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    On the eve of the release of her new film, "A Star Is Born," Lady Gaga invites Vogue to her LA home and answers 73 intriguing questions. While sitting outside, amongst perfectly placed potted plants and flowering ivy, Lady Gaga talks about her songwriting process, working with actor-turned-director Bradley Cooper, and her upcoming Vegas residency.
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    73 Questions With Lady Gaga | Vogue
    Created By: Joe Sabia
    Styled By: Taylor Angino

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    1. Melanie Moss

      these interviews are always so cringeworthy... come on Vogue do better.

    2. Rachel Geraci

      Her favorites are Rilke and Radiohead. Omg I knew I was in love with her

    3. Mary Rowland

      Love her but i was surprised how boring it was too.

    4. Mary Rowland

      73 questions with Lana Del Ray and ill die

    5. burned oils

      lol she hesitated when asked if both her parents were italian... poppa messed with the cute neibhord?

    6. burned oils

      lady caca

    7. Valley Girl

      Her patio is beautiful... I love the different shades of blue everywhere, and the one pop of yellow that offsets the red flowers! It is beautiful and clean and simply classy!

    8. Bruno Sorrentino Jansen

      Can you guys do a 73 questions with annie lebowitz?

    9. Etta Dee

      I completely forgot that it's all made up and the celebrities knows the questions beforehand . Gaga answering so slopply .

    10. bee shahi

      Sooooo boring it was all in one place! Such a waste.

    11. Ikea Kew

      Did anyone know where's her mic hidden?

    12. Kurt Lim

      wow that was boring

    13. Jane Bloom

      Why are these always awkward af

    14. LaVioletaAmatista

      This is Lady Gaga’s first major role in a film and the movie is critically acclaimed (a metacritic must see & certified fresh on rotten tomatoes), on track to being one of the highest grossing musical films of ALL TIME, AND she’s predicted to win best actress at the Oscars IN HER FIRST MAJOR ROLE. FIRST. Ten years into her career and she’s reached ANOTHER peak, So so proud of her. She deserves this so much!!!!✨✨✨

    15. Mirella de Bittencourt Cardoso

      BORING !!! Clearly she only did to promote her movie ! I was a little disappoint with her ...

    16. Sofia Osorio-Sanin

      “My personal style is Gaga” bcjckkfkf i love her

    17. Rada Yescandy

      Lower East side, Manhattan ♥️💙 I’m so so in love 😘

    18. hithereitsleaa

      Am I really drunk because I smiled throughout this whole video

    19. Laura Lzo Channel

      #shane Dawson's parody brought me here lol... spot on! Hilarious

    20. Homebayview

      She herself doesn't even belief what comes out of her mouth. Looks like she is trying extremely hard to be a diva but instead it resulted to be boring and amateur. What happened???

    21. mamiluisamia


    22. The Honey

      Literally the most amazing person in the world.

    23. tRonald Dump

      This reminds me of GDP intros

    24. rynellea jones

      her shades is distracting

    25. London Goddard

      Do one with Katy Perry

    26. Stephen Gleason

      Why do you hate the American people? Do you think you are the only American who gets to make money? Why do you support outsourcing American jobs? F YOU!!

    27. Nathan Boyle

      pretentious and boring

    28. Lise Normann

      I really liked that this wasn't rapid fire, she actually took her time to answer.

    29. Hugo Kerllãnn Fárias

      She was getting upset hahaha i actually would get upset, this is really anoying, but she was pretty gentle.

    30. Shira Lee

      I gotta say I'm Gaga for Gaga . Real, cool, classy, true

    31. Medi Dodum

      when it comes to some city they always ask to desrcibe NYC or LA ..as if this city only existing in this world?🤣🤣

    32. Glaiza Marie Monsalud

      i love you lady GaGa

    33. Ally 21

      Nooo i wanted to see her colorful house 😂

    34. M a s o n

      "call me lady" "ok ladd"

    35. hova

      I have immense respect for her and her OG status she has reached her ❤

    36. Rizz Alba

      She's the picture of health and calm. The best form of her yet ♥️👏

    37. Nella Rohan

      It's hard watching this one after Traci Ellis Ross. Seems really impersonal and sterilized. I love her, but she's all business!


      73 Questions with katy perry please

    39. Perpetual Growth

      God I love her.

    40. irdna _

      i feel like his “just gonna go back over here” is kinda ‘shady’ hahahhaa

    41. Nerry

      I love her she has a closet outside her house 😭😭😂😍🙅🏻‍♀️

    42. Nerry

      V: Lady, can you show me your hidden talent? LG: .. *no* 😭😭😭😭😍🙅🏻‍♀️

    43. Pryalen Chhoeur

      Did she tell you not to step a step closer or sth? My eyes hurt trying to watch her expressions.

    44. FoolyLiving

      The entire thing was filmed on the patio which I was not expecting.

      1. Fabrina Gladys

        *A Stár is Bórn Fúll Móv¡É 2018* AváilablÉ NóW *Cl¡cK tó Wátch :* t.co/T3UBoKUzMe #filmbagus

      2. FoolyLiving

        +Beautibutterfly thanks a lot for letting me know 💖👍😘

      3. Beautibutterfly

        FoolyLiving Andrea!! Just watched your guys vid today!! You getting so small you are doing great on your journey!!

    45. egdapo

      I expected this to be a lot more interesting... disappointed

    46. John Gbenga Babington

      Why aren’t we asking the most important question how does he always keep track of how many questions he has asked

    47. N T

      What a shame. She is spectacularly boring! So dull. She just sits there spewing a load of pretentious bollocks. It would seem that she believed the hype. Huge mistake.

    48. GhostofAlexJonesss

      The best year in NY? the time i ripped off my friends whole style and persona after she died, then selling out to the hollywood cult so my pathetic life could change and i could make a few million dollars

    49. Rawan Nicole K

      "Do you have to be in love to write a love song.. Do you have to be sad to write a sad song?"-he quoted Almost Famous

    50. Sid Shealey

      She is such a strong and beautiful woman and i am so inspired by her constantly. I love you Lady Gaga