2019 NBA All-Star Draft - Team LeBron vs Team Giannis | 2019 NBA All-Star Weekend

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House of Highlights

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    LeBron James and Giannis Antetokounmpo make their 2019 NBA All-Star Draft picks.
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    1. Kyle Sinn

      Lebron: I pick... Giannis: that's a good pick

    2. Knoetsch

      They should have the tallest and the smallest players play a quarter against each other :>

    3. Kzzz Beats


    4. KingBrown ;d

      Wasnt Russell on the other team

    5. Qween Kai

      Did anyone notice dude had the inferred 6’s on? 💀💀🔥

    6. Fins Nation

      Why did harden and towns go so late?

    7. Ψ

      Ernie looking fresh with those Infareds

    8. Tamp

      Giannis' favorite player is Kevin Durant and I feel bad that he didn't get to choose him

    9. Mary Menchi Damaulao

      Done.nice video.

    10. Ameen Boussaksou

      I like LeBron sweater

    11. El Scorcho

      Lebron: "Hold up, lemme get this snot out my nose..." Giannis: "That's a good pick right there."

    12. Too much I said?

      They should of kept it as team Curry not giannis he hasn’t earned shit

    13. Pl4De

      Wait a second, I thought Russel Westbrook was on team Giannis

    14. Ben The Window Cleaner

      Wow Lebron what a worm he couldn't even pick any of his teammates from the Lakers

    15. Ben The Window Cleaner

      Adam silver and the NBA has totally ruined the All-Star Game

    16. MasterPogi 1946


    17. Prince Of Nile Valley

      This was awesome!! Too bad I missed the game.

    18. Nicholas Pilot

      Yall know this was boring right

    19. Maged Ali

      Lebron picked Russell but Russell played on team giannis

    20. Raine janes Masalonga

      Why westbrook play with team giannis..since he pick lebron?


      anyone else notice that simmons and westbrook swapped places?

    22. Evans Wallace

      So nobody not goin say anything about the host wearing Jordans with a suit 😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️

    23. Lyle Hall

      @5:26 Giannis picks Simmons. Why Simmons play for Team LeBron?

    24. Kaduku

      I really wanted giannis and Russell Westbrook to be on the same team

    25. Paiman Yousafi

      Who’s here after the game lol? Gianna’s won first game

    26. unkle ace

      The half time is worst then the superbowl half time.

    27. Charmer Pratt

      Savage. Beal in the intro: Y'all are gonna make a big deal about who gets picked last. Then Beal gets picked last.

    28. Mateusz Karczewski

      where is Trybański, Lampe, Gortat ?

    29. Memo Aragon

      giannis is an idiot woww lebron is a fuken superteam.... they played dirty to giannis... lebron is damm smart kawhi n durant n irving fuckk u can destroy any team offense n defense at the same time.... wowwwwwwww lebron have some mercy please

    30. MissSassyJules MissSassyJules

      Ummm I don’t know which side to pick. I said Team Giannis first but then I said Team Lebron and I was like I don’t know.

    31. Antbeast23

      Team lebron stacked lol. Even last year team was stacked.

    32. meC916

      LeBron picks nose Giannis : “That’s a good pick”

    33. Beats and Rhymes

      This was entertaining as fvck!!!

    34. 英雄先輩



      Listen and enjoy..gr-news.com/online/βίντεο-uu_XwFHSoFo.html

    36. 24kt on my wrist

      LeBron: Imma take a sh*t, this time. Giannis: Thats a good pick right there.

    37. Domdom Productions Gaming

      Like if Giannis is winning

    38. Devonta Young

      Like: Team LeBron Comment/Reply: Team Giannis

    39. Ryan Thomas

      LeBron gone dominate them get ready

    40. vangxbg

      This was lame

    41. SGC POWER

      The thing I like about giannis is that he giving those 1st time all stars s chance about proving to the world that their just the main player sidekick. LeBron cares about winning, giannis Cares about having fun

    42. Jean 57

      5:28 shit

    43. guga kutateladze

      :C Why isn't D-Rose Awwwwwwwwwww...

