A Fishing Fish

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    1. Doodle Noodle

      Now I want a fruit bat.

      1. Sachin mae

        U will get ebola free with it.

      2. REDROBLOX Gaming

        Doodle Noodle I

      3. REDROBLOX Gaming

        Doodle Noodle i

      4. GamerMia Hines

        Doodle Noodle 🍜

      5. GamerMia Hines

        Doodle Noodle what kind

    2. Jacob Bunea

      *Hits like button before video starts* half way through the video, *checks to see if I liked it already*

    3. Krystal Andela

      Your bio, "why do you sound depressed?" "Because I am" same bro 😂😂😂😂 I'm here for you man

    4. Saphie Hussain

      Frog fish r so cool, they’re one of my favorite

    5. Dril Nixx

      1:28 *卐* intensifies

    6. Bass ?


    7. luminizelaura

      fuuuuuuuuck 0:47 is so dope, i need the full clip

    8. Brandon Crews

      that frogfish ate a slippery dick! (a slippery dick is a type of cleaner wrasse and im not 100% if it really was though so dont hold me accountable)

    9. sedais mah

      0:37 my brain when I am trying to solve a equation.lol

    10. Grima Wormtongue

      The H20 molecule should have have a bend in it...

    11. Wiggy

      Probably takes 3 weeks to recharge that flying vehicle via solar.

    12. Izzy Gordon

      That second thing was disgusting

    13. Alyssa Mosley

      The grape looks like a tamoto

    14. Cheryl Cunningham


    15. Tullock

      Wow the Ocean is infested with sharks. You go overboard in the ocean your likiness to survive just went under.

    16. Tullock

      super hot pilot.,

    17. Skelly Boos

      Duuhhhhh, im a cannibal!

    18. R T

      What's with the dancing scrotum?

    19. Aspern Park

      Those TikTok ads are cringy af

    20. Harman

      Seems fishy...

    21. Wafflegazm

      1:48, I thought like almost all dogs do this, eight?

    22. Katey

      1:24 NaCi... Nazi


      0:37 😂 what is that

    24. TheBeanie Boi

      0:38 honestly you didn't have to post that now my eyes and ears hurt thanks

    25. Swatty Patty

      More like NAZI

    26. Swatty Patty


    27. mr doggo

      0:37 oh, thats really gross

    28. Heather Drane

      In 1:13 , I wanted that to be put in the future, so that I know about chemistry too! Plus the only elements I usually knew were from the ones learnt by my teachers. My favorite element is H2O (water) and Au (gold). And in 3:11 , What kind of eagle is this? I searched it up and It was a possibility that it was a Long-crested eagle mixed with Wedge-tailed eagle or Black eagle.

    29. Toast-E

      I thought the fishing fish was bout to be really cool then I remembered Angler Fish exist

    30. Mr. Randall

      Hover cars about three years behind schedule but better late than never

    31. Emerald_Stars Gaming

      Can i use this as a bait..Wait YOU CAN GET AN INFINITY BAIT

    32. 汪小沅

      *No one notices how weird the second clip was...*

    33. rainbowkitten0303

      Wth is 0:45?

    34. Fishying

      Thats a lotta dam- sharks!

    35. Lorenzo Davis

      2:58 Ahh, what a perfect time for a... *_Tornado._*

    36. Kiwi Dew


    37. AfterTale Sans

      0:37 I need bleach please kill meee

    38. Freedom Dive Meme !

      *fish ception*

    39. -:*Layla x Studios*:-

      0:38 this is in ROBLOX high school and a dancing game :D

    40. Baiba Luka

      Its the new x-wing

    41. Jim's videos

      2:00 He must be good; you can't even see his lips move. ...And if you think I don't know it's the FMS talking, go away.

    42. Lil Vro

      check out my trash ass music !

    43. The RGB Gamer 071

      *frogfish starts walking* *CLOMP. CLOMP. CLOMP*


      Humaning human. Cating cat

    45. Reaver

      20, 10 then it's supposed to say retard what is there now PC aircraft voice q's

    46. Lukas Post

      0:49 does anyone know that video? i searched for it for hours

    47. GamerMia Hines


    48. Josh Plays

      0:37 why, though...

    49. Mason Black

      Do you know where I can get those AR blocks

    50. JevInHeaven

      the batfly vehicle is proof we are evolving but we are to stupid and distracted by other thing's to know this. Thank you for showing me this