Bill Belichick Mic'd Up vs. Packers "Do you have an extra sharpie?" | NFL Films

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    New England Head Coach, Bill Belichick, mic'd up vs. the Packers in Week 9 of the 2018 NFL Season.
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    1. Ryland Spencer

      I really want to dislike this dude, but it is impossible.

    2. Jose Cedillos

      Greatest coach of all time. I hate the patriots but I can’t deny that he’s the greatest.

    3. John Morris

      I love his non-reactions to his team's successes. It's as if he's tuned-in to another world.

    4. giggity goo

      He never looks happy when they score. It's almost as if he is looking for something or someone that did something wrong on the td play.

    5. Roy Hobbs

      There is not 1 NFL team that wouldn't want him as coach if he left the Pats today. Not one.

    6. Brad Quinn

      1:32 The signature Belichick challenge flag toss.

    7. San Diego

      "you're not on it" 😂

    8. womenlove Trump

      Watching this micd up made me drowsy

    9. elasdeases

      Man I love that "who were you throwing it to?" As a coach that helps out cause u have that play in ur head for a next time...

    10. Victor Nguyen

      The side of Belichick the media doesn’t show you

      1. J. J. Lahey

        ...except that the media literally brought this video to you.

    11. washburn11000

      So the Brady vs Rodgers debate is clearly over lol..that lasted a few months

    12. Manuel Velasquez

      Gotta love Bill

    13. Ethan Pond

      “Awwww start the busses. Woo hoo hoo.”

    14. Thomas Jefe

      Why does he sound like an adult morty

    15. Baker Mayfield is da goat

      He is so calm when its comes to touchdowns

    16. RS Aristo

      Bill wants to have Rodgers as his QB and Rodgers wants Bill to coach him on the high key

    17. King Tran

      Did Bill just confirm Rodgers is the best?

      1. Peter Kay

        No, he is just getting inside of his head. When Rodgers watched the NFL Films from the game and hears Belichick telling his defense on the sideline, "He trying to throw one to us! He's already done it twice; he's just throwing it up there!" AFraud will be crestfallen.

    18. THE MAYOR


    19. Brady Rourke

      What’s the song when he asks for a sharpie

      1. MercinaryFX

        Crazy Train -Ozzy

    20. alfandeddie

      Didn’t recognize him without the cut off sweatshirt

    21. god emperor almighty forefather TRUMP

      jason garrett is a BUM

    22. Alexia Is On Fire

      Come on fellas! Lol

    23. imacop33

      I love when Bill goes absolutely bananas after each TD they score! 🤣

    24. Bill Paul

      Come on, fellas!! LOL

    25. Pittsburgh Rules

      3:42 looks like tomlin

    26. Jim Cummings

      After watching this whole opinion has changed about him. That's how you win. And this is a Steeler fan saying this.

    27. Spiderman

      Just another day at the office.

    28. Joseph  Chick

      Each handshake has 100 dollar bill being handed to them

    29. Phil Historia

      I feel bad for the cameraman who just sits there and records him all day. Like watching paint dry

    30. scott5609

      Biggest cheater in the game

      1. Peter Kay

        Don't be sad Scotty. Some day your team will beat the Patriots. Probably not this year though.

    31. Micah Taylor

      Simon, you got a pen?

    32. Brian Meyer

      Every game that the Patriots win is rigged!!!

    33. steven flagg

      As a Dolphins fan maybe Adam Gase should watch and take lessons

    34. Gusson Ellechel

      McCarthy gets fired and Belichick moves on from the Patriots and takes over. Maybe 3 rings for Rodgers??????

      1. Peter Kay

        Nah - Rodgers would keep choking like he usually does

    35. mateo martinez

      You got a extra sharpie??

    36. Billy Bender

      His poor wife......”I’m pregnant Bill”...........Chirp! chirp! chirp!

    37. hx crain

      There’s absolutely no other Coach in the NFL even close to this. Even this small snippet shows that. The true GOAT.

    38. Cam Newton #Superman #KeepPounding #CAMVP

      This is a good coach right here, might even be as good as Bill up in New England.

    39. EL6008

      Ok listen. I'm a Seahawks fan. But 2 things: (1) the way bill looks at the rest of the field during a TD is great. He is watching the other players to see flaws. (2) those refs being professional and working with coaches is good for football

    40. Troy thompson

      Wait did he just say a rods the best 🤔🤔hmmm lol

    41. Ramzy Ziyadeh

      Bill is awfully friendly with the refs..

    42. Brayden Bastian

      I wish Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers played against each other every year

    43. motorman1017

      win if u can lose if u must but always cheat

    44. Anthony H

      the reason tom brady isnt alex smith BILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

    45. BrettTKB

      Sharpie needs to do a marketing campaign based on “do you have an extra sharpie?”

    46. Zaphod Traveler

      I wish Jason Garrett would talk to his players and fire them up ..what a fool my head coach is not taking note..

    47. E Rob

      Now it's a little harder to not like him. Never thought I would say that.

    48. WallStWarrior11

      He is a lot nicer on the field than I thought he would be.

    49. Michael Morelli

      Down the sideline, touchdown Patriots...Belicheck hands in pockets Up the middle, touchdown Patriots...Belicheck hands in pockets Bomb goes off in end zone, 1000 fans killed...Belicheck hands in pockets.

    50. Ian Maguire

      gotta admit, i like the guy a bit more after watching this. and i'm a silly little giants fan!