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    Time for round 3 of the best kind of golf... All Sports Golf!
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    1. Rex Gaming


    2. Games Boss

      I love tryer

    3. huyền lê


    4. Victor Mathysen

      i thought tyler launched the turtle

    5. mashie07

      2:58 is that an AFL footy??

    6. iRockstar0406

      Live in Missouri ayyy lmao

    7. Ben Hewitt

      Lit vid

    8. Daniel Budovski

      Dude perfect make a gold battle edition where you use all the golden tools you won!!!

    9. DavidCC35

      Hi I have a question: Everybody calls the animal a turtle. Isnt a turtle the one that lives in water? And that one in teh vid i thought is a tortoise? Not trying to correct others but english is not my mother tongue so I wanted to make sure. thx in advance

    10. fahadfezzagamer 20


    11. Doublecherrysoda


    12. John Graham

      thats a tortoise not a turtle

    13. Patrick Morgan

      6:20 looks fake to me. The ball rolls like 2 metres further than it should have and it has a weird outline. Looks like it was faked to me. You can tell at 6:11 the ball is real but as soon at the ball is hidden by the paddle it looks different. I may be wrong, but it looks off to me

    14. Scarred Galaxy


    15. Dylan Sanders

      How did coby jump from 5 to 7 at 4:12

    16. Vitalijus Banuskevicius

      Trending in Lithuania

    17. Trikx

      *And yes Cory left his bag at the airport*

    18. T.N.S vlogs and gaming

      Golf is a mans sports so ty don’t play

    19. Marcus Korsgård

      When ty throwed his skeet i tought it was the turtle

    20. Ethan Hill

      5:39 I thought he threw spot

    21. KIRO CLAN


    22. KIRO CLAN

      I’ve been their

    23. XxLeonismewxX

      weres bamintion

    24. Fergus Robertson

      Ty u should totally have a rugby edition with the Scottish rugby team

    25. Praying Kitty

      cory, cody, coby

    26. Dogs everywhere -Venchi cocoa and others!

      Can you do more overtime

    27. Ken Gaming514


    28. Ken Gaming514

      lol tyler did no throw the turtle

    29. Ryan Martinez

      One Like = One Prayer For Cory's Bag.

    30. Ryan Martinez

      0:17 - Tyler: And yes, Cory left his bag at the airport. 1:06 - Cory: Yes, I forgot my golf bag at home. Me: Hmm.. Who should we believe.

    31. sandratartal

      Who watched this at 2:00 in the morning

    32. Wil John

      5:43 no mate, your on the bloody steroids is what your on

    33. MAN2727

      It’s right next to cedar lodge

    34. MAN2727

      I even went to vacation here

    35. MAN2727

      You guys were 5 miles away from where I lived and I had no idea

    36. kilo Vlogs

      Yes the purper hozier wins

    37. Izrael Flores

      Na na na na, hay hay goodbye

    38. Daniel Hanson Jr

      The guys must not be aware that if you putt on the green and the ball goes in while the flagstick is in, you're actually penalized one stroke.

    39. Logan Rowe

      # purple hoser

    40. Ryan McNeal

      I love it when you guys do the all sports golf competitions!!! I wish you guys would do it more often!!! Great video!!!

    41. Fortnite Fails

      I thought he threw the turtle..

    42. Isabel Young

      What about gymnastics????

    43. Primeau Hill

      All sports golf battles are my favorite to watch.

    44. Dani vlogs

      Someone please reply with a video where Cory won

    45. Matthew Rickel

      Kc mo

    46. Lilian Howard

      let coby win please

    47. Rosa Bonebana

      I wish I met you guys! I like your VIDEOS!!! ♡ they are lit!

    48. Rosa Bonebana

      Omg! I Live I MISSOURI!

      1. Rosa Bonebana

        I wish I met you guys! I like your VIDEOS!!!

    49. Zaney Games

      Can you go ad subscribe to my channel

    50. Candycrn

      Garret doesn’t win all the time, but when he does, they’re always the biggest trophies.