A Fishing Fish

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Daily Dose Of Internet

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    1. Doodle Noodle

      Now I want a fruit bat.

      1. *. Ashley Corn .*

        Doodle Noodle me tooo

      2. MightyHappyGirl 2000

        Doodle Noodle same :D

      3. nick slayer46

        Doodle Noodle i agree

      4. Yo Boi Cho Min

        Doodle Noodle I feel bad for hunting them now...

      5. t a u

        Who doesnt want a healthy vampire

    2. Jasleen Kaur

      Anyone from 2019

    3. Lemon Lime

      Does anyone want a face reveal? Because i do

    4. Steven Beaumont

      0:38 In this next clip we'll observe how a ballsack may gussy up for a night on the town.

    5. Lizzie Playz

      0:37 wth is that thing?! Don't tell me it's SKIN!!!????

    6. Lemonz Lemon

      I want to replace my ball with that fish

    7. Lindsey Random

      That frogfish is pretty much a mood 🤣 Me when I’m late to school and my mum might wip my ass

    8. Seth Harper

      0:37 Made Me Vomit

    9. Hannah Britton

      A fish fishing fishing fish fishing fishing fish


      0:36 WHAT THE FUCK

    11. Xtreme FXX

      Sometimes i just wonder WHY do ppl dislike video’s ;l

    12. Mobile Gämer

      2:06 oh look they’re letting her drive the simulation how nice Btw this is a joke not trying to be offensive

    13. dawne!


    14. ARandom VideoMaker


    15. Secret Saturn

      Fish feet

    16. spartan 117 the partiotic one

      39 stoned watches fish thats nice sees clip after that The fuck

    17. Splat Kat


    18. LoneWolf CreativeGaming

      The ultimate catfish

    19. MSRgaming77 77

      What was that blob of flesh

    20. Alex Run it

      This guy sounds like leafyishere

    21. Later

      1:34 why is he wearing an hat?

    22. Dan Is Not All That

      where’s the bike video?? it’s so satisfying and i need more

    23. Jay Jay & Jenson's PlayHouse!

      0:37 is it dancing?

    24. Martynas Mrwdrue

      3:07 Sharknado

    25. wild ratty girl/Naia smith

      Frog fish are awesome

    26. dogethekiller furrysgay

      The squishy thing in the beginning near 40 seconds kind of looks like a ball sack *NO HOMO*

    27. RPM Internet Dose

      that eagles head at end looks like bike front light

    28. Night core832

      Is anybody going to talk about 0:37? Like, wtf is that.

      1. Night core832

        +Aiden Radu yup

      2. Aiden Radu

        Night core832 a ballsack

    29. KatManga

      You can definitely say it’s a fish eat fish world, get it?😄 And I’m not sorry.😊

    30. Aidan Scott

      1:53 that baby fox is cute

    31. Gabriella Kate

      0:37 We can all just forget about that..

    32. lamontshandy

      Watch out fruit bat... women drivers are airborne!!!

    33. Trais Gaming


    34. the noob ish gamer


    35. [ATF] Alpha

      0:37 My last brain cell during a test

    36. JJ Runnels

      More of the second video

    37. Mr. Gwen

      I can’t wait to meet the one who made *Naci* .

    38. ThatCommenterGuy

      You should fish that fish.

    39. Eric Leyva

      I want u to reach 10 mil subs in the next 2 yrs or less

    40. Humza Hasham

      That dog is so cute

    41. Starmoney 5

      Black fly? I see stripes of white.

    42. V9N0M

      0:37 Mom?

    43. SKITCAST

      0:37 My classmates playing slime

    44. isorenx

      OK, one more video and ill go sleep

    45. You don’t need To know

      Anyone else learn about the frog fish from the octonots show?

    46. Vsnakes Horn


    47. Black Knight

      0:56 when you’re late for work

    48. So Helpful!

      2:25 so can the fruit bat eat a coconut?

    49. DJ Carver

      Is no one going to talk about that disgusting brown shit?!

    50. the reaper

      I come from the future