A Flying Train

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    1. Leoner

      Maybe the girl in the second clip just has alot of cars

      1. ding chang huang


      2. Charlotte The Potato

        You never know

      3. shashi ganesh


      4. firstname lastname

        +Erin Harris 😂😂

      5. Erin Harris

        Lolol 😂

    2. Elliot Games

      Who realised that the cuddlefish is also a fish from subnautica?

    3. Brenda Myhill

      Your soon

    4. Mr. Loowiz

      What a stupid thing to stop a guard from giving a ticket to infractors. The girl is not helping anyone, she's stimulating wrong behavior.

    5. Cap'n Ditto

      helping people get out of the law doesn't make you a good people

    6. Logan Lewis

      1:40 i thought that was tremors irl or sum crap

    7. Jäger Mobile

      That lady "Helping" the parking ticket hurts the city budget

    8. Rassy

      Alright where we droppin boys?

    9. Metal__Steve

      Thomas the termonucular bomb

    10. DusK

      So basically a airplane

    11. Venom_Lizard 22

      I love the idea but if you wanted an international flight they’d have to biuld rails over the ocean

    12. Sebbiestar13 Yt

      A flying train is called a plane

    13. KasukeGamer

      Riding in a flying train would be like in a anime

    14. Are you playing

      Is a plane already a bus

    15. Trash can

      Daily dose of Internet 0% click bait Ali-A 1000% click bait

    16. Gabe Jones

      0:37 Not all heroes wear capes, some wear backpacks...

    17. Scott G

      Is she really helping? When the officer passes back and still sees it there they're gonna order it to be towed.

    18. SelCuls

      Oh so a plane

    19. Rubinoushad Noushad

      There were a lot of cool cars in this man

    20. Swedenlookslikeapenis

      Just gonna say that “flying train” is just a plane with a new name stuck on it

    21. deku squeeckster

      A flying train: so basically I'm a plane

    22. Random Stuff

      Cuddle fish? What planet is this? 4546b?

    23. obi_dank_kenobi

      Plane trains are a really bad idea, like parachute planes

    24. Muddy Chicken

      What's next? A land plane??

    25. The PretzelGamer

      So a plane

    26. Aaron Francis

      I love that girl...

    27. Abiola Doyeni

      The guy on the slack line had a safety rope

    28. Ass Monkey

      The guy on the slackline did have a safety rope. You are a fucking liar bitch

    29. Sans

      Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, uhhhh hi

    30. Firexnx e.e

      me is fame ur is lame

    31. Cool Cheese

      That's called an airplane

    32. Questron The Person

      The German version the Keiler minesweeper tank is probably influenced by the designs during the Second World War. The mechanism they use is called mineflail and it was first placed and used on a tank by the British and is known to be on Churchill tanks and M4 used in WW2 to blow up mines.

    33. Dr. Bear

      A plain.

    34. Marcela Valadez

      flying trains already exist... They’re called AIRPLANES

    35. TJ MCHPIE

      2:32 is a spider tank you IDIOT

    36. Jenny Zhao

      2:07 gay pride

    37. YingTowe

      They did have a safety rope. Or else they wouldn’t have dangled and they would have fallen into the water

    38. Doctor Frankenstrike

      That German mine flail vehicle has existed since the Second World War and was originally made by the British to be attached to tanks for use in the deserts of North Africa.

    39. That_Cat 777

      Its all fun and games until she runs into the same meter maid with a totally different car 0:56

    40. Vladimir Putin


    41. Joy to the Marshmellows

      -Why not a flying bus?- Wait would you have to make an entire railway just for that airtrain even though it flies?

    42. Ubisoft Rebel

      The thhumbnail looked like from minecraft

    43. Matt

      Hey what's with the dislikes? I'm have no idea why learning new things deserves hate. Maybe some things are fake but then again we can just dismiss that.😕

    44. SteamPunk Playz

      I don’t thing we would be able to afford it

    45. r-sky

      so i guess you could call it a airtrain

    46. Zicca

      0:52 I’m preeeeettttyyyyy sure that’s illegal that who am I to know

    47. Phantom boy

      Isn’t that just *A TRAIN*

    48. Roxz_YT

      Finally some good things from the russian

    49. Beb The Birb

      The third clip is amazing

    50. Olden Day Tech Reviews

      That girl is awesome