A Fishing Fish

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Daily Dose Of Internet

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    Going Up by LAKEY INSPIRED soundcloud.com/lakeyinspired
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    1. Doodle Noodle

      Now I want a fruit bat.

      1. Yo Boi Cho Min

        Doodle Noodle I feel bad for hunting them now...

      2. r i c h a r d

        Who doesnt want a healthy vampire

      3. Sachin mae

        U will get ebola free with it.

      4. GamerMia Hines

        Doodle Noodle 🍜

      5. GamerMia Hines

        Doodle Noodle what kind

    2. cplcabs

      What the heck was going on a 0.37? Looked like someone's ball bag had overgrown

    3. Alex _101

      Human = baby Lion = cub Snakes = noodles Hotel = trivago German = NAZI

    4. Ladderthief1

      2:09 Copy sauce boss that landing was butter.

    5. Oof oof

      Someone named Doky is copying ur channel.

    6. Fabulous Sparkly Vampire Wizard

      Augmented reality is the future. There will come a day when the smartphone will either be replaced or evolve into a wearable computer used for augmented reality. No more "screen" to look down at. It will be in front of one or both eyes at all times. It will remain clear until needed, when there will then be overlays. You may walk up to a business and see reviews of the business, their menu, items they sell, owner information, a sneak peek inside, and more. When needing directions, you will see actual markings pointing you to where you need to go instead of "turn right up ahead". Of course, there will be privacy issues and ads everywhere in the beginning. Then the hardcore open source hackers will begin reverse engineering the tech and releasing the details, then some Chinese companies will make crappy knockoffs that sort of work but are dirt cheap. Then better companies will pop up to fill in the market between dirt cheap crap and overpriced overhyped crap. Then, it will become as pervasive as the smartphone is today. It wasn't that long ago that cell phones were basically tied to cars due to size and weight. Then we got the bricks. Then we got flip phones, then smartphones. Next up is wearables (already happening), wearables with augmented reality, then proper augmented reality wearables, then eventually the smartphone will go the way of the flip phone.

    7. Galaxy Hunter

      What is with the weird squishy people

    8. Giobassdrop

      legendary legend

    9. Juardo Titsago

      0:38 I did not need to see that while eating

    10. Snowfall MSP

      The fruit bat looks like my dog😂

    11. chiyo rae

      1:35 those sharks are so cute wtf i need more

    12. Gacha Omana


    13. Bape Random

      Ahem a fish fishing a fish a fish fishing that fish and a fisher fishing Those fish Oh wow

    14. Yandere Chan

      Woah technology!

    15. Martin Gibbs

      What the hell is that 0:37

    16. Phillip Schofeild the great divine

      Plug walk

    17. AryanaJoy Babauta

      0:37 what.is.that Thing

    18. Deerest

      So fruit bats can fit a watermelon in its mouth?

    19. Deerest

      Fish goes fishing hmmm well thats cannibalism

    20. Slimy Boy

      That adorable berb

    21. Tec-9 holder

      Once a year he should upload a 1h video, like if you agree

    22. Pixel Heart

      Can anyone give me the full video or some like it pls? 0:45

    23. Philip Jarnecki

      in soviet Russia fish fish you

    24. XjaceX Gliscor

      Guys,i think we’re really Alians, If were able to make stuff like ufologists s then...

    25. Lol 4488

      What if a fishing fish was fishing and fished a fishing fish

    26. CenTz

      3:11 Reaction you make when your friends did something stupid in public

    27. CenTz

      3:11 The face you make when a stranger sits next to you on an empty bus

    28. CenTz

      3:11 The look you gives when someone wakes you up from a good nap

    29. marty mulherin


    30. Mork 666


    31. Flamingo Carlito

      Omg these videos are addicting

    32. Gabriel Lauver

      It’s ok I like counting to

    33. Gabriel Lauver

      1:50 that is a grate work out 💪 lol

    34. Gabriel Lauver

      0:38 this is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen! Lol

    35. Bosko Bukilica

      I would be soooo scared to have a woman as a pilot

      1. Bosko Bukilica

        Jk jk jk jk

    36. Babar Head

      yas pilot queen

    37. RedSlimeball YT


    38. Derckspeed !!

      Name of the last animal, please!!!!

    39. Yourhomeworkwasdue3yearsago .-.

      1:38 “No, bad shark”

    40. Daddy Meme Master

      Boy how the tables have turned

    41. Mr. WTF

      The second thing looks like something out of amnesia or something similar...

    42. Parrot Lover Diamond

      1:50 my dog’s reaction is like the worst it just run from water

    43. Ainsley Shaw

      3:11 very very sin

    44. Rm Is my bae

      0:42 is no one gonna talk about this

    45. LoOk hOW CaLM ShE Is

      NaCI.... Nazi

    46. MrFlipperInvader792

      0:37reminds me of the major later vid loght it up

    47. Amalia Wolfstar

      1:36 *Did that shark just gave me an eye roll?*

    48. Falcrein


    49. yu pluto

      the fruit bat is me when sucking my bfs dick

    50. Duyen Doan

      Shark Sea