Assassin's Creed Odyssey: E3 2018 World Reveal Gameplay Trailer

Assassin's Creed UK

Assassin's Creed UK

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    From outcast mercenary to legendary hero, embark on an epic journey to uncover the truth about your past and change the fate of Ancient Greece in Assassin's Creed Odyssey.
    Available on October 5th, 2018
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      One new game released, another step we go away from the real assassins creed game(ezio's trilogy)


      Watch the ac trailerβίντεο-Nk9qKUB2MBE.html this is awesome

    3. Jan Gaal

      Adam Jensen

    4. Just_Nikitka

      Women is a warrior? Seriously? In ancient Greece?

    5. Hako Taku

      Everyone keep saying this is not AC anymore... I never could care less, if it's a good game then it's a good game. I am quite an RPG fan and the way ubisoft changed the gameplay of AC makes me quite interested on how it would turn out. Though experimentally it was quite a drastic move by the development team, I could just hope that they have thought this out and knows about the risk in doing this since many fans know and loved the original AC gameplay, and they know if they would make this move many of the original fans would be disappointed by the sudden change. This just means they're confident about this and may give us a gameplay fresh out of the box that would complement the storyline and the mechanics of the game.

    6. pillowface guy

      and now the assassin's became spartan's

    7. Play Maker

      Well the franchise is gone to shit I miss the days of Altair

    8. Nataliiie

      Well the history isnt quite right but the game looks interesting tho, might buy

    9. Štefan Gvozdiak

      its a very beautiful game and i know it will be very good, but sorry .... i dont see any real assassin ..... in my opinion it´s absolutely different against first editions

    10. Alex


    11. Kaliadam Fritz 123

      Boi what happend to ac origins ey

    12. Filipe Coelho

      0:49 - Medusa's Lair?

    13. Subaru Rally

      My favorite part of the trailer is 0:51 to 1:04 Especially that combat part 😍

    14. sleight sloth

      there's no hood..i want hood..HOOD IS WHAT DEFINE ASSASSIN'S CREED..

    15. Jaune Brando1776

      Rest in peace Assassin Creed

    16. Bloboy Snow

      They sound Italian

    17. Jameel Zbib

      Guys is this bayek ???

    18. Steve Ben Obi-Wan Larry Kenobi

      Black Flag with Spartans?! Shut up and take my money already!!!!

    19. I CriticalZed I

      oh come on whats an assassins creed game without parkour?

      1. I CriticalZed I

        hmm i dont see it in this gameplay trailer, il be sure to check it!

      2. M.R.M Ziyard

        THIS GAME HAS PARKOUR CHECK GAMEPLAY ( even I don't know why I used caps)

    20. Dominic D'cruze

      I don't know why I have a felling that at the end of the game you can choose to become a Templar urban Assassin.

    21. EGSZS81

      just stahp

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    23. kaan toraman

      THİS İS SİMS 5

    24. Joshua Ignanto

      Japan please :(

    25. [̲̅Y̲̅σ̲̅υ̲̅т̲̅υ̲̅b̲̅e̲̅r] FROZEN_GUY

      #ModernDayMatters #ReturnJuno

    26. W/W Saarenketo, Eriksson

      U guys are doing assasins creed like a fkn kid show. FUCK Ubisoft

      1. M.R.M Ziyard

        could you please elaborate on that

    27. W/W Saarenketo, Eriksson

      Fuck of pussys

    28. Pampos Pampou

      This is not Assassins Creed ! This is not Odyssey ! This is madness !

    29. ulbricht73

      Sucks ass!!! Greece? Really? Of all the places in the world! Go fuck yourselves!

    30. Streamer


    31. PANNY CS GO

      the first 4 parts are the best, after them ubisoft rolled down and do not make the game, but only a garbage can. I hate the current developers of assassins, because they comply with all the framework of feminism, racism and sexism, before it was not and turned out to be a game and not a dump

    32. GalaxyGamerX


    33. Riyad Rahman

      1:50 All I can think about is Achilles's (Brad Pitt) slash to Boargius.. in Troy ♥

    34. 4_Filming

      Totally different game but they call it Assassin's Creed to sell it. So sad I used to love this game, farewell Ezio and great times.

    35. НеРок__

      Assasin’s Creed R.I.P., fucking Ubisoft


      Ubisoft you need to make ac black flag second pirate If not so any other pirate game

    37. Levente Csabai

      (Ezzel a játékkal adtak egy pofont a szarnak) Nekem az origin óta nem tetszik tuti hogy jó az event meg a mozdulatok nem robotikus szép a grafika de nem kapod azt az érzést hogy te egy bérgyilkos vagy menő ruhákban vagy hanem ilyen katona göncökbe rohangálsz. De pl ott az asassin unity amibe tök menő ruhákba vagy.😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

    38. Mermiye Kafa Atan Adam

      Where is Assasin's Creed Battle Royale ?

      1. Subaru Rally

        Mermiye Kafa Atan Adam go back to crapnite and don't even bother pulling assassins creed into it or even comparing the two

    39. Asaf Vaknin

      It looks like the Assassin creed origins game, really disappointing.

    40. Ian Haddow

      Its all just a cash cow now, I stopped playing after Ezio as black flag and what ever since were shite

    41. Ian Haddow

      Poop, of all the assassins creeds that should have done they haven't, Japan

    42. airsuit

      ебать долбаебы. нахуй что-то похожее на origins делать опять? ебланы..

    43. Mikaze sa

      Make a handicaped retarded black gay woman the protagonist, so no one feels bad

    44. KrystCyclone

      For those who said this isn't Assassin's Creed, technically it still is. Oddysey still follows the same premise as the previous 10 (wow, that many?) main entries: modern day people reliving past periods through ancestors and find First Civilization stuff. It's never really about the titular Assassin's. Heck, in the comics, there's an arc doesn't focus on Assassins and Templars, you just follow an Incan messenger who happened to run good.

    45. Space Videos

      Assassin's creed used to be epic but now it's just a cringe-fest.

      1. M.R.M Ziyard

        what about origins was a cringe fest, the world the gameplay combat side quest were so much fun maybe the storylime was a little off but still a heck of a great game

    46. FaultLine

      Fate of Greece ??? I thought Greece didn't exist as a nation in ancient times ? It was just a collection of city states

    47. Brandon Meshok

      Age of Empire now in 3d!

    48. Valera Ksmin

      Prince of odyssey?

    49. Edikkey

      RIP Assassin's creed (2007-2017)...

      1. M.R.M Ziyard

        seriously, like be a bit original dude.

    50. Максим Пеня