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    Eminem’s new album 'Kamikaze' dropped out of nowhere last night, and fans have immediately taken notice of the many rappers he disses on the project. Over 13 tracks, he takes aim at Lil Xan, Lil Pump, Joe Budden, Charlamagne Tha God, DJ Akademiks, Tyler, The Creator, Machine Gun Kelly, and more. Although he’s long been known for his confrontational style, the sheer number of artists he disses has taken some by surprise.
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    1. Andrew P. Stewart

      Em never directly went at Drake. He's just saying that to instigate shit. Em was just referring to new-generation artists.

    2. Charles Ramirez

      What about the diss to the random freestyler? "I heard your freestyle on Shade 45, that shit was embarrassing There is no way we ever hear that shit again, I guarantee That way, that shit was so ass, it's something we wouldn't dare re-air it Shit's embarrassing, as me rear-ending Tara Reid bare" Edit: i think i just found it.. (Maybe)

    3. Pao 56

      Dissing Eminem = Fighting a boxing match with no hands

    4. AdamRadz Sinclair

      Michael Rapaport " non rapping rapper "

    5. Juicy. W_rld

      Ok,1st thing I noticed were those earrings...MGK fan,huh?

    6. I Love Oily People

      Eat my ass

    7. flaming vlogs of a kottayam achayan george

      Eminem :( copies all mumble rappers to clipboard pastes it) Cuts it

    8. Tiana Grace

      Eminem is just too OG to try and diss.. WHEN DO PEOPLE LEARNN

    9. SkiServed

      It’s just not for me I bet your cup is full of syrup and lean 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    10. Floring TV

      I got bullied cause I hate mumble rap😂😂😂I don't give a fuck, Real Rap is forever the best.

    11. London Windsor

      Ha ha RATTPACK I wanna em's thought about logic

    12. EMINEM 1

      Eminem is the best ever

    13. Tera Baap

      Lil pump might react to Eminem by sayin I jush be fuckin shicks all day ESHKETEEEEEEET

    14. Breandan Parker

      Eminem is white, fuc him. Culture appropriatain ass wigger. Whitey dont belong here, go back the trailer park and smoke meth and fuck your daughter.

    15. Soccer101

      Gawd, future what have you done!

    16. Ultimategamer pennelli

      You forgot in lucky you when he said all the lean raps and faced tats etc you get what i mean its in eminems verse

    17. David S

      Fuck mumble rap

    18. Player2

      He dissed NF withal subliminal diss aN F-ing recovery clone of me

    19. 78

      Die Antword dis

    20. joan catalan

      Liked : Eminem Comment : Mumble Rappers

    21. Pine To The Cone

      I like Tyler but of that post was not a troll. U deserved it

    22. Yeah Boi

      Look he didnt diss 6ix9ine

    23. Nathanael Tambunan

      I think he also dissed NF

    24. OF GOLF

      eminem on tyler the creator is fucking annoying.

    25. Lilladde

      Eminem is hard as steel!

    26. Pinco Pallino

      Just for sayin: this video was dropped before the interview where Em explained that those bars were not aimed to Drake

    27. Lil Glowii

      hell yeah he supports cole

    28. fifi_

      Actually, he wasn’t dissing drake! He is actually friends and respects him!

    29. Joaquina Cardoso

      I'm sorry to the fans but Eminem is so old he is not that good he is trash (Eminem fans getting mad lol😂)

      1. Bb370

        Joaquina Cardoso and who are you?

    30. HurricaneGaming

      You missed the beef eminem decided to start with nf

    31. Zahir Bakri

      Press ctrl + a to diss all those people ..

    32. Jacob Robinson


    33. ismail abdelazim

      M dissmissed the allegations of dissing drake in an interview with sway

    34. Stefan Brockelbank

      Tfw you realize the entire flow of the album is ironic.

    35. Petra Březinová

      I have one question: People said he dissed Logic too, is that true? (I don't think so lol but what do you guys think?)

    36. Malek Khadour

      He also mentioned lil xan and lil pump and sayd they are imitating lil wayn

    37. Freez

      this is thanos lol

    38. manuelfernandez642

      Eminem think he above everybody Above Tyler yeah aight

    39. Teneauas Scott

      Kami was ok I mean it was an improvement from the awful revival album but this album was just dissing Migos and new rappers and dissing ppl and critics for not liking revival that’s all and one song was really awful venom on kami

    40. Georgie Boy

      I laughed at the Lil pump diss.

    41. Sebastian Avila

      Eminem is the hero we don’t deserve! He’s saving rap

    42. ZHD People

      Someone woke up the sleeping devil Wait... he was already awake.

    43. Princedevil66

      Eminem is a legend

    44. Kid Druggie

      You know tyler looks up to Eminem

    45. Miika Sarastamo

      Modern rappers suck a lot

    46. lovestospooge

      Eminem is unbeefable

    47. RedFire1

      He didn't actually diss drake

    48. Gary Grim

      Yaaaa aaaaaas

    49. Hriday Mehta

      I was watching it on 240p and I thought this guy was Marques Browniee

    50. Alireza Rajabi

      He himself said he didn't mean to diss Drake. They're friends.