2018 Movies To Remember Come Oscar Time

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    What movie from the first half of this year most deserves to be remembered come Oscar time? We decide that and more on another MOVIE FIGHTS - DEBUT DEATHMATCH
    1. What movie from the first half of this year most deserves to be remembered come Oscar time?
    2. What movie musical should get a remake?
    3. What actress should be the Vin Diesel of a female-led Fast and Furious?
    Submit your own #SpeedRound questions in the comments below and we might pick yours for the show! Be sure to use the #SpeedRound in your comment so we know you're submitting a question
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    2018 Movies To Remember Come Oscar Time
    Movies Mentioned:
    Sorry to Bother You
    Black Panther
    Across The Universe
    Sweeney Todd
    The Sound Of Music
    Thor Ragnarok
    Deadpool 2

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    1. Screen Junkies

      Submit your own #SpeedRound questions in the comments below and we might pick yours for the show! Be sure to use the #SpeedRound in your comment so we know you're submitting a question! Also give us a like on your way out of the show, it helps new people discover Movie Fights!

      1. James Eller

        First Man comes out this weekend. What is the best movie based off a real person? #SpeedRound

      2. Roei Potash AKA Poihpio


      3. Santiago Corley

        #SpeedRound What´s the best explosion in movie history?

      4. David Halligan Films

        #SpeedRound: Best Aardman Movie?

      5. Exogenesys

        #speedround Best makeup shown in a movie? Best slapstick comedy movie?

    2. Davis Parks

      I love Mara. Her insane intellect just shames all her competitors.

    3. All Might

      How are black films ignored? They’ve won several Oscars even just recently and a lot of times they’re given special attention just because of their racial identity like when moonlight robbed la la land

    4. Julia Silva

      Give me Julia vs Mike vs Spencer, please.

    5. TruperX

      Should have ended on Iron Man. The only argument for Singers was that it was about LA and that alone doesn't make it a good movie. I think they wanted to extend the speed round, even if it was unconscious bias.

    6. Monty Tech wrestling

      Two things. 1. What did Mara mean by Loki as Loki as Loki? 2. Why when Steve Buscemi was worst replacement for captain did Mara not bring up that he was literally a firefighter in 9/11 homie was straight up CAPTAIN AMERICA

    7. Richard Martin

      Mara - Thank you for turning the conversation away from a racial discussion about the Oscars. Wouldn't have been able to watch. Second fight - so funny. Bring them all back all the time.

    8. ros f

      Wow Mara seems very serious a lil scary.

    9. Filmatic Dave

      People are already forgetting Annihilation!!! That’s the best movie of the first half of 2018

    10. N N

      I want the across the universe and sound of music pitchers to be on sjnews as guests. If they riff with Spencer and Joe for 40 minutes I'll make it my alarm.

    11. Drewbar Nar

      To say sweeney todd is a terrible movie? Ugh. Get out of here.

    12. Devtron

      Hereditary was really well made

    13. Alex Kirrmann

      Black Panther`s culture impact?! It's extremely racist and just downright mean how they treat African culture in it. They wanted to rewrite history without actually doing a simple Google search. Black Panther literally helps out African Americans instead of helping out in Africa which spoiler alert has some huge problems that a hyper advance first world nation could do some real good in. Also casting only black people in a made up African Nation is racist too because Africans are a multinational, multicolored, and diverse continent.

    14. Louisa Ruby

      Mara's good but she's so stone faced.

    15. Asif Rahaman

      Black Panther could win awards for costume design, and maybe score, but idk about best picture

    16. Asif Rahaman

      Black Panther was a great movie, one of the best comic book movies of ALL TIME. But best picture?

    17. RATM101101

      Damn, Mara killed it, especially that first round for Hereditary. Such a well constructed debate with sensible, well articulated points. I'd love to see her come back and fight a full episode

    18. David Carroll

      I was going to watch this earlier, until Hereditary was mentioned -- so I watched that first. Best 80s action movie to make into a TV series is natch Terminator, so we can get some more seasons of Sarah Connor Chronicles. Worst person to cast as Captain America would be Robert Downey Jr as that would just be weird.

    19. MommyOfMutants

      I’m glad Mara got the point, and ultimately won, but I so wanted her to bring up “Scotty Doesn’t Know” when talking about Eurotrip/Matt Damon cameos. That would’ve been all she needed to argue - who doesn’t love that song (also agree with her on not realizing it was Matt Damon right away). Also, the Dogma/Loki Thor/Loki thing blew my mind as I didn’t even realize that and Dogma is one of my favourite Kevin Smith films.

