Ariana Grande - the light is coming ft. Nicki Minaj



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    the light is coming (Official Video)
    Song Available Here:
    Connect with Ariana Grande:
    Video Director: Dave Meyers
    Video Producer: Nathan Scherrer
    Video Editor: Nick Gilberg
    for Freenjoy, Inc.
    Music video by Ariana Grande performing the light is coming. © 2018 Republic Records, a Division of UMG Recordings,

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    1. Ariana Grande TM Ariana Grande TM

      Ariana grande perfect😍😍

    2. angie cakkes

      so confused on this song 😂😂

    3. Sky Blue

      Yo no sé porqué la mayoría odia esta canción o simplemente no le gusta, en mi opinión es muy buena, sí, es muy diferente a su ritmo de confort, pero la canción es muy buena♡

    4. AmbioAuora Sooth

      1:29 me when I pushed out a big load in the bathroom.

    5. JunkFood Queen

      Wow.. I can’t believe y’all actually like this shit 😒🤦🏾‍♀️

    6. AmbioAuora Sooth

      1:22 me when I need to run to the bathroom.

    7. Vxxrxvxxj 16


    8. Jane Verdel

      Honestly Nicki slayed

    9. Regina S. Gomez

      It is a great song but i have only one question, doesn't your hair feel really heavy when you dance??

    10. Bored Always Man

      Put speed 1.25x dope lol

    11. HeyItsK Kitten

      I wish nicki had a bigger part in this

    12. LazyTuber YT

      Where are lyric comments when I needed them?

    13. Phintey.Simmer

      THis sounds jus like lemon

    14. Help me get to 2000 subscribers without any videos

      I love how when she says shit it sounds so innocent XD

    15. luis 359 XD

      😍😍😍😍😍 eres la mejor

    16. Me and You? You and Me


    17. Vane Pereira

      Love you

    18. Cassandra Speltz

      idk. video was weird and their wasn’t much to look at. got kinda bored. but LOVE ARI AND NIKI. just not the best song in the world

    19. Steven Andrade

      Somehow, I love the part when Nicki Minaj stops singing and the camera goes on first person perspective and goes to Ariana Grande. Idk though 😂.

    20. Monarch Monarch

      ariana shorte

    21. Roxy Dee Fox

      Ariana is a BAWSE!!!!!!! and she slays the day looking like a QUEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!

    22. Figi Amador

      im willing to pay for a version without the "YOU WOULDNT LET ANYBODY SPEAK AND INSTEAD" because god DAMN

    23. anothony villanueva

      I love Ariana

    24. Ellery Cole

      The way she dances with her hair

    25. Ellery Cole

      I love when she does that with her hair!

    26. Daniel Simms

      You wonder why every party speak for did

    27. Ariana Grande

      Who else thinks that "the light is coming to give back everything the darkness stole" is too repetitive?

    28. Ariana Grande

      Who else thinks that Nicki should've gotten more parts in this song?

    29. Ariana Grande

      Who else finds the voice in the background extremely annoying?

      1. Ellery Cole

        Ariana Grande famous person!

    30. Nicole Dugan

      When I first listened to the song it was low key weird but I definitely agree that the song is growing to my liking

    31. Courtz DezPlayz

      "Gotta Bring That Shit Back" any reason?

    32. Pro Games_YT 15

      No me gusto

    33. Ian Mascena

      Alguém cala a boca desse homem por favor

    34. DAMODLD

      do they wanna fix up the thumbnail and make it better orrrrrr?

    35. KvL KevKeL

      watch the video not once support ariana grande and nicki minaj so that these songs have more views than the others and that they are better arinana grande and nicki minaj be very hard to make these songs support them see the videos of the light is coming and Bed

    36. somjeen jantarasarn

      The light is coming to give back everything the darkens took I love that part

    37. somjeen jantarasarn

      But are you and nicki best friends cause you guys do a lot of song together you to seem like it

    38. somjeen jantarasarn

      There good I love this song

    39. Michelle Szawlosky

      I love ariana so much like fr shes a queen shes the best her music is soo good and nickii i love nickii😍😍😯😜🙌🙌

    40. MIMI PLAYS!


    41. MIMI PLAYS!

      it looks like shes trying to do something

    42. Alonso Escobar

      The ari part is like milkshake

    43. R.O.B Tendo R.O.B

      Best Song

    44. Twentyøne Crybabies


    45. Jada Love

      I love this song it’s soooo catchy

    46. Neo Alpha05

      the "You wouldn't let anybody speak and instead" is ruining the whole song

    47. pink princess

      This wasn’t your best song 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤢🤢

    48. Sex Pill

      The beauty also lies in her hair, the way she works it #3:09

    49. Sex Pill

      The way i would pull her hair off 🍆

    50. Dominga Doflaminga

      Jackie Estacado can't catch a breah, huh?