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    25 top tattoo artists share their craziest client stories from SWAT team busts to strange tattoos in strange places.
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    1. v

      Nikki's story was: during filming an ep. of Ink Master: Angels (specifically the suicide awareness ep.) they had random people come in to tell their stories and get tattoos representing one of their loved ones lost to suicide. One of the competing artists recognized the woman that they brought in because he had tattooed her son like weeks or so before his suicide. The artists have to then pick a skull with one of the clients names to tattoo, and the artist ended up picking the woman's name. The artist gave her a really beautiful piece using some of her son's art, and it was a super cool moment they got to share.

      1. patricklukcy13

        thanks for translating what she said. that all just sounded like word vomit to me til this comment(i actually came to the comments to find this exact explanation.)

      2. Niva Ruvio

        DarkRubberDucky hi try taking coconut oil spoon 🥄 full every day and ketone diet , get up to 3 spoonfuls a day, it should help, sorry about ur depression I hope it helps xoxoxo

      3. nickj12

        Thank you for explaining.

      4. Gerry Sandoval


      5. Katrina Reminiec

        +Kitty van Dijk I'm thinking of getting a tattoo of the High Priestess Tarot card...what do you think of this design?

    2. jennifer nolley

      ryan ashley and deanna smith are so hot

    3. Paul Krawitz

      13:04 Look at them nipples. 😁

    4. AMM DONAS

      He didn’t lie

    5. nickj12

      That last story is beyond disrespectful, and actually sad. Wow.

    6. nickj12

      I was about to say Ryan won with her murdered client story, but then my man had to talk about tattooing a butthole and the client shitting and farting on him. 🤦🏾‍♀️ Lord.

    7. Atta M

      Poch's story had me laughing my ass off.

    8. carinn parisi

      A head full of maggots from some metalhead kids. Any slipknot fans here?

    9. 8eLLusionist8

      “He took a sh*t” “Yeah dude hahahah... *yeah dude* “

    10. paulytamale

      The most upsetting thing about the head story is the cheery ragtime loop in the background.

    11. loco :]

      Damnnn the whole damn SWAT team came into her shop?? I’d shit my pants...

    12. loco :]

      3:25 lmao idk why but when she put her hands on her lap that was the cutest thing🤣

    13. Izzys Mom Tattoos

      Paul booth love that guy.

    14. Julius Bernotas

      Poch wins

    15. Acanadian Dude

      The last guy has a great storytelling voice

    16. Karthik Onteddu

      yo, whats the name of the first girl artist????? help me out guys!!!

    17. SBF

      Why does all tattoo chicks got huge tits?

    18. StayEarthly

      These girls are gorgeous

    19. Lindsay Green

      arlo discristina looks like flynn rider

    20. AmazingViews 909

      That dude tattooed the fucking UnderTaker and didnt fucking care! If I even met the UnderTaker I would shit myself!

    21. Sarah Williams

      Hey who's the tattoo artist at 14:51 ? He's suuuuper laid-back man 😂🤙🏼

    22. Hue Hue

      Sometimes people ask me: "Why don't you have a tattoo?" Just imagine putting a sticker on a Lamborghini.

    23. LIGER ZERO

      Tattoos are dumb and are for stupid people

    24. Matthieu Bazen.

      A artist with the name Butcher?

    25. Officer Oinker

      Nikki fine af

    26. the kid freeman

      You know I keep hearing stories about people getting tattoos and of crazyshit and creepy things that people do and my tattoo artist we have the same interest we know a lot about mythology he's invited me to go out to the bar and stuff do any of the tattoo artist in this video do you guys ever hang out with your clients outside of tattooing or have the same interests I find that always helps with the experience besides to those people who put videos of freaking out about getting tattoos suck it up and deal with the pain if you want a tattoo that badly besides I got atattoo on my forearm yes it hert like a bitch but you what I did I booked for a new tattoo when that one was finished

    27. MrNikhil524

      6.20 ?

    28. Makep For life

      You saying that the head was real🤢🤮

    29. Michael Woodall

      That was the Malaysian flag.

      1. Michael Woodall

        +Toni the Lonely Macaroni true

      2. Toni the Lonely Macaroni

        nah, the Malaysian flag still has red and white stripes.

    30. P Dawg

      Farted and took a dump I’m weak

    31. Anyanwu Chrisangelo

      14:04 then a tattoo artist showed up!..damn bro 14:43 then a Godfather showed up!

    32. Robert Acton

      Check out Paul Joseph Watson latest video Tattoos are for stupid people. Clean skin is cool.

    33. kim love

      I never seen so many fine ass women tattoo artist . yha getting tattooed is a turn on at the moment for me too . lol shit happens

    34. Maddog

      Booth sounds like Jack Nicholson

    35. Milky kid

      14:11 look at this fucking guy

    36. BaseballGod

      Got some name droppers

    37. P G

      I like the swat team that was funny

    38. Brittany Stewart

      But did he tattoo the vagina bum?

    39. Alex M

      How is that last one even legal

    40. Alex M


    41. The Illusion

      The story at 6:21 I don't understand

    42. indigoblondes

      Whats the name of the last guy?

    43. kt1pl2

      Blonde girl...kind of a bitch.

    44. Ash _0.2

      0:18 she is GORGEOUS 🌹

    45. valianta meai

      Am i the only one thinking its shitty to Tattoo drunk people and even leave your Shop open especially to get These drunk clients?

    46. Space Case

      THIS WOULD MAKE A GREAT PORTFOLIO PIECE. GLAD HE DIDNT LIE - that half bald guy with the long pony tail thing is messed up what the hell love how people are like "fuck logan paul" (no, fuck him though) but these freak its "nah its cool, hes awesome" this guy and anyone who thinks hes cool for fucking around with someones remains is subhuman, sorry.

    47. Zelleen Miles

      the blonde girl is so prettyyyy

    48. Dubpleated

      funny how a guy named "the undertaker" was freaked out by that situation hahah

    49. Sweetpea Green

      Is it wrong that I would want to see a human head... or am I crazy... i always wanted to see a human dead... idk why but I do, so that last guy is my fav

    50. unlocked

      is that Malaysian flag story a joke..?