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    We're back! Everybody loves a good water fail and summer 2018 is a good year for funny fails! I think it makes us feel better that maybe, just maybe, it won't hurt as bad because...well, it's water! So we're returning to give you another water fails compilation! Some may say that it's the best water fails compilation. There's so many ways to fail in water...the pools, the water parks, the boats (don't ever forget about the boat fails!). So today, we're giving you the thing we love most on AFV and that's FAILS! FAILS! and more hilarious FAILS! That's why we at AFV present to you our newest FUNNY FAIL COMPILATION, Best Water Fails 2 ! These are some AFV Funniest Videos! Give it a view and be sure to SHARE THIS VIDEO WITH ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS!
    Give this video a like if you're so ready for summer! Comment your favorite lake fail down below. Mine has to be the clip at 4:13 because I love the wave pool. #afvfails #waterfails
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    1. America's Funniest Home Videos

      Hey #AFVFAM - Have you seen this?βίντεο-zvbt6TANVhY.html

      1. Itz_lilly

        America's Funniest Home Videos p

      2. Mr diggy761

        America's Funniest Home Videos hi

      3. Giulianna Tonti

        America's Funniest Home Videos ii

      4. Gloria Hernandez


      5. Samuel Danč


    2. Jazzy Animates

      7:25 aaaahhh, squidward on a chair!

    3. C4tzy Gaming

      Why do all these people cut open their pools?? What a waste and a mess

    4. Jade Stevens


    5. spillerxxxxx

      6:45 haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaahahahahahahaha

    6. axynome msp

      1:33 😂

    7. JepUltraMotive


    8. Weird Ass Shit

      8:26 omg did that kid even survived like his head bumped and sounded really scary

    9. Denise Kus

      Dieses kin d wollte raus

    10. jordynn uele

      Why were they cutting open their pools

    11. Ancil Nabil


    12. WeeklyTop10


    13. Boxo

      My dad was on there😰😰😰😰

    14. RJ P

      I don't laugh much

    15. Ksipiggy007 Kuhn

      Florida has reported over 300 floodings last night 😂

    16. Eclipse Chaser

      2:34 that's happened to me before

    17. Allen Dewey

      This is mostly from Cheyenne

    18. Gwenyth Halter

      Are the okay

    19. Thalysson Vanderlei


    20. Elias Weekly Vlogs

      Funny bro

    21. Gio’s Gaming channel

      0:51 her face tho

    22. damy roses

      9:09 thats how you get a dislike

    23. Mr Pibb01

      1:27 I’ve been there before it’s in the Wisconsin Dells it’s awesome! I did a flip how much water there is!

    24. Lena Cathcart

      3:17 ME!

    25. Lena Cathcart

      That's what you get for cutting your pool. Pools cost money.

    26. Kk Kk

      Some of these aren’t even funny seeing little two year olds really hurt them selves it’s heart braking, then to see ppl laugh nah

    27. Maci_ Slimes

      Some of that stuff was at Dollywood

    28. åesthetic chånel

      1:54 oof

    29. Cocolps Official

      These aren’t fail these are just funny moments

    30. Gacha Studio productions

      0:51 got me dead

    31. Eve Duncan


    32. unicorn Slime

      Is anyone else wondering why they spray water on their face? (I will reply)

    33. Planet star 927

      Do you know who is awesome at all time MEEEE!!!!!!!jk lol it's the second word

    34. wertaf


    35. randy querubin

      This is so funny

    36. Lyn Amber Rose Rem

      this is the funniest vines I had ever seen

    37. michal guliamov

      there r much more boys that cry on those fails than girl X'D

    38. michal guliamov

      i hate that they're just ruining swimming pools that cost money and waist so much water

    39. Jessica Eadle

      I am sbaming

    40. Jessica Eadle

      Fccytrfbhbdfvvbfdg unfunded y. Cuthbert theft tgnfcgtyncf

    41. Blue Stars HD

      "I didn't know that the singer was a water cannon" said the girl

    42. Blue Stars HD

      Chickens collide

    43. Никита Кулаков

      Кто из России лайк

    44. Никита Кулаков

      Кто из России лайк

    45. rinkeby 79h


    46. harrygame 4

      Avg jama

    47. Lauren Wright

      4:42 not on my watch

    48. Reaper foxy

      4:28 “IM DROWING” Only gets splashed by a big wave against wall

    49. Coleman  Stevens

      *the kid slips* EHH EH!

    50. Sonic Sniper YT

      The one where the three people slid down the slide that was in jamaica