL

    26. Muhammad Faid

      This is racing.. if hamilton dont watch it properly..it his problem..again this is racing.. come on FIA..dont make it look like a fool racing competition

    27. Jakub Kozubek

      4:51 you can clearly see that Grosjean turned into Sainz on purpose and "He turned into me" XDDD

    28. Danielo Vega

      Pilotos de F1 que saltaron a la parrilla con el GP de Gran Bretaña de 2018 2 🇧🇪 Stoffel Vandoorne 3 🇦🇺 Daniel Ricciardo 5 🇩🇪 Sebastian Vettel 7 🇫🇮 Kimi Räikkönen 8 🇫🇷 Romain Grosjean 9 🇸🇪 Marcus Ericsson 10 🇫🇷 Pierre Gasly 11 🇲🇽 Sergio Pérez 14 🇪🇸 Fernando Alonso 16 🇲🇨 Charles Leclerc 18 🇨🇦 Lance Stroll 20 🇩🇰 Kevin Magnussen 27 🇩🇪 Nico Hülkenberg 28 🇳🇿 Brendon Hartley 31 🇫🇷 Esteban Ocon 33 🇳🇱 Max Verstappen 35 🇷🇺 Sergey Sirotkin 44 🇬🇧 Lewis Hamilton 48 🇳🇱 Daniël de Jong 55 🇪🇸 Carlos Sainz Jr. 68 🇳🇱 Steijn Schothorst 77 🇫🇮 Valtteri Bottas

    29. Suara BMI

      mening bro,, g tayang di tv indonesia ya


      worst sircuit of the year

    31. Saiye Rugara

      Best race of 2018 so far.

    32. Saiye Rugara

      Fantastic Spectacle

    33. Rebe Games


      1. Abhi Aravind

        Guess that didn't age well did it, especially after Monza 2018.

      2. DoubleLucky777

        I fuck your mother I scream at when Lewis crashes Vettel at Italy and I hate Vettel to you peace of shit

    34. Rebe Games

      Hamilton sucks Vettel4life!!!

      1. DoubleLucky777

        Vettel is a fuckin cocky dick yiou pussy ferrari fan

    35. six Kitty


    36. Mikey Mercado

      im great fan of F1 car racing its so, amazing,! more faster than the Knight rider car's ever, & the viper tv series, F1, cars is more faster, 100% pure speed;-)

    37. James Bartholomew

      Hamilton is the best driver in F1

    38. Rakshith Ravindra

      That was one hell of a race to watch..!!!!! Hope we have all 21 races like this in d future

    39. S. A.

      fking hate this commentor voice!!!

    40. LaVoyage 7

      3:43 what is Hulkenburg's tyres there

    41. Slow Cheetah

      Why when Hamilton fuck up nothing happens but when kimi fuck up he get 10sec penalty?!?!?!?! fuck hamilton!!! crybaby

      1. DoubleLucky777

        Your mother is a fuckin cocky dick your Vettel's fat ass

    42. ACEE

      "he turned into me" -roman grojean while grojean turns into sainz

    43. timtimzi ni

      I'm new to F1 racing. Everything about it looks so amazing and technical.

    44. Roger Smith

      Please watch 'MICHAEL HUKE' if it hadn't been caught on film no one would have believed it happened!

    45. James Remington

      these pommie commentators are so annoying

    46. usunęli mi kanał

      i love v12

    47. จันทิมา คงวัน


    48. Float Circuit

      Why do people watch Nascar again?

    49. Tristan Harbich

      Ferrari is the best F1 Team

    50. Andre Scrider

      very good whit the last race in f1