Bebe Rexha - I'm A Mess (Official Music Video)

Bebe Rexha

Bebe Rexha

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    Video Directed by: Sophie Muller
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    1. Bebe Rexha

      I have been very vocal and honest about my ongoing struggle with anxiety and depression. I wanted to create a video and song that expressed my truth. This video is a celebration of me finally being able to accept my imperfections. I'm okay with not being okay all the time. If you feel alone or lost please know you are not, and you are loved.❤️

      1. jose huarca rojas


      2. Alma Edpalina

        I love your song😍😊

      3. XXXLACYXXX Msp

        i hope you'll feel better soon and that your anxiety and depression well go away xxx

      4. Chandler Gardner

        Bebe Rexha love you

    2. PANDALOVER 314

      Awwww I luv u

    3. LeDainian's weird Channel

      I thought the title said I'm a ass I laugh so hard

    4. Juan Henriquez

      I love this song

    5. Thiago Moreno panda

      *I'm a ness*

    6. Grecia Radilla

      So cute it

    7. Ryann Wolters

      It's on replay for me!😍😍😍😍😍😍

    8. School Life Girl

      I can relate to this song at a really high scale.

    9. Shawnmila Mendello

      The beginning sounds like wolves by Selena Gomez

    10. Vee ehM

      Ur pretty, u don't need a boy u rock!!!

    11. Bobbijo Tigue

      Btw I don't trust nobody soooo.... xD

    12. Bobbijo Tigue

      I'm a mess I'm a loser I'm a hater I'm a user I'm a mess for our love I'm a mess I'm embarrassed I don't trust no one around us XD

    13. Bobbijo Tigue

      This song sometimes I think it's bout me cause I'm crazy lol

    14. Nikola Edhemovic

      She has voice of an angel 😍

    15. Aspen Meldrum


    16. Cox Z

      Who loves sia?

    17. Lily The Squid

      This Legit Gives Me An Animation Idea!💡 Thanks For Your Inspiration! 😊

    18. Bianca mcgill

      Kylie Jenner vibes??

    19. sss sadasd

      buset dah 51 juta aja viewersnya

    20. Arianna *

      I'm obsessed...with this song

    21. Mia Tips


    22. Elenna xin chua

      I like this song🤕

    23. Andris Polanco

      No paro de escuchar esta canción.

    24. Victoria Rielena

      Ï’m øbśėšś wįth thîš śõñg!!! Love u Bebe Rexha. And who could read those?

    25. Faiyzah Oalotaibi

      احبه بيبي ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️😻😻🌹🌹😍😍😘😘

    26. blink blink

      She's a mess, you're a mess, I'm a mess, everyone is a mess

    27. Puppy paw939

      How can you stahp listening to this frikin song?????? u did a REAL GOOD JOB ;w; le proud tears

    28. Michelle Smothers

      Love this song

    29. ainu dremurr

      I am mess!

    30. Doge

      1:04 *When Teachers Brainwash U Into Learning*

    31. Ava D’Amore

      I love you song

    32. Dea Kodra

      Hey Bebe can you speak albanian?? Love from Albania😍😘💖

    33. Yousra Hadjsaid

      omg S O GOOOOOOD 😁😙

    34. The Pink MSP

      this song is about me ;-;

      1. Lily The Squid

        The Pink MSP Same Here ;-;

    35. John vin

      Im a mess im a loser im a hater im a user😢😢

    36. DBtheGreatest

      “It’s gonna be a good good life, that’s what my therapist say” I feel you lol. Best lyric I have ever heard by a long shot.

    37. nelly nava

      Wish i can make an awsome song like this but i can't ;-;

    38. Negre Andrei

    39. Azariah Fortune'

      This is the best :-) :-D

    40. Addie Haggerman


    41. Tin Korkut

      You look like marla from fight club

    42. Vitor Ferreira

      Oi gente gostaria de pede para que se inscrevam no meu canal, agora que estou começando, o objetivo do meu canal é trazer informações sobre os artistas, cinema etc....

    43. Eliza Lockyer

      This song describes me well

    44. kaily & chu

      Im a mess

    45. Niall Horan


    46. Emanuel Alderson


    47. kaykay1904

      i love this song and the lyrics is so like my best friends relationship with this boy last year when he turned to another girl hahaha

    48. Niall Horan


    49. Niall Horan