7 Funny and Useful Beauty Hacks

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    Prevent common beauty blunders with these creative makeup tips. Prolong the life of your cosmetics with a simple DIY beauty hack. Learn how to have a smoother, less messy eyeshadow experience. Along with a tutorial on how to create stunning lips for your selfie photos using a contouring pencil and a useful tip to stop those flawless lips from leaving awkward kiss marks.
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    0:04 How to Take a Perfect Selfie
    1:49 Hacks to Extend The Life of Your Cosmetics
    4:13 How a Guy should Clean Up in the Bathroom
    5:33 Creative Princess MakeUp
    7:00 Stop a Messy Eyeshadow Routine
    8:09 Add a Rainbow Twist to Your Lips
    9:05 Avoid Kiss Marks at All Times!
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      Hey Panda Lovers! 🐼 How come we always run out of cosmetics 💄💅 especially when we need them the most? 💋 No worries, we’re here to help you squeeze the max amount out of your supplies! 👏✨ Let me know, which of these tips you find the most useful?! ✌😊 Don't forget to subscribe to my channel! 👇 Much love from Crafty Panda 😍😍😍 P.s If you enjoyed this video you might also like 😉: gr-news.com/online/βίντεο-T2TYWauKCgs.html

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