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    25 top tattoo artists share their craziest client stories from SWAT team busts to strange tattoos in strange places.
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    1. v

      Nikki's story was: during filming an ep. of Ink Master: Angels (specifically the suicide awareness ep.) they had random people come in to tell their stories and get tattoos representing one of their loved ones lost to suicide. One of the competing artists recognized the woman that they brought in because he had tattooed her son like weeks or so before his suicide. The artists have to then pick a skull with one of the clients names to tattoo, and the artist ended up picking the woman's name. The artist gave her a really beautiful piece using some of her son's art, and it was a super cool moment they got to share.

      1. Ignatiy Bronskiy

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      2. I am Fab

        Did y'all not understand bc you didn't watch Ink Master orrr?

      3. Katy Mckinney

        I literally paused the video to go to the comments and have someone explain cause I didn’t understand.. thank you for clarifying it!

      4. CL Boi

        it was also staged

      5. Terry Johnson

        thanks for explaining it twice as better as she did

    2. Garret Miller

      Wow great stories.

    3. asiyah

      3:30 i wanna be able to trust someone as much as she trusts the straps on her shirt

    4. Amber - Nicole

      son said... we started for 2 minutes then they quit, that really bothered me. lmaoo

    5. Paul

      Sorry Ryan Ashley I didn't catch a word of that!

    6. Gwyneth Faelene

      That last guy has some serious dad vibes

    7. cat lmao

      mf with the cane seen some shit in his life i fuck with him heavy

    8. Buke Ahn

      Ryan Malarkey is like you took Sansa Stark and did a poison enchantment

    9. Will Garner

      pause at 2:01 and look at the two listeners' faces lmfao!!!!!

    10. Jared Wells

      Yo just the thought of getting a tattoo on your dick, the tip no less, makes me want to die

    11. Max MAX

      How could you take anyone serious that would look like that

    12. Einveru

      can't say i've found a head before

    13. Omega8kilo

      These were all lame and fucking boring !!! Honestly

    14. King James

      Chris Showstoppr remind of that character KORG from Thor Ragnarok

    15. joaquin12348

      Now that i think about it tattoo professionals are the most layed back people 😂😂😂

    16. Nejc Šabec

      Why was Undertaker so shocked like he is the deadman?😂 Any wwe/wwf fans?

    17. Jordan_K

      15:00 I’m not going to judge his appearance but tattooing the undertaker must have been fucking cool

    18. Swiftpredat0r

      What's the blonde girls name

    19. Joy Harrison

      But the head one is actually really disrespectful because that was someone’s family member! Brother mother sister uncle grandma! Can u imagine if u buried ur mum and then in a mud slide some teenagers stole her head/skull and gave it to a weird tattoo artist!

    20. Olivia Piper Robeck

      That’s someone’s body. Fuck you for even considering taking someone’s remains. That’s something they stole from the cemetery where people are put to rest.

    21. zane vongola

      He worked on the undertaker!!!

    22. Jagdish Khaire

      megan massacre's story is insane according to me... xD

    23. Alex Q

      She didn’t sound mad when the customer grabbed her boob 😂

    24. Marlon Washington

      did he say that the Undertaker was freaked out

    25. Goldendonut-Tv

      What the fuck is wrong with the last guy

    26. Rebecca Fitzgerald

      What the fuck is wrong with that last guy. He was going to take the head of a dead person who had been buried. Doesn't care about the family of the deceased and what the guy wanted. I'm sure if he wanted bits of himself to belong to others he'd have been donated to science. Let alone it being illegal and fucking desgusting to have a rotting human head. The people who took the head need to be jailed and the tattooist who was going to keep the fucking head needs a good smack around for that shit.

    27. Kalzey Rorke

      How can you not put that video on GR-news 😄 gotta share face plants with the world.

    28. Christina Gomez

      That last one gave me CHILLS

    29. RezurrectJohn

      Why are swat teams all the same

    30. Ralph Z

      Yo showstoppers got some good taste in music!!😎

    31. Greg Dundee

      Thats Just the Malaysian flag bro, the yellow "banana" and stars are the symbol for islam. Trust me, I just got home from Malaysia 2 days ago and their flag is everywhere

    32. Greg Dundee

      Ryan Ashley is so unbelievably sexy

    33. Dylan Cole

      When the undertaker gets creeped out

    34. y yg

      damnn no one can top the SWAT story

    35. DJ Trevi

      Jaja, gay and ​the cuchie tattoo




      I love ink master


      Ryan !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    39. Victor Tobiasson

      Not assault rifle just fucking rifle 🙃

    40. Madi Watson

      13:59 all I can think of is Mikey way

    41. Rem kanji

      A head.....well fuck

    42. Caleb Bernal

      At 6:30 I didn't really understand her story

    43. zac 48

      What sort of a fool paints graffiti all over a temple wall......A completely uninformed, uneducated, unevolved, primitive redneck. That's who...….Dumb as dogshit….Every last one of you.

    44. Matthew roberts

      your can cover the nerds in tatts, still nerds though

    45. Victor Smith

      I’d grab her tits too. There’s porn videos of guys jerking off to pictures of Ryan Ashley Malarkey

    46. jinjaylord

      Damn ashley so fine.

    47. InfamousxDope

      I’d grab Ryan’s boobs too

    48. Veronica Solorzano

      14:39 ... I'm speachless.. I would be scared asf to get a tattoo from him idk like he probably could stare into my soul lol. Wonder what his life story is like

    49. micheal Knight

      Deanna smith is sexy

    50. Big Mac

      That last guy is fucked in the head.