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    Man Don't Dance performed by Big Shaq (Michael Dapaah)
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    Directed By Daps & Michael Dapaah:
    Instagram - @MichaelDapaah_
    Instagram - @FlexGodDaps
    Edited By Marv Brown
    Instagram - @MarvBrownFilms
    Music Produced by & Fraser T Smith
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    1. Martin Ngandu

      It's tough 🙌

    2. Martin Ngandu

      It's tough 🙌

    3. Brevard Smith

      Man don’t dance but I’ll attack ya block wit my **** if you give me the chance.

    4. Tasiru Hassan

      4:43 to 4:46 killed it for. I’ve seen the scene like fifty times already.

    5. Noor Dar

      100 English lessons later...

    6. Py 3.14

      Raw sauce again lol

    7. Osi Vlogs

      4:53 oi stevos in there

    8. Claudiu Mititelu

      Man's are everything

    9. Великий магистр чая

      1:29 я когда ударился мизинчиком об угол шкафа.

    10. ไอ้เหี้ยเต้ย อย่าเล่นโปร

      Very เสี่ยว..!!

    11. MNC YT

      BIG SHAQ man dont eat

    12. Edilson França

      Big Shaq don't dance

    13. 7s Cyte

      Gotta stay protected except my dick

    14. Bigg Hamm

      please dont burn my toast 😂😂🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    15. MrJayGaming

      This fr a fuckn banger gotta make more Shaq me and my friends are waiting

    16. Mr.&Mrs. McHenry

      Where's ass knee ?

    17. Adas Adomulis

      This song is actually really good.

    18. Derrick 13y

      Eye!! Eye!! Eye!!....😕😕

    19. Josh Ramasawmy

      says increase volume ting *finds out volume is high level* *gets JBL speaker*

    20. Isabella Lavelle


    21. Adam Omar

      2017: Mans not hot 2018: Man dont dance 2019: Man dont laugh 2020: Man dont kiss 2021: Man dont smile 2022: Man dont see 2023:Mans not man 2024: Man in heaven 2025: Man in hell

    22. LiLoRif

      2030-man not woman

    23. The Editor

      He should make a song called " Man's got Talent ".

    24. Zybril

      The next one is mans laugh ??

    25. - Tangy -

      *2038: mans don't fuck*

    26. ahmed laari

      Is that fat nigga Somali😂

    27. rreza _ve

      What kind of language he used?

    28. Namkhanh Nguyen

      "Man don't dongssss"

    29. bathmawathyapmanikam bathma

      October 2018 anyone

    30. Ars-Dan

      Man's not girl

    31. Ski the LEGEND

      2:20 LEGEEEND

    32. Ski the LEGEND

      Hit of the summrr

    33. Halil İzyat

      I Think Skkkkrrrrrrrrrrrr popppppp popppppppp the best niggaaaaaaaa

    34. Tiffany Harris

      ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)2:19 best part hands-down

    35. Adam Willis

      Increase the volume ting

    36. Mili fact baby

      October 2018% any body else

    37. benhurzz

      jokes aside hes actually rapping on this tho

    38. Cristocolo Forombo

      M A D O N D O N S

    39. Nerdy

      Proteceted -big shaq

    40. Zeynal Namazov


    41. Dmitri Thompson

      omg KSI is in there too ( I love when rappers join up :D )

    42. Jacques Sol

      Anyone else think azneee got a peanut shaped head or just me

    43. David petit Eto'o page officielle

      Danny welbeck 5:44

    44. SimplyRev

      Man's not sleep

    45. E

      YO BABES

    46. gamerlegend 998

      Ksi was in the back at the end

    47. Comedy Fortnite Clips

      BIG SHAQ took off his jacket (COPS CALLED)

    48. eldanibg

      0:00 ASNEEEEEEE

    49. RAYRAY423 4


    50. Xeon

      برج خليفة😂😂😂😂😂