A Really Sticky Road

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Daily Dose Of Internet

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    Dog: facebook.com/policiademadrid/videos/2056466194605988/
    Air Traffic: gr-news.com/online/βίντεο-bo1ZtpKqlYw.html
    Bat: instagram.com/p/BmOzmZ1hMmS/?hl=en&taken-by=wingspawsnclaws
    Bunker: gr-news.com/online/βίντεο-gSEpkalRgvU.html
    Penguin: instagram.com/p/BnikHyfgEXF/?taken-by=kaikourawildliferescue
    Falling (Ft. eSoreni) by Sappheiros soundcloud.com/sappheirosmusic
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    1. BadMonkey

      2:43 When I graduate

      1. Gacha Sabriel


      2. Jordan Plays 9

        BadMonkey a

      3. derpypotato

        That's a lot of likes

      4. Confusedname Gamer

        Like...wait...umm I I don’t know what to do from here.. I don’t have a house no money no jobb....OH S^*T, I GOTTA DO ANOTHER COURSE SO THAT WAY I CAN HAVE TIME TO ACTUALLY PLAN!!!

      5. RED DOMINO

        Masterhalo012 Stop

    2. Jericho M. Calucag

      0:45 it's Sepak Takraw and it's our National Game

    3. alex lawson

      project problem red he branch kit customer want specifically march lifetime love.

    4. MagmaRblx YT

      1:02 Is an asean sport originally from Malaysia called "Sepak Takraw" *Pronounced : Say-pahk-Tahk-Kraw.

    5. Hospitable

      I have that kitten coinbank!

    6. Helord GT

      The dog so cute lol

    7. Khairul Azlan


    8. TIGRESS_ 167

      the 'foot volleyball' is called 'sepak takraw'

    9. TIGRESS_ 167

      the 'foot volleyball' is called 'sepak takraw'

    10. The Redneck Hillbilly Cowboy

      Probably coated that drag strip with flex seal.

    11. AWESOMENESS 47507

      I saw some guys playing the foot volleyball game ata church parking lot

    12. shaken quakin

      2:43 when the teacher habds me my test and i wasnt paying attention in class

    13. Sp1k3ypunk813 UNKNOWN

      The doggy is so cute

    14. DragonDrayour Sliker

      2:43 My life

    15. fazerok tazzidevil

      Hello everyone this is your daily porn on the internet

    16. penguinz

      0:41 When you promise to pay attention in class

    17. Naruto Uzumakiツ

      1:03 oh yea we do that in the Philippines

    18. hello there :

      0:41 when your sister eats all your food

    19. Shilte Meister


    20. Sydney K

      0:42 When my mom walks in while I’m playing video games and tell me it’s bedtime

    21. Galaxy Gamer

      Awwww the penguin and the cpr dog were sooooo cuteeeee 😍

    22. Adam schmidt

      Is this where leafy went

    23. Adam schmidt

      Low key sounds like leafy

    24. Enderboy0422 Gaming

      0:41 When She keeps scrolling...

    25. Phoebe TT

      The hallway in my dorm building is that sticky

    26. chillowtchris

      Holy shit he sounds like leafy lol

    27. Chase V

      1 like on this comment= 9 views 3 likes on this comment= 30 views 10 likes on this comment=107 views

    28. Michele Owens

      0:28 when you peel off a band aid, 0:41 when your friend asked what the homework was and you didn't know that there was homework...

    29. Rose cat Gaming

      The cats face hahah

    30. blackboy david

      Awwww... Bats look like flying doggy-bears

    31. Evolious

      Ok this was so good I hit the👍🏻button as soon as I saw the part where the cat looked like max he’s derpy well not anymore but... I replayed that part so many times😂😂😂

    32. xd Riverbear

      Pin this if u love ur fans

    33. trainz2007 11

      Put the gums shoes on the drag strip and lets see what will happen

    34. GATO BIH

      3:00 am ima sleep me at 3:00 am “sticky road”

    35. JCL oficial

      Whaen you have been holding it in And you you try to fart bit you poop your pants 😁

    36. My Heart

      1:17 wow

    37. SuperRobot 12

      Penguin:no mama don’t go Waves:crash crash Penguin:if I go in da water I will drown Lady: go on now Penguin:ok here I go

    38. Beatrice Lee Knowles

      That penguin is just as likely to die as anybody who receives cpr from that dog (ie 100%)

    39. ItssElite

      0:43 me when i pass my test

    40. Onyx Savior

      The coconut octopus is even more proof that an octopus is a mollusk

    41. 10,000 Subscribers Without Videos

      Isnt it great that the video name and thumbnail was featured first on every video?

    42. Let's play Pai Sho

      Volleyball with feet reminds me of the avatar episode where prins zuko and azulah played volleyball with their feet on the beach at their old house.

    43. RAZENOID

      I like leafy's new channel

    44. Its_alexa 1234

      0:31 - 0:43 IM DYING 😂😂😂

    45. Eli Odum


    46. Ocean Man

      0:53 dat flip tho

    47. ClashWithRron

      albania made it for once :D Shqiperia :D

    48. ImFlyin'

      I was born in albania!

    49. Firebaltofdeath

      Imagine your friends laying you down on this while you were sleep. Can't be pelasant

    50. MoVaEm7

      Se numește tenis de picor săracilor, se vede ca nu ați jucat pătratica in clasa, americani plebi.