Benly - Cautious (feat. Angelo)

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Audio Masters

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    Benly's official release of his new single "Cautious" featuring well-known artist and viner, Angelo.
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    1. Bruno Barriga

      OMg this is amazaing, Benly you rock.

    2. Korupi Jones

      Needs to be longer fr

    3. Renet Myburgh

      Liefie rerig?

    4. Monika Matić

      found this today and started listening to all his songs

    5. Veno f

      this song is so garbage and shit why is it in my autoplaylist

    6. Matheus Dias

      I need more Benly

    7. STICKYArt Channel

      How is there only 73 comments!? 3.5million views??? I have videos with 1 mil and 1000 comments! Anyways this song has a Good beat! liked and subbed! :)

    8. n a o

      i need lyrics

    9. Jordan Lynch

      Who is Angelo?

    10. Polcia :3

      i love it!!!!!!

    11. owwwen


    12. Onybic

      why the f i keep seing this shit.

    13. Alastair Williamson-Pound

      I think there's been a mistake, you've uploaded your primary school music recording instead.

    14. Amy Parrino


    15. מייקי אדם

      wow what a fun song!

    16. SHibAKaTAna 45

      bruh bruh bruh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    17. Matheus Gobbo Struminski

      Nice song

    18. Hris chan


    19. SCOLZ

      What's the name of this musical style?

      1. Randy Martin


    20. Tejy Joly

      This song is fcking good, can we have the lyricks pllllssss

      1. Tejy Joly

        Awemowe so, if you are so intelligent as you are saying, give to me the lyric and ill say that you are right. If you can't, it will better for you to shut up your little mouth of bitch wich sucking dicks every day. Thx bro 😉

      2. Tejy Joly

        Awemowe xDDD nice conclusion bro

      3. Awemowe

        One of the reasons you think this is good is because you're fucking retarded and can't even hear what this shit is saying

    21. Dank Mheems

      Yung Lean rip off

    22. adam.!

      i dont know you but i love you

    23. WidmoCiała

      Takie sobie

    24. Tores new

      awesome song

    25. Χρήστος Τσιμπανογιάννης

      Why now after 6 years?

    26. Xetler Ho

      i like this but cant give u my like its disabled =(

    27. tseby

      i think this is actually pretty good. dont no why ppl complain

    28. Alejandro Marcelo

      que raro que esto este en tendencias

    29. Abonniert Alle Jelbinor er hat es verdient

      1:40 🤐

    30. Młody WaiFu

      Super ze wiedzą ze są tak chujowi ze jak nie kupią wyświetleń to nikt ich nigdy nie pozna bo się nie wybiją bo są gównem jebanym

    31. SHINOBI

      Wtf is this channel attacked by dislike bot? Every video has so much dislikes Btw the song is great

    32. Gary Leadbetter

      yep, ice Sunday listen.

    33. NAHU EB

      so good beat and voice 👍by arg

    34. Keyboard Warrior

      thats like crooked cops sup this song ✌🏼

    35. Bianca



      great concept but not there yet

    37. Kevin L

      why is this shit in my recommended

    38. 60cm Hengst

      How the hell did i come from the XX to... this?

      1. Ebani

        GR-news's autoplay, that's how... Kurandero90 lol

      2. East Coast Gaming


      3. ChickoOn

        Autoplay can be a bish

      4. Kurandero90

        Look for Benly - Sheep and u will understand

      5. Melissalynne7


    39. Gooze

      Fuck The Haters, this is Lit! keep trappin' bro, if you need beats ask me :)

    40. Eian Beron


    41. Insurgentleman

      why dislikes? was this botted? there's only 20 comments

      1. Braulio Lopehandia

        Audio Masters This song has become in one of my favorite ones. It has a great rithm. Do yoy have the lyrics?

      2. Audio Masters

        Thank for your interest, this song was created as an experiment on whether or not current music standards are still below average quality. However, Benly's lyrics do still contain meaning. Even though it may not seem so.

    42. best gamer

      I like this not joke why so many dislikes ?? :(

    43. MD

      #16 na czasie? Co to jest za gówno?

      1. Mikołaj W

        prawda siestety

      2. Eryk

        chuja się znasz

      3. I'm Honest

        mi sie podoba :-)

      4. Mikołaj W

        nie wiem o co chodzi to wyglada jak piosenka polskiego ytbera tylko bez wydawania kasy takie pierwsze amatorskie utwory jak kazmirz isamu

    44. Kyle Donahue

      youtube is promoting this shit out of this yesterday it had like 100 views

    45. Jonas Kusnezow

      Thats lit! WTF! Listen first time!

    46. dracobluelol

      what is this garbage trash doing in my auto playlist

    47. Bizarre Co

      not my type of music, but the hook is pretty good.

    48. Young0Kuleczka /

      Lol why so many dislikes

      1. Natalie Xu

        cos it sucks XD it's the embodiment of modern day rap, excluding those who actually can. Have a base beat and then mumble worlds xDD

      2. Freddie Simmons

        julian weber it's not good and it autoplayed. The cau-au-tious is annoyin

      3. julian weber

        Maybe because it's trash and it show up in people's recommendation

    49. żaba_na_fisstechu

      #37 na czasie xddd

    50. SRRY BEATS

      was sucht das in den Trends ?

      1. MrGermandeutsch


      2. nurax1337

        Der Kollege hat sich zum 2. Mal reingekauft würde ich sagen ;)


        Patryk Walkowski HAHAHA

      4. Patryk Walkowski

        I didn't want to offended this video it's still better then others trending vid ,but I'm not saying that it deserves to be hyped like that

      5. Patryk Walkowski

        SRRY BEATS Same in Poland ,but in our country it's normal there always have to be some shit on the top of trends list