benny blanco, Halsey & Khalid - Eastside (official video)

benny blanco

benny blanco

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    "Eastside" out now:
    Directed by Jake Schreier
    Executive Producers: Jackie Kelman Bisbee, Alex Fisch
    Line Producer: Molly Gale
    DP: Bettina Ávila, Jac Fitzgerald,
    Color: Michael Rossiter / The Mill
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    #halsey #khalid #bennyblanco

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    1. _syntaxera_

      What does the thing on Ash's lips say?

    2. Deran Bankoğlu

      Benny ❤️

    3. RZA KRS

      0:24 Lil Dicky on the court

    4. Jen C j4k

      This song makes my soul happy 😍😝

    5. f.y


    6. Gassia Grace

      “Ashley slept on the bottom bunk.” “Lily on the top.” So... are they trying to hint at something?

    7. John Smith Cuares

      The MV's like 9 by Cashmere Cat. Both awesome.

    8. D Bo 211

      Benny from the Bronx?

    9. FunkoFloppyStar

      Love the song but I’m slightly confused by the music video? What was the purpose of it?

    10. The Gamer

      But Halsey isn't a lesbian she is bisexual

    11. kylie

      "benny loves food," doesn't everyone love food? 😂

    12. JonesJrr

      can someone explain this vid to me? im so confused, is there a deeper message im missing? i like the song im just confused

    13. Medlin Chairz

      Hi Benny : D

    14. Kotonami chan

      The first four notes sounded like Welcome to the Black Parade by MCR

    15. lane aloha

      don’t end

    16. Mehak Malik TV

      awesome song

    17. Bob Koshy

      No wonder I thought this guy looked like Lil Dicky. He produced Dicky's song ' Freaky Friday'. You can spot Lil Dicky in the video at 0:24 on the basketball court.

    18. Mimsthrilla Mimi

      This is so good. Vibes

    19. Jaiden Flint

      This song reminds me of my first love when I was 7. Wish I could find him now but wherever he is I hope he's doing beautiful things. ❤️

    20. MM BB


    21. Calista Artemis

      this song keeps coming up in my lorde playlist and its fuckin annoying go away

    22. Owen Lai

      This song is so underrated

    23. ninanile

      Love this. Please listen to Tears Clean My Eyes by ninanile. I’d truly appreciate it 😊✨

    24. Lush

      this sounds like unforgettable in the beginning

    25. Rebecca  Frangipane

      I’ve listened to this at least 2,000 times by now

    26. hoelesss fk

      when khalid said "uh yeah yea" i FELT THAT

    27. Renee B

      Does anybody ever wish that there was and extreme love thumbs up button cause this song deserves it 👍❤

    28. Starr Girl

      Ashley has the best voice!

      1. Lihsin Bih

        Starr Girl uygreghj .

    29. Blue Sub

      Trap money benny

    30. Hello Mr Rain

      Khalid voice is so awesome

    31. Danielle Beckley

      Groovy af

    32. 몽

      2:30 what is the meaning on her lip?

    33. Mistic Gamer

      Benny looks like lil dicky lol

    34. Ashley Vlogs

      Omg my name is Ashley and i grew up in New Jersey rnmsmgn

    35. justine quinn

      Awww benny 😭

    36. kelly 04xoxo

      such a great song ;


      Creí que era luisito comunica...😂😂😂

    38. anselmo bravo

      Benny Blanco 10% Harley 5% khalid 5% only voice, cashmere cat 80%. Prod this song.

    39. Rachael Humphries

      Benny has some serious green fingers. Giving me a case of plant envy! Great song too ❤

    40. Ethan Devlin

      My new favourite song 🌇🌊🚙💚

    41. EMN Support

      I listened to this exactly 23 974 271 times. GR-newss been keeping track.

    42. SneakyMenderez

      Omg these vibes i want to go to the states again... i love virginia❤️

    43. joe kim

      This song is so amazing!!

    44. Frank Harvey

      I have come to the conclusion that Khalid is Tracy Chapman's baby that she must have given up for adoption

    45. Lucy Heartfilia


    46. PeAches

      I grew up in Virginia also. I'm still here tho lol

    47. EvilDeathRobot

      Great song. Terrible mv

    48. Maria Milcheva

      omg the video, the song, everything is so gooodd i can tell you i will listen to this everyday for 2 months ♥♥♥

    49. Roberto Novelli

      Does the beat sound familiar to anyone?

    50. leigh prendergast

      I like this song