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21 Savage - a lot ft. J. Cole



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    Listen to the official audio of "a lot" by 21 Savage ft. J. Cole
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    Directed by: Aisultan Seitov
    Production Co: Kalakala, LLC (Wear A Hat Productions and Alchemist Productions)
    Producer: Yulia Safonova, Yelzhan “JanniBiss” Bissenbayev
    #21savage #iamiwas #4L
    (C) 2019 Slaughter Gang, LLC under exclusive license to Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

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    1. Pages 11

      Wow after watching this several times I just understood the video

    2. Kaemorx

      How many guys got deported? A L O T.

    3. Miss Obama

      J. Coles feature is so good on this

    4. ayush

      how much tea you got ? a lot

    5. Sergio Quijano

      How much perseverance you got? Alot , yeah imma make it💯

    6. Neal Bold

      This reminds me of the Juneteenth episode of Atlanta.

    7. ddos

      bruh the part where the other people say a lot with him gave me chills fr

    8. timeisntreal00 0

      This shit hard af no cap

    9. Snapchat Users


    10. Phat-B

      This music video makes the song 10 times better

    11. duhh.its.rubii majano

      How many times did I play this song alot!

    12. Lisa Flores

      A lot is a kool song!

    13. Gabriel Penrod

      He looks like drake

    14. Nurlybek Rakhymbek


    15. Obese Kroft

      That last verse is so fire.

    16. Злой Школьник


    17. Leah Stoves

      this song dope

    18. Abdullah Abdi

      Like if 21 savage is underrated

    19. P. H


    20. Alejandro Gonzalez


    21. Rhodesia Jameson


    22. Ultime LOL

      How many dicks did you suck A lot

    23. ATA ISAAC

      This has been my best 21 Savage video......i hope it plays alot on air.

    24. Alexis Ramirez


    25. Duc Luc

      Like him or not 21 proves yet again he can make good ass songs

    26. Jade ӏօѵҽ

      J. Coles bars were facts

    27. Zamire Cotrell

      Nobody: 6ix9ine in trail: Every notice that nigga 21 savage look British?

    28. Terrence Williams


    29. galaxy wolf

      Cole look like Drake with some dreads

    30. Jesus Gomez

      Who remeber nothing new by 21 savage?❤


      J Cole snaped

    32. Ghost Rider

      How many Bill's u got, Alot🙁😟😭

    33. Reyyan Nur Ural

      THIS SONG SLAYYYY🔥🔥 I think we'll hear in aesthetic radio stations

    34. Gephsy Del Real

      Shot in the U.K.

    35. Usman Amjad

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    36. Eastside curly Head

      Dat bitch a💯

    37. Paresham Tewari

      I showed this song to grass . . . . . . Its weed now

    38. Daniel99oslo

      Even if he's British it doesn't matter. He still killed this song.

    39. منوعات حسوني ابن القلعه

      اكو عرب بل طيارة

    40. jordan green

      Love it

    41. Расул Ашимов

      таныс аттар барғо

    42. Kenneth Crawford

      Boo Mane Tru 💯 I fuck wit dat shit⭐🔥🔥🔥

    43. Jayden Copeland

      0:00 6:31

    44. T2005J •

      I like how he said “death before dishonor tatted on my face” which means he was referring to XXXTENTACION because he had it tatted on his right cheek

    45. andrew Bramblett

      So British

    46. Michal Čínek


    47. Shakee Beats

      *bye bye*

    48. Jamari Willis

      J.Cole Litty On gawd

    49. Blake McClimon

      Just call him #1

    50. Callum Lawlor

      Last verse: Take a dive Put away my pride Shoot my shot Dm jive slide She in front, but she used to be my side We take selfies now I used it in her live Before the fame plan b was robbin' banks, Be a married man right now I just can't All the love they gave me, knew that it was fake Momma love me so much, either way I'm straight I done seen so many handshakes turn to hate Seen so many bfs turn and syndicate Death before dishonor tatted on my face Way I run, their check up shoulda been with Chase Start at the bottom, the trenches the gutter so I had to go a lil harder Life was off, the gas was off so we had to bottle the water We do some things but I couldn't imagine my kids stuck at the border Flint still needs water Niggas were innocent, couldn't get lawyers ~chorus~

    51. Alfredo Gracia

      "How many times do you work a double?" A LOT.