    44. James Roberts

      7:53-7:55 what the hell lebron

    45. Russell LeftHook

      Damn Derozan aint make it

    46. Youtube Punisher

      Y'all laughing but Kyrie, Klay, AD, and KD? LeBron picking his next Lakers squad bruh

    47. Bee Nina

      Yo! Giannis can’t pick!!!! I should’ve picked Curry Thompson Harden Westbrook Lenard Irving Davis Wade

    48. see thao

      KD and Westbrook is playing on same team again

    49. Riza Noto

      Team LeBron SOLID!!!

    50. D Moto

      You can see Labron doesn’t compete when he picks Durant again

    51. D Moto

      Yo Labrons team are gonna have trouble sharing the ball

    52. Ivy Joyce


    53. Marthur Aorgan

      “Hey fans, here’s a website you can use to vote for who you want in the All-Star game! We’re not going to actually use any of your input and will ultimately just select who WE want in the game, but this website will make you feel like we actually care about your stupid opinions.” -NBA, 2019

    54. Brandon AzN

      Why does it say team LeBron picked Russell Westbrook but now team giannis has Westbrook???? Someone answer meeee

    55. Marthur Aorgan

      “Special additions”, AKA, we don’t want Luka on the All-Star team. #🖕🏽

    56. Francisco Leon

      Lebron is taking all the free agents

    57. Alex Nute

      Why dont they want to pick the best player in the nba rn harden

    58. Arvin Playz


    59. marco tamayo


    60. Fornite Rockzz

      Why not harden. Giannis?

    61. SOZY

      so no one notice that ben simmons now on lebrons team

    62. Code Breaker

      Team lebron

    63. Yusuf Ugurlu

      Lebron team easy win guys

    64. Adrian Rosales


    65. John

      They need to make Russ and KD captains next year

    66. Orrosh1maru

      Where is Doncic

      1. Cire

        Watching from the seats like he should be.

    67. gabriel rodrigues

      Team James champions

    68. zachary murat

      im going with lebron

    69. Binagoongang Manok

      Lebron : I'm gonna pick Donald Trump Giannis : That's a good pick..

    70. Ash Ketchum

      I thought Westbrook was on Embiids team

    71. Sarah Harward

      like you want team Giannis to win

    72. Matthew Rusinyak

      Earnie got heat on tho

    73. The MJ Take

      LBJ disrespected Dirk

    74. Philosopher K

      First time watching all star draft this was pretty cool what have I been missing?!

    75. Jānis Krīgers

      Lebron is so desperate. Will take any free agent.

    76. Donna Dunbar

      So for all the people that call kd snake wat does this make lebron? Cause lebron pick that snake two years in row for #1 pick 😆 😆

    77. BabyColaa

      my man wearing a suit with infrareds

    78. Adrian Garcia

      This is fucking awesome

    79. Christopher S


    80. Gamer_Sibs

      Nodody wanted ball hog harden and kemba

    81. Silky Slim

      When he picked AD bruh was like ah wow

    82. Willy Luu

      Where the hell is Derrick Rose ???

    83. Radu Blanc

      Team lebron will destroy team giannis is not fair smh

    84. 黃彥翔

      Giannis can Win

    85. Alex Simos

      Team Giannis will win..!!!

    86. James Harden and Chris Paul

      What about Anthony Davis?

    87. Tommy De Sadi

      Luka Doncic has got better stats than Klay Thompson in 32 MPG (which is 2 less than Klay's playing time) + 300 % more votes. Guess who gets to the all-star game? You Slav, you lose.

    88. Alp avcıoğlu

      lebron siker :D

    89. Raymond Sheppard

      Lakers should've kept Russell smh

    90. NeoGeoSNK

      F NBA

    91. leonard padaboc


    92. Sr Curiosidad


    93. Summer B

      This video somehow makes me joyful 😅

    94. MJordan23

      i want east vs west back!

    95. Xander Pon-an

      Durant harden and westbrook are on the same team!

    96. Dale Nino

      Lebron is good picker

    97. Bugs Bunny

      le choke doesn't want dirk coz he got wrecked by dirk during the finals

    98. pablo roniery barbosa rone

      O q estou fazendo aqui se não sei uma palavra em inglês? 😂😂😂😂😂

    99. Super Noob

      Where's Luka

    100. Conny Alva

      Esta muy disparejo lebron tiene un equipazo