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    Eminem’s new album 'Kamikaze' dropped out of nowhere last night, and fans have immediately taken notice of the many rappers he disses on the project. Over 13 tracks, he takes aim at Lil Xan, Lil Pump, Joe Budden, Charlamagne Tha God, DJ Akademiks, Tyler, The Creator, Machine Gun Kelly, and more. Although he’s long been known for his confrontational style, the sheer number of artists he disses has taken some by surprise.
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    1. Lauri Kontkanen

      Slim shady has joined Lil pump has left 6ix9ine has left Machine gun kelly has left Post malone has left Lil yazty has left Lil xan has left


      Fuck EMINEM he dissed every lit rappers

    3. Cthulhu Wayne

      You missed 30k saying don't tell me bout the culture I inspired the hopsins, the logics

    4. MineFall MG - the stop motion maker

      He only dissed tyler the creator cause he can't take that someone doesn't like every song he makes

    5. Prison Mike

      He also lowkey dissed NF

    6. ben llewellyn

      He didn't take shots at drake he said the the sway interview it was nothing to do with drake

    7. Ariel Davis

      drake helped people....

    8. Amalya Asalchik

      Is it only me who laughed thru the whole song coz he be roasting them without even trying dang

    9. Jaydog_ 164Yt

      Drake always think he's the best but gets dissed by Eminem stays quiet no hate tho

    10. Doggo Russia

      Thank god he doesn’t diss the dead *cough *cough Vic Mensa

    11. Todd Adkins

      Forgot to mention the shout out to Hopsin. Sad that 90% of people didn't know who Hop was until Em shouted him out. Dude spits Raw and has been on my playlist for 8+ years now.

    12. Haidz D' Joker

      the fact that he like kendrick.. whooof man i want some collab

    13. noah iskandar

      But when nicki does things like these, y’all soft bitches says she’s bitter. The new hip hop culture is disgusting and soft now lol

    14. DARK star

      U are marques brownlee if I'm not wrong

    15. Ajay Jadhav

      69 is safe just because of 50 !

    16. Epic Ryder

      This guy looks like 2pac

    17. Hadhoodi Hafez

      One small thing you missed was, Eminem wasn't dissing drake, he was just pointing out that he keeps away from writers. Eminem actually has a liking to drake.

    18. My Name Is Adrian

      This album is history in the making. Hopefully, Mumble Rap will soon die.

    19. DiegoAQP2


    20. Elijah Gilbert

      Shouting out to Kendrick Lamar, Big Sean and J. Cole much respect

    21. A channel dont look

      How is this not age restricted? This video needs to be taken down cuz of Murder

    22. Vishwadeep Sonawane

      And then comes Killshot. 😂😂

    23. Gabriel Martinez

      □Drake □Lil wanye □Lil Yatchy □Lil pump □Lil Xan □Migos □SELECT ALL Eminem: .... □SELECT ALL

    24. Jesus Jimenez

      Rip mumble rappers

    25. whatever me

      “ Savage but aint thinking about no bank account “ you missed this

    26. ItsDemonHead Alwaw

      He doesn’t drake. He praises drake.

    27. LoneWolf

      The only reason Drake is popular is because he played Fortnite and all the kids started searching him up. Like if you agree

    28. Evan Wielputz

      Second of all that made me warm after he talked about tech and how jelly is a wannabe Eminem

    29. Evan Wielputz

      Why Tyler anyone but Tyler I love tyler

    30. Archana Sawant

      The best part was of Gucci gang

    31. CyJak e

      The NF diss

    32. Chett Butterface

      He said he never dissed drake

    33. Kyle Rowe

      Didn’t really diss yachty

    34. RedHood 72

      I want NF to reply, I think Eminem's music is garbage

    35. RedHood 72

      In the ringer Eminem disses NF "If I mailed the b**** back id just be like everyone else in the f***ing industry, especially an effing recovery clone of me"

    36. Vijay Verma

      He is not fucking dissing Drake.....please see the sway interview and then talk!!!

    37. andy 445

      Everything he dissed i agree with him but rap Devil was good song. No offense

    38. Kevin Mendez

      Damn old generation vs mumble rap crap who will win? Find out when the new hit game super smash bros ultimate hits the switch!!!!

    39. jghost800

      Praise the god

    40. The_Amazing243Gamer Sanchez

      Eminem is a trash rapper

      1. AlfredoYTStylez

        The_Amazing243Gamer Sanchez yeah, you’re right, mumble rappers suck g. Eminem is better.

    41. xd Amilcvr

      At least he likes asap rocky and carti 🙂

    42. yannick willems

      Man slim is gonna kill all yall fake ass rappers🤣

    43. Daniel Vega-Ayala

      NF diss in The Ringer

    44. Paul Adrian Osorio

      Im waing for lil pump reply. "fuck eminem" 2000x in gucci gang flow

    45. Party Boi

      Thank god he didn't diss XXXTentacion and Kendrick Lamar,Eminem is destroying mumble rap he is the real goat nobody can beat the shit outta him

    46. ice Wizard

      This new Generation of rappers are wack

    47. kieran Wallace

      U also forgot half the disses. Wheres that trump diss?????

    48. kieran Wallace

      Whats sad is u never looked at the first diss.....he said its not even a diss.

    49. Superstars

      Eminem is right, seriously, imagine some bunch of assholes dissing you and include a part from your family like your daughter, I don't think that you will sit down quiet like a stupid, instead, you will have the guts to stand up and beat them all

    50. Rohan Sharma

      Y'all missed diddy