Ariana Grande - the light is coming ft. Nicki Minaj



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    the light is coming (Official Video)
    Song Available Here:
    Connect with Ariana Grande:
    Video Director: Dave Meyers
    Video Producer: Nathan Scherrer
    Video Editor: Nick Gilberg
    for Freenjoy, Inc.
    Music video by Ariana Grande performing the light is coming. © 2018 Republic Records, a Division of UMG Recordings,

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    1. ASMR Slimes

      @ 1:00 is when u try to find ur iPhone X that u just got

    2. Crystal Ford

      At 1:30 it looks like a monster is in the back

    3. Trash Bag

      How come Ariana never gave niki that high five?🤔

    4. Ally Jay

      Why do they have that dude shouting the same line in the back? This reminds me of Focus on me with that dudes voice that just throws off the whole song...

    5. XMYAX May

      3:26 try that with headphones

    6. Sweet Shazie

      What does the man in the background have to do with this “ you wouldn’t let anybody speak!” Lol

    7. everyday ariana


    8. Miguel Pacheco

      The light been here babe 😜

    9. Shashwat 1

      Someone stole my wig in the darkness.

    10. tomoyish gamer girl

      For some reason I love when she says ughhhh 1:10

    11. Babzeh the cage fighter

      The shit thing about this song is Nicki minaj and the guy being autistic

    12. Khairah Sheikh

      2:50 me and my 6+ personality’s at 3am

    13. xJupiter The Planet

      I actually don't mind the voice in the background. This song has kind of spooky cool vibes.

    14. Anna schneider

      What the frick comes after instead!!!!????!?!

    15. TRITYREH

      Yea the Light is coming alright! HIS NAME IS JESUS!! Hope you all have given your lives to him!! He loves you!! Don't believe the satanic message these puppets are spreading

    16. Almira M.

      Yes, the background voice is annoying but what else is so bad about it?

    17. عائشه عائشه

      Baby voice 😭😍

    18. Sophia Leann

      T Th The The L The Li Lol you actually thought I would waste my time doing this 😂😂😂😂😂

    19. Richie Villaronga

      Somebody made a funny version of ur song Ariana grande

    20. montavian walker

      this is a weird ass song but i just cant stop looking at it and listening to it i think i like it

    21. Fink Ployd

      does this have somthing to do with dissing taylors are we out of the Woods ?

    22. Lorenzo Aldovardi


    23. Renata Wadowska-Zioło

      Niki 1234567890%

    24. Renata Wadowska-Zioło

      Ariana 27234456789900001111111100000000000000000000005789533222122333455566778890098775432212344567888888900765543334456788900776544322123445667888889990876654%

    25. megami saiko

      This would have been way better without the guy...

    26. Rebecca Matthews

      No shade or hate.. but does this feel half hearted to anyone else?

    27. Viktoria TV

      her voice makes me melt 🥴

    28. LXF

      very gwen steffani

    29. Holiday

      1:20 *GOTTA GO FAST* 🏃💨

    30. All about Ari

      This songs catchy

    31. krystina wetzel

      Reminds me of the Slenderman game.

    32. RandomWolf88

      She sounds like young fergie

    33. One Luv

      So will anyone like to explain what's the meaning behind this song?

    34. RoseWolf

      Hey Nicki can you come down here and say like... I dont know... Two words? Yeah? Okay cool 😂

    35. OurEquine Jouney

      The actual background music in this song sounds so similar to look at me now by Chris brown

    36. Leticia Schwan

      2:00 future me at a party

    37. Leticia Schwan

      Niki's face was hilarious

    38. Júlia Ványa


    39. Martine Matela


    40. cristina stoicoiu

      I love Nicki Minaj. I love Ariana Grande. Omg. Super.

    41. Mimi

      2:50 Doctor Strange in Infinity War

    42. Erika Derksen

      You so cool and i like you so you so nice and funny I LOVE YOU ARIANE😍

    43. TheFraktul


    44. Rhiana Smith

      The little voice in the background sounds like Jacksepticeye LMAO😂😂

    45. Gølden Røse

      i have this on replay 🤗

    46. Nellie Nigra

      such an underrated song

    47. Azul Herrera

      I think the name of the song is The Light Is Coming XD

    48. Tumblr Taekook

      *A weird flex but ok*

    49. Vernon .B

      This is honestly Ariana’s worst song. Even worse than Focus. It’s a decent song but the background voice ruins it

    50. samler

      Why am I scared..