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    1. Gamer Lilly! And Gamer Lillys Life too!

      This song sucks. And The people on the stairs look like Squidward saying "FUTURE FUTURE FUUUUUTURE!" While rubbing his temples.

    2. cbrison06

      This feels so like a Cardi b type song

    3. Corneilsha Malcom


    4. Chris Hayman

      Voodoo witch & crack dealer.

    5. RELLYRELL616

      Tidal wave my money from your streaming service on the internet. U googling RELLYRELL616 music publishing company IN the morning at the end of this month. Wow

    6. Ilpo

      This is the most meaningless piece of utter imbecility that I've ever seen. What the f'ck is wrong with the humanity? What kind of shallow, dead, plastic non-culture are we living in? Emperor's new clothes and all that worn out shit going on here.

    7. James Frehn

      I tried.. I really tried to like this but the repetition of this song feels more like that indoor hybrid that gets you all nervous like too much coffee because they didn't flush the nitrogen out of their hydro grow.

    8. Stripping For Jesus Ministries

      love youuuuu follow the stripper evangelist anointed hoe prophetess #!!!! @strippingforjesusministries Instagram

    9. Justin Jones

      We can buy everythaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang!!!!!!

    10. zakiducky

      I'm surprised this doesn't have more views, especially considering it's Beyonce and Jay-Z....

    11. bray

      A few more months then blue gonna come through rapping like Eminem

    12. Mickael Pereirasouza Souzapereira

      Brasileiros ?? Beyoncé ❤️❤️

    13. Edward Highland

      they said they can't believe they made it. they made it by loving and sucking their oppressers ass that's how they made it.

    14. Edward Highland

      niggas love worshiping white society

    15. Crystal Janelle TV

      Tough 💪🏿✊🏿

    16. Shaquita Claybrooks


    17. Edward Highland

      God Ain't White. thumbs down

    18. Marshall McCallum

      Jay z is part of the illuminati

    19. Olivia Alvarado

      I don't give a damn about the fame💛🎶🎶🎶🎶🎼🎼🎼🔥🔥🔥🔥

    20. Lavoid Gaskins

      I legit didnt like this vid till the video

    21. Donna Lawrence

      Yes finally found my favorite Beyonce and jay z song on yt this is all I here on the radio and I sing it everyday I know every word!!!!!

    22. Emilien Hypta

      I love this song because im gay

    23. Ceylon

      Jay-Z looks so nconfostable here it's funny. Beyoncé definitely wearing the pants in the Carters' house. xD

    24. InonGaming G

      6:05 The best moment in the sing

    25. yaseen elchalakani

      So no ones gonna mention Quavo's masterful production on this?

    26. TheBullionEra

      Bruh I’m poor af

    27. Adelia Alessandra

      The evil eyes reveal all

    28. Adelia Alessandra

      It’s so sad what Beyonce has allowed herself to become. Times up now, all that fleeting money and fame will amount to nothing.

    29. Mike Hartsell

      Nasty be-otch

    30. Marcos Vinicios

      September 2018?

    31. Lovelie Joseph

      ❤️ Beyoncé and jay z they haven’t forgotten where they came from and use their status to speak out against the issues AA face with today

    32. [{ŁцсcÄ MørÄnđιn] {Γ. đə} [Kειrøζ}] • 1861 - 1865

      Music = Shit Dance = Shit Results: Big Shit

    33. HP MTL

      Beyonce is a witch and Jayz is the leader of the gay industry in Holywood. Please Dont follow these satanic people

    34. SaeedTheGreat

      I can't believe I never heard this before. Found it on my suggestions.

    35. Rick Jones

      They are tainting something that is the epitome of western culture... disgusting and lacking anything of value or artistic

    36. Amin Aa

      beyonce's music is no longer what it used to be...

    37. Angel Vargas


    38. khrawkupar kharjana

      Fuck these nigga

    39. Kbitch Kal

      These days when u want to make music for the passion but the vid just makes you wanna be rich 😭😂😭

    40. geminis1523

      If you find this video creepy or wrong, that's cause it is.

    41. Raphael rapahel

      Beyoncé sous Joséphine. J'aime l'image. Elle représente le nouveau visage de l'humanité et le nouveau pouvoir: Diversité, culture et intelligence régneront enfin !

    42. deneho

      Greece inside the museum.

    43. Luis Valdez Valdez

      hmmmm i see beyonce grabed nickis style thats cool but if your original even better :) miss the old beyonce ufff nothing like the original.

    44. NTH THN

      Uh Huh

    45. The Top 5 List

      *If You Like Urban Dramas Look Up SHE EVIL VOL 1 HOOD MOVIE on u tube it's actually dope. thats what led me here*


      Aye dis song came out on my bday

    47. joinsnack

      youve got money to rent the whole entire louvre and this is the song you decide to film a music video to..? i mean.

    48. bob sillypants

      false idols jay idiot and beyonce-moron are nothing but filthy SATANISTS! dont follow these IDIOTS TO HELL!

    49. Lidser G-B

      We know you're a witch!!! Both of you! Those with a heart & soul knew a long time ago. Pishhhh

    50. Faiz Iqbal

      2:08 that prr is funny as fuck