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    Eminem’s new album 'Kamikaze' dropped out of nowhere last night, and fans have immediately taken notice of the many rappers he disses on the project. Over 13 tracks, he takes aim at Lil Xan, Lil Pump, Joe Budden, Charlamagne Tha God, DJ Akademiks, Tyler, The Creator, Machine Gun Kelly, and more. Although he’s long been known for his confrontational style, the sheer number of artists he disses has taken some by surprise.
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    1. Ben Miller

      so people aren't allowed to have their own opinion?

    2. Adam

      Rappers: *Exists* Eminem: *Destroys*

    3. dead inside and out

      You missed the stuff about trump and pence.


      my cat diss my dog naw kamikaze 😂😂😂

    5. Semerkhet

      carreer is dead ? no idea what to rap about ? just diss everyone.

    6. Brother Thutur

      Migos aren’t mumble rappers

    7. Chee Zy

      We can tell he's experienced enough

    8. minh nguyen

      Don't mess with Em

    9. Latone Campbell

      Who the fuck is this bitch presenting....he look like one of them em sending shots for....brothers be turning too feminine for me to take seriously

    10. Dom Ethan

      Like why even live anymore

    11. Hasin Shahad Ar-Rafi

      did anyone else thunk that not alike's intro suonds like drake's look alive? xD

    12. Lamb Sauce

      I think you misses "REVIVAL DIDN"T GO VIRAL"

    13. Aleks Nenic

      He lowkey avoided Vince Staples though. Vince trashed him on twitter too. Em knows he has to come at the weakest because hes scared of the stronger ones.

    14. newbie on the roll

      Alright Em, time to release Shady... let him rape the shit out things now.

    15. Espi chan Diamond

      Eminem is god 😍

    16. Eli Shoebridge

      He roasts all the latest shit raper's but the good thing is he got no beef with postmalone and lil.peep

    17. ThatsALotOfSnap

      Mannnn all I gotta say is fuck charlamagne I'm ok with anyone. Just not him

    18. hailey rose

      Dude Tyler’s diss had me 🤓ed

    19. Jordyn Niezgodka

      Everyone with a brain knows Eminem is the best rapper ever

    20. امیررضا خدامرادی

      You miss one eminem say if you wants it to from cardi b in ringer

    21. Luca Canfora

      Eminem confirmed he didn-t throw any shots at Drake.

    22. texasboyjmb

      So I want to make a parody of R.Kelly thinking m was dissing him and was going to make a reply to Eminem .

    23. V I R A L M E D I A 360

      Not a big deal Marshall ' GOAT ' for a reason 🔥🔥🔥

    24. Josef Greene

      In fall he mentions he was an inspiration to some young very lyrical rappers like hopsin G easy and logic. Maybe a few others I can’t remember

    25. Burhannuddin.moiz Plasticwals

      MKHD is that you with a mustache?

    26. Alex YT

      Tu pac is that u 😍

      1. GAnGaNGgAnG pousi

        tupac never rapped like that pathetic kido. that shows that u know nothing

    27. Limitless Supply

      Killshot Lyrics - Set Video Speed to 2 -βίντεο-oxQNJrj0hjw.html

    28. Christocream

      Slim shady

    29. TickTickBoom vL

      Ooo burned 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    30. Devon Caithcart

      He also went at 21 savage at the beginning of The Ringer

    31. Nathan Bramer

      Slim shady the 🐐

    32. Prynce Raoo

      Fuck Eminem

    33. John Cook

      Not Alike is more like Look Alive

    34. Sithum Pramod

      Whats that meaning of MC

    35. REALhacksDAILY

      I hope old man stops insulting people who used to look up to him. Esp. Tyler the creator who makes actual interesting music instead of spilling a million unintelligible angsty words a minute

    36. Avery Brown

      yo you missed NF

    37. kotton mouth

      I don't like big Sean. Even if em does

    38. Patrick Burke

      you missed..... bigger earrings

    39. Jerry 여리고

      I know theyre both from Detroit but Big Sean getting credit was weird to me. Because no one actually rates Big Sean but he’s actually a great rapper with bars.

    40. Its Baus Man

      He dissed Logic with the platinum line in Lucky You

    41. Aida Kamali

      all these rappers be jealous of Eminem. Y'all ain't shit!

    42. Adi Prajapati

      Revival didnt go viral

    43. Andrew Finley

      Lol he killed everyone

    44. Jordan Wennberg

      Kamikaze album is 🔥🔥🔥

    45. Lilbadp x

      Why he had to mention lil wayne? I thought they’re friend or i miss something..

    46. burb

      This proofs that he is the real talanted rap god.

    47. Aiham Niyaz

      Em didn’t diss drake. Watch the Kamikaze interview

    48. Atmoz Gaming

      Guys, first of all, this is not Eminem right now, Slim Shady is getting back up again.

    49. Peacemaker Tongbram

      Fuck MGK, i support eminem coz he is better than MGK(mini gun kid)

    50. akaHardZ _

      Didnt he also diss NF?