    20. \\ Gremlin //

      You can tell in his voice that that guy is scared to criticise black panther, grow a pair dude smh

    21. john banks

      black panther?...it was an ok film..not bad..not award nomination worthy, the costumes maybe worthy of an award..maybe music..but not any other category. When discusions of awards..let alone oscar awards....it really shouldnt even be thought of

    22. Jason K

      Mara vs Dan for the Movie Fights belt needs to happen......please.

    23. GippyWhite

      Too much SJWing in the first 10 minutes. Ruined the fun, as always. I’m out. ✌🏻

    24. greg20067

      for the musical remake My fair lady set in the present day

    25. Jose Rueda


    26. Dylan Hall

      Did anyone actually see Sorry to Bother You? That last act deserves no Oscars.

    27. Noeau 44

      Drew Ghai, not in a suit!?!? What???? Makes me love his character from Schmoedown even more

    28. Mike Riley

      What new Oscar category should there be? I would say breakthrough performance Male or Female or director IMO.

    29. Mantis Toboggan

      anyone that thinks black panther is oscar worthy has not seen many films. that film was one of my least favourite marvel films, and was hugely overrated

    30. JJ

      lol Blank Panter is not oscar worthy lol. Come one

    31. LOCA

      A quiet place need a best picture nomination

    32. Andrew appleman

      Owl Nation forever. HOOT HOOT

    33. PvtGermanWagz

      Of course she picked Black Panther....*rolls eyes* Her entire argument was essential "it was very black, so it deserves Oscars because black".

    34. Liam Broadbent

      Next honest video plz say Get to the chopper

    35. TIANO C-G

      Awesome voice: " King Sombra will return, and his darkness of fear will haunt the bronies on season 8!

    36. Jeremy Donaldson

      Acting like horror movies have gotten so much attention at the oscars by citing Get Out, after just making a point about how the academy doesn’t nominate black movies is so absurd I don’t even know. I would love to see more great horror films and great films about the black experience nominated, but come on. And then to say that Rosemary’s Baby won for lighting and set design, which is just not true by the way. How did this not get fact checked and then somehow get a point? Ugh, I’ve had too much coffee lol

    37. Daniel Joseph Quiroz

      In what dimension or reality is that a remake of Across the Universe? Different band, different plot, different title. Did I miss something?

    38. Alaharon123

      How was Paddington 2 not brought up for question 1? Obvious winner for best picture

    39. Alex Webb

      Hilarious episode! Spencer should host more often or we need to see a Spencer vs Julia vs Mike Carlson fight. Now that's be through the roof hilarious!

    40. SpinKing69

      Really liked Black Panther but Best Picture? C'mon now. Just because it had a nearly all black cast doesn't mean it deserves an award for it. Really good marvel movie that I'm glad made a lot of people happy but let's not pretend it's more than that. The soundtrack deserves an Oscar though, that Wakanda theme still gives me chills

    41. Jason Nunez

      It doesn’t eat Betty White

    42. Henrik Steins

      Bring Julia back, a lot !

    43. Monty Tech wrestling

      Felt like nobody took the musical question seriously

    44. Punchyoface Gaming

      Do Honest Trailer for "The Simpsons" and Make Another Honest Trailer For "The Simpsons Movie"

    45. Chavez Sessoms

      Why was Vanessa checking how much weed a pigeon can hold?? 😂😂😂😂

    46. The Coaster Craze

      What? A ten year gap between good superheroes between blade an iron man- have u heard of spider-man 1/2, x-men 1/2, and batman begins?

    47. ogenesis

      VENOM made 80 million in its first weekend. Thats more than Ant man and Wasp. I wonder if Venom will be called a flop even though it has a higher opening than Captain America, The Incredible Help, Thor and X men.

    48. Dylan Hockley

      Great fight but Betty White lived

    49. 0dysseus42

      Julia is probably the funniest fighter to debut since Mike Carlson.

    50. Kenny Drew

      The Cardi B remake of Sound of Music is such a dumb idea lol. I think it was intended to be funny? I hope so! In which case, fine, lets do a 5 minute skit on SNL. It could actually be funny. But it is actually a true story of real people escaping Nazi occupation. Go read Maria Von Trapp's autobiography and about all the things the family went through, and then tell me its ok to make a remake with Cardi B. Again, thats Cardi B we are talking about! And while we are at it, why dont we remake Schindlers List with John Cena and Justin Bieber and make it about escaping Trump's America by John Cena offering jobs at the WWE. Its pretty much the same thing haha