What's Your Craziest Client Story? | Tattoo Artists Answer



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    25 top tattoo artists share their craziest client stories from SWAT team busts to strange tattoos in strange places.
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    1. v

      Nikki's story was: during filming an ep. of Ink Master: Angels (specifically the suicide awareness ep.) they had random people come in to tell their stories and get tattoos representing one of their loved ones lost to suicide. One of the competing artists recognized the woman that they brought in because he had tattooed her son like weeks or so before his suicide. The artists have to then pick a skull with one of the clients names to tattoo, and the artist ended up picking the woman's name. The artist gave her a really beautiful piece using some of her son's art, and it was a super cool moment they got to share.

      1. Joaquin Barros

        thanks for explaining, I thought I didnt understand because im not so good at english

      2. Chelsea

        thanks, her way of saying it was kinda confusing tbh

      3. Basically a Queen

        v bless you I wanted to know that story but it was confusing as all hell

      4. Lantera Nareswara


      5. Andrew Gordon

        still confused

    2. Batata Mama

      4:31 wtf is a summy??

    3. Mary Lee

      Creepy. Just creepy!

    4. Nicho Wins

      Why the upbeat music behind that fucking head story lmao xd

    5. Ryan Fyfe

      Since when does bone go soft and how the fuck are there maggots (products of flies) in a skull that was buried 6 feet under ground. Talk more shit you old cooked cunt.

    6. hmason_

      What is the last tattooist's name?

    7. spicecrop

      The only thing stupider than a tattoo client, is a tattoo artist.

    8. Vlad Timofte

      7:33 DUM! DUM! DUM! DUM! FBI OPEN UP!

    9. nevermoreL89

      It's horrible to see that the craziest stories from women are about sexual harrassement at the workplace.

    10. Myles Harrison

      Someone lived an entire life and died and years later was dug up by some kids as a gift for a tattoo artist

    11. Kayan Hta

      3:40 thicc

    12. Unassuming Bronco

      Paul Booth's cane is fucking dope. Would love a vulture headed cane. I hate his shitlog hair style though.

    13. Laura Martin

      The whole head story is just.... Plus they should return it out of respect to the cemetery

    14. Eduardo Terra

      Dave Paulo sounds Brazilian...

    15. *Mutilated Angel* **


    16. Stephan Kozikowski

      A vagina on the gouch!? Did that just happen? Bahahahahaha

    17. Kam Kam

      Paul Booth tattooed my friends cousin

    18. Pavel Horák

      omg, I love the last guy! He genuenly appreciates the gesture and appears to be sincerely sorry for not having accepted the gift. Also - Undertaker, lol

    19. Faith

      wtf was that last one tho

    20. HannahBanana Xo

      The last one... definitely the craziest lol.

    21. Lubnan Merdeiler

      14:33 for Papa Paul

    22. DazzledDesire

      A fucking head!!!

    23. King_shawn165 TV


    24. Aroura W

      Alisha is sooo pretty 😍

    25. Carrie Bridwell

      Omg it's Ryan. From ink masters

    26. Naz Yetis

      i love deanna and ryan ashley sm 😂

    27. Bright Luc

      I'd grab your boob too

    28. Jake Wish

      What is a semi(4:29) If anyone can tell me that would be great!

    29. Moisés M

      13:18 that voice, woah.

    30. Alisha Lakey

      Holy fucking shit balls. This is the first fucking time ever I’ve seen the same spelling of my name! FINALLY!

    31. Stephanie Doulgeris

      The girl tattoo artist is from ink masters

    32. Baylee Sybiak

      4:25 omg she got an Ariana Grande shirt from Sweetener except it’s black lolll and it looks way better on Ari 🥰🥰

    33. Emily Warren

      A HEAD😂😂😂😂that is fucking metal🤣

    34. sharlawk

      so no head?

    35. Leslie Sepulveda

      Chris showstoppr’s voice reminds me of one of the characters from the movie flushed away 😂

    36. kankuro Stewart

      11:11 that guys head is shaped like a cone

    37. Ava

      11:01 If you look far left on this guys arm you can see "boy or girl" with boy checked off. Thats so cutexc

    38. Serena Capistrano

      Tatu baby I love her

    39. Iulia Castro

      The voice of the guy around 14:15 it's so good. He can tell me whatever he wants. Please!!

    40. amy lynne

      anyone got the blondes @

    41. Justin Dir

      The head thing better be fake ! What if that was your family members head like it may sound sick twisted or funny to some but think about it use your head ! No pun intended that’s fuckin creepy and awful that’s someone’s loved one call the police don’t give someone’s head away wtf and I am not a cop caller so when I say call the police it’s serious wtf !

    42. Nicholas Roberts

      You Tattooed the Deadman

    43. Lets JustJ

      The guy in the blue lakers hat has such an interesting accent. Maybe South African?

    44. S I C K T R I K Z

      He took a shi 😂😂😂

    45. Vanessa

      The guy from the head story seemed cool. I realize that out of context that sounds stupid, but I like him. :)

    46. Vlogs With Erynn

      Why did I fall into this loop

    47. Basically a Queen

      Bro tattooing the undertaker is crazy enough. And then it got fuckin psycho.

    48. Fairuz Onn

      Ben Kaye, well i don't know if what i'm saying here is 100% correct, but the guy that you tattooed sound like he's a communist supporter to be precise the 3 star communist, that alarming for me as Malaysian.

    49. Phia Kate

      Why don't they have sick bags by the chairs?


      The girl with the murder story is stunning