A Really Sticky Road

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Daily Dose Of Internet

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    Falling (Ft. eSoreni) by Sappheiros soundcloud.com/sappheirosmusic
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    1. BadMonkey

      2:43 When I graduate

      1. MadMaxwell Gamer

        BadMonkey that is so cool I’m assuming you never walked out side

      2. Barbie Karaoke and Video

        BadMonkey last reply

      3. Alejandra Vasquez


      4. Latiki


      5. Latiki


    2. ThatGhoul

      3:07 ik penguins can swim but IT LOOKED LIKE HE'S DROWING

    3. Robert Sayamyan

      Why's this unlisted?

    4. IScreamIceCream9

      why is this unlisted?

    5. Kelly Farnan

      0:32 College life 😂

    6. The Cookie Animator!

      0:38 when I forget to do my homework

    7. Pinhead Larry

      There's a popular sport in southeast Asia,where there are way to many dudes with short-shorts

    8. major break 2

      Let's be honest that rescue dog is doing fucking nothing

    9. Shadow Shapeshifter

      0:43 when I learn math

    10. Jayden Melnyk

      The track of a drag strip is sticky so the cars don't spin daily dumb dose of internet

    11. MisterL2

      2:10 wow :o

    12. Vita Butkeviciute

      2:11 SFCOMG

    13. mohamad hafiz

      0:45 its called takraw u retard

    14. Tanmay Kataria

      0:14 when cold drink spills on floor And u dnt clean it

    15. Hyunjin trash

      Omg sepak takraw is in Philippines and Indonesia! proud to be Pinoy!!

    16. Earl Vincoy

      0:42 me when i see my crush that rejected me with her ex

    17. ONYX Psycho

      1:56 is amazing

    18. elian lj

      0:54 dude

    19. Kurth Malpaya

      At 0:46 thats Filipino culture and I know that one because I'm filipino

      1. Kurth Malpaya

        +Michele Pinat it exist okay

      2. Michele Pinat

        that doesn't exist in The Philipines...... And if it is then I don't know cause i live in Manila and it's not that common.... Ps. i'm not hating just saying

    20. Calvert Jng

      0:54 this is a common sport in south east asia, during SEA games which stand for S.outh E.ast A.sia games, countries form their own team and compete, so im not rly sure of its origin, but currently, u can find this sport being played almost anywhere so long that it is a country in south east asia. ps: i know i keep saying "this sport" without stating the actual name cause im bad at spelling

    21. Chew Jun Han

      I see what I did there

    22. Trash Shinobi

      The sticky floor is the underside of a man balls on a hot day

    23. Julia Tube

      ‘air traffic’ tf all i see are ants.

    24. Duck Soldier


    25. Lingeshwar Naidu

      That feet volleyball called takraw in Malaysia

    26. Eat Like Mr. Sheep

      1.55 OMG best part of the video

    27. 光子

      WAIT! 0:45 KICK VOLLEYBALL EXISTS!?! *Nichijou flashbacks intensifies*

    28. QyoTo X

      I’m not the English but this vid is the fucking

    29. yellow rat

      0:47 the only form of ‘football’ I would watch tbh

    30. CoIorado

      cause of death? *internet overdose*

    31. Mia Keller

      0:45 #Shookith

    32. Julio Toriz

      Why does he sound like leafy?

    33. Gus Carlson

      The owner of the race track was my best friends dad and he recently died

    34. V1 Gibby

      I though gut the road would be hot and melting

    35. Emily Ruiz

      I don’t know why but 2:42 is sad for me

    36. Sophia M.S.

      People: How do you know so many things? Me: Daily Dose of Internet

    37. Tom Booru


    38. Ami Wilson

      If they play volleyball with your feet isn’t it just soccer over a net 😂

    39. Kate W

      0:10 is soooooo satisfying

    40. Reizo

      0:30 😺💲

    41. Sami Syed

      That cat nah

    42. Fire Fur


    43. nabil6is

      Do you know sepak takraw is tradition of Malay

    44. TheCahlab86

      0:13 when you get a piece of TECHNICALLY INVISIBLE tape stuck on your finger but its really tiny and you cant get it off AND WHEN YOU GET IT OFF IT JUSTS GOES ONTO ANOTHER FINGER


      Takraw game

    46. GalaxyTheWolfDragon

      That road tar is very sticc.

    47. AlterEgo


      1. Kurth Malpaya

        Gina laro din ng mga ibang bansa

    48. Timmy Timny

      I love how the dogs little tale just keeps on wagging really hart and it’s like full speed mode

    49. CeeJay Sparks

      1:01 i can't even kick a ball... ;-;

    50. sofire

      wow this is a very educational video im so high