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    Time for round 3 of the best kind of golf... All Sports Golf!
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    Comment: all sports golf 4 should have the editors in it!!
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    1. Prashanth Shaga


    2. Prashanth Shaga

      These members are fuc.... Fake search in the Google that are do fake 😠😠😠😠 they are 🤨🤨🤨

    3. Luka_Gaming HD


    4. Blue Berry Gaming

      NOOOOOO COBY!!!!!!!! you will be remembered......

    5. Blue Berry Gaming

      *hits ball* NOPE *ball hits to p of bag and flys off*

    6. Brad Taylor

      Golfers around the world will be replacing their expensive putters with wooden oars.

    7. Jackaboi

      I want more of this

    8. Jeffary13 YT

      U could have just bought a new bag

    9. Jesse Capitano


    10. Oliver Joseph

      6:11 Best putt ever

    11. Oliver Joseph

      Coby.. Cody!!! AND A CORY!?!?!?!?! HOW DO I KEEP TRACK??? I literally just realized..

    12. Becky C.

      This is the video that got me into DP. I hope they make another one of these! It's not only the first one I watched, but I love this concept! All 3 videos are brilliant.

    13. lucas roan


    14. L&P Vlogs

      9:45 YOUNG TYLER!

    15. Berat Emir

      4:27 İÇERDE

    16. Mist_ Mistaken

      5:37 when you think he's gonna throw he turtle xd

    17. Khương Vũ


    18. Cuphead

      Wave walker?

    19. DS Dubey

      Why you not playing cricket

    20. Zachry Kinchen

      Tylor comet 4 Tyler

    21. Gabe Phillip

      Love your videos

    22. Subscribe if you like Ramen

      Cory’s home is the airport!?

    23. Lucas Murray

      you would not take all your stuff out of your bag at the airport

    24. Zlatan Ribica

      Guys you should make a mobile game

    25. Parker Willing

      I live in Missouri

    26. animefanboy

      5:46 though he threw the turtal

    27. Oneslientbang 3939

      That’s a gospel song

    28. Kenneth Tagpuno

      RIP Twins

    29. spidey videos

      Where is this golf course located?

    30. Chad Jones

      Make a fourth one.

    31. Toxic Commenter

      Anyone realize it is actually tortoise

    32. soccer star 97

      Do more battles

    33. rouse edward

      Total Dude Perfect Battles Scores: Tyler = 15.5 Garrett = 6 Cody = 5 Cory = 4.5 Coby = 1

    34. Patsy Lee

      For a sec Ty, I thought you threw the turtle!

    35. VD Cuber

      4:25 i love this part

    36. Nifty ASMR

      I will have to make a new video

    37. Syed Tayyab Noor

      Is the vortex whistle real or is it fake

    38. Jennifer Waldron

      5:39 I was really scared because I thought he threw the turtle 😱🙏🏻🐢 Edit: ty you’re my fav but how you just scared me, you’re now my least fav Just kidding!!

    39. Gaines Mcqueen

      Purple hoser for life 🧢 🔵

    40. Nocturly Gaming

      Thought he threw the turtle lol

    41. Master Luke

      When ty found the turtle then threw the skeet I thought it was the turtle

    42. Konrad Gerhart

      Cody is garbage

    43. Ömer mi Ayşe mi

      Was your handicap

    44. БАХ¡!¡!¡ !¡!¡!

      Жаль что на английском.

    45. Space Duck Industries

      After coby went out why didn't Cory take his bag

    46. Lilithplayz

      Tyler is my fav

    47. Colin Howard

      Look at Ty's right arm at 5:43

    48. slashberg

      For a second there at 5:39 I thought he threw the turtle 😂

    49. Nathaniel Micech

      You should definitely have the editors in all sports golf battle 4. Also let Coby win.

    50. ShouTIN & AaSAMA

      How did he leave his bag and not his equipments?