Avengers' Josh Brolin Tries Out Different Voices for Thanos

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    Josh Brolin tries out different voices for Thanos, and he talks about being mistaken for Josh Groban in Europe and filming Avengers: Infinity War.
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    Avengers' Josh Brolin Tries Out Different Voices for Thanos

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    1. Rorschach

      0:06 T H I C C

    2. M.A Palmer

      This is why I hate American TV hosts, they don't shut the fuck up and they try to make everything about them!

    3. Jinx


    4. blitz n

      0:07 *T* *H* *I* *C* *C*

    5. Phat Mops

      “Destiny’s right here, you don’t even have to worry about it”

    6. Kathy Schmitt

      He so sexy 😍

    7. Brian Lee

      "And I will bathe star ways in your blood." - Thanos

    8. Sunny Eas

      Why does he feel obligated to fakw laugh every 40 seconds

    9. andry gunawan

      It's more like "Jimmy Fallon tries to ruins Josh Brolin's voice"

    10. Jim Islam

      host ruins the show.... i rhought jimmy will shut the fck up and let josh talk in that accent

    11. Pritom Debnath

      Thanos and cable...badass level:josh brolin

    12. naomi scott

      Fuck You Thanos

    13. Jorge Taracena

      OH-MY-GOD DESTINY. WILL. ARRIIIVE. -Josh Brolin 2018

    14. Sagar Mathers

      Jimmy jimmy shut up

    15. Ross Johnston Photography

      At 3:07, Brolin sounds like a very camp Ezra Miller..

    16. Larry Gray

      "Destiny will arrive"

    17. Lester Racaza

      Bruh fallon is fucking annoying. Just shut up jesus christ hes always trying to take the spotlight.

    18. Muhammad fajrian nur

      Fuck u thanos

    19. Nasir Hussain

      This video clip is fake and stupid i thought he was going to show some real voice skills and i dont like jimmy fake laughs either...wast of my time

    20. Anton Chernomor

      Почему УРГант копирует все

    21. rael manuel

      hear me and rejoice..

    22. Entertainment เดชอุดม ทานอสทีม


    23. ChrisFilm Presents

      3:08 that’s 100% Tony Stark voice...that’s crazy!!

    24. Tasyaus Norseman

      He’s so humble and down to earth

    25. SaleenE34

      Jimmy Fallon and his FAKE cringe Laugh..

    26. Dave The Rave

      He owned this summer. YOU GO THANOS CABLE

    27. Guglielmo Lucchesi

      2:20 meme review

    28. kishore nanda

      Brolin sir..... U shuld snap ur fingers and vaporise jimmy fallon... U put a lot of unnecessary people to powder, u spared fallon? ... why why why..

    29. Jefferson Ferreira

      eu sou do Brasil gostei do seu programa mas eu não entendo em inglês

    30. hakuna matata

      2:20 fucking cringe

    31. Alia Mahmoud

      Who else thinks Josh sounds like Robert Downey Jr.?

    32. Paul Justin

      2:16 fake laugh... Hidind real pain

    33. Fares yones

      Now i don’t want him to die in Avengers 4

    34. danijela majic

      That dude Jimmy is so fuk.fake Josh is greath actor i remember him from the Goonies.the voice in Inf.as Thanos is amazing

    35. Bernard Duran

      0:05 thANUS

    36. Bad Boy

      2:56 call the avengers now!

    37. Lee Detillo

      2:57 thank me later

    38. TheDiamondPizza

      The end, is near

    39. Yonus

      2:20 do not push you'll shit

    40. NastyGenjiMain

      3:21 - 3:24 and 3:31 - 3:34 Why is Josh Brolin so damn funny xD

    41. Ron Da Ramen

      3:02 Fallon sounds like either Batman or Wolverine

    42. Isaiah Watson

      Bruh I ain expect Thanos to be like this 😂😂

    43. Muhammad Zain

      Who knew this guy from the Goonies would become the Mad Titan Thanos ?

    44. Faceghost881977

      Hey, he's doing way better than he did in jonah hex.

    45. Bio Kimistry

      Fallon sucks. Brolin is epic.

    46. エイデリエンロイス

      Hahahaha y'all destiny will arrive 😂😂😂

    47. Dont read my profile picture

      2:19 that fake laugh tho

    48. Dont read my profile picture


    49. James Fuentes

      Dread it run from it, oh my god destiny will arrive

    50. Pandastar