    52. 95 is in my blood

      21 savage : How much you got ? Me : I got 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 cents in my bank account .

    53. shaabo Squeezy

      @3:24 I just realized he was talking about Markell Fultz NBA draft 1st round pick who was draft by the 76ers and ended being a bust

    54. Amin Banderker

      How many times I get deported? Alot

    55. Ms Pink Addiction

      How many times ima play this “ALOT” 🔥

    56. Matrix Muc

      This is the next generation of generation

    57. Christian Lopez

      Shoutout to 21 savage taking about the kids at the border

    58. Saurabh Singh

      🤢🤮 savage voice sucks

    59. god

      21 bloody fckin savage mate 😝🤟🏾🔥

    60. Betty Bakhita

      🤯a lot

    61. Daaddy MVP


    62. angel Hehehe

      How many times does 21 say a lot? A lot sike 60

    63. Holy Saint Of Allah

      This song on the Day Of Judgement allah will allow one of his most sinned slaves to enter Jannah into. Ameen.

    64. Ebele Homes Productions

      How many comments are under this video? A Lot!



    66. Sophia Emelie

      Yay no more rapping about sex & drugs I guess he wants to be remembered now

    67. HaveANice _

      How many memes you making? A lot

    68. E Thatz All

      I understand it now. The video says it all. 😎👍

    69. Kyle Woll

      Can't wait till Lil Wayne remixes this

    70. Marqweez

      how many times did you shake your head ? A LOT

    71. brandon merrick

      Wow this has a lot of views


      SOmE niBBas make millions some niBBas make memes

    73. walter1187

      Smoke some bitch. You know Pimp C would have killed it.

    74. J && S Bolton

      From The First Listen.. I Was Hooked.. #ListenedTo_ALOT

    75. Aleeah Aleeah

      4:58 he said he couldnt imagine his kids stuck at the boarder

    76. Commissar Furry Fag

      Why would people even dislike this song.... I'm a racist piece of shit, but I still appreciate the lyrical content and message that this song has...

    77. Paul Kim

      sped up 21 questions

    78. Elderson Alix

      21 savage and j.cole really did a good job on this video

    79. Keaunaaa

      Beautiful Black People ❤️✊🏾🙏🏾

    80. Lysan

      This video is soooooo good, refreshing to see something different than the norm. Keep it up young King.

    81. scoopview


    82. B-Dawg Tiny T

      Aight, but we dropped a full AP chemistry album

    83. MØØD EDITS

      How many whoopings you got “a lot” How many punishments you got “a lot” Have to finish all the chores “a lot”

    84. Slang Baby


    85. ProphecyKY

      21 Sav is Fire..Alot lay Back.. reminds me of this new catz

    86. Matthew Yip

      Maybe next J Cole got deported to Germany.

    87. Alvord Apau-kese

      0:27 to 0:53 is straight heat like if u agree

    88. Muhammad Khan

      How may years your visa been expired? a lot

    89. bro Leo

      Remind me of "Get Out" with that creepy mansion and tone of video.

    90. han !

      how many teacups you fill? a lot

    91. Abdu

      Use me as a A Lot button 👇

    92. D34TH R0WZ

      21's Verse 0:11 J. Cole's Verse 2:37 ᴴᵉʳᵉ'ˢ ᴬ ʳᵉᵖˡᵃʸ ᵇᵘᵗᵗᵒⁿ ⁱᶠ ʸᵒᵘ ˡⁱᵏᵉ ᵗʰᵉ ˢᵒⁿᵍ 0:00

    93. SulkoTV

      At least one rap song without half naked woman

    94. KMPuter Tech Supplies

      Thank god for including J.Cole in this. If it was not for my love for the Cole and how many times i bang his shit here, GR-news would have never auto played this song.

    95. Nick Chhabra

      My Favorite part of the song 05:21 xD

    96. BARBIANA

      Every morning❤️💯 no cap 🧢

    97. Luigi Veneruso


    98. Something Unknown

      Unfortunately, in UK 21 Savage will have to drink tea instead of lean.