A Flying Train

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    1. Leoner

      Maybe the girl in the second clip just has alot of cars

      1. Immohortal Magic


      2. TheNameless Channel

        She is just helping them in a bad way lol

      3. manofmanytalents


      4. A random pigeon

        +introverted idiot r/woosh

      5. Jung Kookie

        I Think She’s Rich

    2. Chase Holstein

      A flying train? You mean, an airplane? Stupid.

    3. Tosie Animate

      Ooohhh blyat

    4. American Alien

      Why not call it “planes”

    5. Guy does Random things

      I thought the thumbnail was minecraft

    6. Lance Talbert

      So a plane?

    7. Aerochalklate

      cant the landmine finder just run over the mines and let it blow up

    8. Aerochalklate

      parking ticket girl should be paid to do that... much cheaper than a ticket

    9. Hapdi at KIROT!!

      R.I.P Stan Lee #GonebutNOTForgotten

    10. D J

      Air train looks like a crash waiting to happen

    11. DarkCalibur

      how do you land on your flying train, and what happen if its crash?

    12. Mantis The EPIC

      2:43 the flail was used through ww2 on m4 Shermans and Matilda infantry tanks

    13. Rain Kvien

      Flying airplane

    14. Ethan Hu

      Maybe they forgot to add PLANE in the title, or flying cans of sardines.

    15. Balea

      how is that stick can hold up the "plane"?

    16. Alec McGowan

      (Me when I see title) "and I made a land plane"

    17. devil 950003

      1:18 without any safety,safety there

    18. Mike

      i dont get it just stick some of em jet engines on good ole bussy and BUSTIN

    19. trumpetplayer

      So...It's a plane, but better?

    20. JHW000


    21. Berkan Çakır

      Russian engineer? But there is Turkish writing on it?

    22. JaeLynn Carver

      Low-key thought the thumbnail was from minecraft.

    23. Gunnar Marr

      The air train would kill so much wildlife

    24. doge mcdoge

      that's basically a airplane

    25. Salt

      the plane train look like the battle bus from fortnite . am I a the only one who think that ?

    26. Kitti Kat

      2:46 Now I'm certain some people lack tons of brain cells😂

      1. Shocker Aspect

        Kitti Kat lol

    27. Sonic The Lame Hog

      A plane IS a flying train IT FLIES IT HAS WHEELS IT CARRIES PEOPLE

    28. Rav3 G0d

      Some of the stuff you say dude. Just is for views. Do you even watch the videos? 'No safety lines attached' So when she does fall. What's that thing that makes her dangle? Lol

    29. Jag Vet Inte Vad jag Ska Heta

      0:40 not all heroes wear a cape

    30. sanjith321

      Yo I made one of these train plane things in Minecraft once

    31. MARK. 2605. B

      The airtrain looks kinda dumb, and it's gonna took alot of skills to mastered it

    32. Marko Racic

      a flying train is just an airplane 🤔🤔🤔

    33. The Frontlines

      That just seems incredibly expensive

    34. MrJellyfish4200

      That’s called a air plane

    35. T.A.C

      So... a plane?

    36. Sir Pancakes

      Alright time to take the bus to school


      Airplanes are already convenient enough

    38. Mahalia Equestrian

      The train would take a long time to build though

    39. Bubbles 1

      0:55 not al heroes wear capes

    40. putsome basilonit

      The train-plane idea is horrible and impractical.

    41. lilac. .Edits

      So you basically need to take a car to a flying train which is basically an airplane with a leash .-. WTH

    42. Imdeadinside Reee

      That 3rd clip looks scary as heck

    43. Big Smoke

      Look like a plane to me

    44. Anthony Rangel

      Astrotrain deceptacon scum!

    45. Leslie Collins-Smith

      Cattle fish also have a bone that produces nutrients for birds since birds can’t eat dairy

    46. Tricodzy

      AKA "Plane"

    47. ShadowBoyPlayzGamez

      Basically, it's just an airplane but looks more cool.

    48. serena the fox sansy's gurl

      So it's just a really big plane XD

    49. ᴏʟ ʟᴇɢᴇɴᴅ :D

      She has so many cars.

    50. your comment might not work so please

      His mom didn't give him his pocket 💰.