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    We're back! Everybody loves a good water fail and summer 2018 is a good year for funny fails! I think it makes us feel better that maybe, just maybe, it won't hurt as bad because...well, it's water! So we're returning to give you another water fails compilation! Some may say that it's the best water fails compilation. There's so many ways to fail in water...the pools, the water parks, the boats (don't ever forget about the boat fails!). So today, we're giving you the thing we love most on AFV and that's FAILS! FAILS! and more hilarious FAILS! That's why we at AFV present to you our newest FUNNY FAIL COMPILATION, Best Water Fails 2 ! These are some AFV Funniest Videos! Give it a view and be sure to SHARE THIS VIDEO WITH ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS!
    Give this video a like if you're so ready for summer! Comment your favorite lake fail down below. Mine has to be the clip at 4:13 because I love the wave pool. #afvfails #waterfails
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    1. Królicza msp

    2. Emily GG

      Why do they all cut the wand of their pool?

    3. Bogan Koala

      i once got caught in a rip in a swimming pool

    4. Jeff Shaffer

      Rip splash zone Enid Oklahoma 8:04

    5. Leoni Ben

      Why do people pop or cut their pool?

    6. Brooke B

      I always find people getting hit (not hurt) funny. No matter the age. If you fall I will laugh.

    7. Geovany Oblea

      That kid was like oh yell nah get me out of here

    8. Winter Midnight

      Where’s the park at 0:58 please tell meh

    9. Sanders Graf

      *Why did every kid cry if they got hit by the water?*

    10. Bino Dino

      7:29 that’s stupid letting a toddler use a high pressure hose and filming it

    11. Aubri Cutie Luna

      2:36 LOL

    12. ShadowX

      10:56 best out of all of them

    13. Lisa Peters-Seppala

      uh classic people

    14. SqueletteChevalier12


    15. Carolina Gonzales


    16. human 22

      1:19 trying to look nice FAIL😂😂😂

    17. Patryk_gamesPl

      0:01 😁😂

    18. bonnie The bunnie

      1:00 I laughed so hard I prefer myself

    19. u spin me right round baby right round

      Americans are stupid dude

    20. Natalia Lebedev

      1:34 tutorial of how to do a flip XD

    21. Maximilian Lebkuchenmann

      0:01 when you realise, that this is the way to the homework (on Friday)

    22. АнАсТаСиЯ. RU

      4:51 нет бы чтобы помочь дедушке а они ржут!

    23. 방준서

      한쿡인 들 모이라

    24. Alyssa Rayburn

      When you fall in the ocean and try to get back up but the ocean keeps bringing you down.

    25. JakeyJake Minecraft and more!

      2:20 lol

    26. Owen Pixler

      :6:19 great wolf lodge best indoor water park/hotel

      1. Anonymous Offical


    27. sparkletroll301 princess

      I feel bad, but do you think that most of these are their faults?😂

    28. DonySaur

      3:43 omg Como Pool I’ve literally belly flopped on that exact zip line

    29. amanpreet kaur

      5:06 rich people be like: Let’s rip our pool!!

    30. Jeffrey Ngo

      Some of them are not funny and just people's cutting up their plastic pools

    31. Jeffrey Ngo

      WTF is up with cutting the plastic pools

    32. Saban Demiroglu

      How did he walk on water that's so weird

    33. Saban Demiroglu


    34. Jeff Hahn

      Make more

    35. Its Harrison

      I’m selling replay buttons for 1 like! 0:00 O:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00

    36. Aarre Ollila

      2:00 thats not fail thats fun...

    37. Lea e

      There grass should be nice and green now 👍

    38. Köttbullar Och Potatismos

      Oh yeah yeah

    39. Craciun Gabriela Doina


    40. Craciun Gabriela Doina


    41. Craciun Gabriela Doina


    42. Craciun Gabriela Doina


    43. Liunkis Kliunkis

      follow me on instagram povilas325

    44. Rawk

      Put the thumbnail in the beginning, what a legend and an absolute god.

    45. Rosie 2019


    46. nicoleX Xelocin

      4:44 the dog protecting the kids lmao

    47. SuperLukii

      6:26 omg help an earthquake!!!! (The siren)😂😂😱

    48. Breezi Baby

      0:51 is the cutest 🥰

    49. tatinalanegrina

      At first, I read Winter Fails and this made my say, “whaaaaaaa”


      4:40 is very funny😂😂😂