8 Mile - Ending Battles



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    8 Mile (2002) Hip-Hop Drama.
    Cast: Eminem, Kim Basinger, Mekhi Phifer, Brittany Murphy, Evan Jones, Omar Benson Miller..
    Eminem Oscar Winner for best music, original song ''Lose Yourself''
    About Eminem
    Marshall Bruce Mathers III (born October 17, 1972), better known by his stage name Eminem (stylized as EMINƎM) and by his alter ego Slim Shady, is an American rapper, record producer, songwriter and actor. Eminem along with his solo career is a member of his group D12, and also one half of the hip hop duo Bad Meets Evil, with Royce da 5’9?. Eminem is one of the best-selling artists in the world and is the best selling artist of the 2000s. He has been listed and ranked as one of the greatest artists of all time by many magazines, including Rolling Stone magazine which ranked him 82nd on its list of The 100 Greatest Artists of All Time. The same magazine declared him The King of Hip Hop. Including his work with D12 and Bad Meets Evil, Eminem has achieved ten number-one albums on the Billboard 200. He has sold more than 42 million tracks and 49.1 million albums in the United States, and 100 million albums worldwide.
    As an underground rapper Eminem released his debut solo album, Infinite in 1996. He gained mainstream popularity in 1999 after the release of his major-label debut album The Slim Shady LP. The LP also earned Eminem his first Grammy Award for Best Rap Album. His next two records The Marshall Mathers LP, and The Eminem Show, also won Best Rap Album Grammy Awards, making Eminem the first artist to win Best Rap Album for three consecutive LPs. This was followed by another studio release in 2004 titled Encore. Eminem then went on hiatus after touring in 2005. He released his first album in five years titled Relapse, on May 15, 2009. In 2010, Eminem released his seventh studio album Recovery. Recovery was an international success and was named the best selling album of 2010 worldwide, joining The Eminem Show, which was the best seller of 2002. Eminem won Grammy Awards for both Relapse and Recovery, giving him a total of 13 Grammys in his career.
    Eminem has opened other ventures, including his own record label Shady Records with his manager Paul Rosenberg. He also has his own radio channel, Shade 45 on Sirius XM Radio. Eminem began an acting career in 2002, when he starred in the hip hop drama film 8 Mile. He won the Academy Award for Best Original Song, becoming the first rap artist ever to win the award.

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    1. klerandy fewofa

      That's a nice donkey tho

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      Anybody else peep that eminem was about to smile if you see it at 4:54 like this

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      You look like a W O R M with B R A I D S

    4. Luca why are ur memes so trash

      this b rabbit guy is good, he should produce music

    5. Ashish J

      We'll still watching this after a weekend break feels like something new

    6. KevinMcCalister75

      313 FUCK FREE WORLD !!!

    7. Skit Maker

      Free world = level 1 crooks 313 = 35 bosses

    8. Livlife

      i actually love this fucking film so much it’s such a good story

    9. Monstertwitch

      Eminem is one of the few rappers I've consistently enjoyed listening to for years

    10. Xxslime&squishiesxX K

      Ha goodie

    11. Grey Syrup

      My name is Gabriel imma be doing a rap battle tomorrow wish me luck i watched this video to try and get some lyrics i also wrote some shit

    12. Speedy Jeff

      He beat they ass man 💯 Subscribe to my channel videos coming soon

    13. EPMTUNESツ

      I liked Eminem until I found out he was black.

    14. Vilma Carmelo

      Cj in gta sa in his jam perfect yo

    15. Notninjax on xbox one give me limes

      I guess there all in shits creek now

    16. Delanie Dobish

      On the last one eminem looked like that he was gonna knock this guys teeth down his throat from how pissed off he was getting.

    17. Levi Playsツ

      *Clarence has left the chat...*

    18. Fatumina Shiq Ali

      January 2k19 someone???

    19. Eddie Boy

      This was recommended to me for the last 2 months but I finally decided to watch...not disappointed...

    20. Eelis Karhu

      how can six dicks be pussies?

    21. sebastian svejdal

      Like if eminem won this

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    23. into unknown

      come here cause i m feeling demotivated

    24. Harllem Lucas

      Eminem was on fire

    25. Damodar p

      Hindi remake

    26. Ghost WTG

      Dat ass 2019

    27. Himanshu Bhutani

      After. . . Gullu boy? ? ? 👍😍

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      who else is watching this in 2019?🔥

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    31. Astrid Kvorning

      the people who disliked, are fucking weird

    32. Keiton Powell

      This came out in 2002 and this shit it still popular

    33. 김수연

      정말 좋아하는 가수 좋아해요 응원해요

    34. Suman Gurung

      eminem is the best rapper in the world he is one man of the rapper history

    35. Anthony Smith

      You can’t deny Eminem was the greats of all time

    36. Jesse Hartless

      Eminem dont choke its the calm before the storm

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    39. Vin Boss

      Fuck free world, 313!!!

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      My fave b rabbit rapper! 😆

    41. Conreman

      Papa docs lyrics: *yo*

    42. Conreman

      I'm 13... I've been listening to Em since I was 10... am I to young to be listening to him? Lol. I've always listened to all is music. Also a lot of his rares ever since I heard him.

    43. Favar :D

      En Latinoamérica, se da un minuto a cada mc, esto no es nada. Viva el rap negroooo

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      yOu went to Cranbrook that's a *PRIIVVATE SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!*

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      eminem your great bade

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      Bro It so good