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Billie Eilish - bury a friend



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    Listen to “bury a friend":
    Featuring Crooks
    Director: Michael Chaves
    Producers: David Moore, Michelle An, Chelsea Dodson
    DP: Tristan Nyby
    Editor: John Paul Horstmann
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    1. celina bazylia

      why aren't you scared of me why do you care for me when we all fall asleep puerto rico

    2. OnlyTwinGirlys _

      Love billieeeee❤ this song is amazing🌟😘

    3. Lil May

      2:23 tik tok challenge

    4. みこちゃん

      Those Syringes🙁😲

    5. Yasmin Noori

      How can I sleep now How am I gonna go to the toilet now

    6. Kwill

      slay queen omgggg😍😍

    7. Kate Lamb

      Love this... all of it.💀 💘💀

    8. Magdalena Stanley

      🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥this song is just insane

    9. Parisa Safdari

      Literally got an ad of this song 😂

    10. Kelley Jean

      the new "Lorde" it though...both of them....

    11. o Ravenn

      Showed my sister this, and when it said “when we all fall asleep where do we go?” My sister blatantly said *”bed”*

    12. TheElisabethMaria

      the song and video are amazing but is she okay??

    13. Gibbons Janette

      billie feel free to lay under my bed any time

    14. Arctic Lena

      2:24 who came here from tik tok

    15. Leon Goodley

      I know this will be a really unpopular opinion. I love the song musically, but lyrically I hate it because it romanticises suicide and depression. This new genre of depression inspiring music (xxxtentacion is another example) in my opinion is incredibly dangerous for our youth to be listening to. You have young impressionable girls listening and It’s become a competition of who’s the most depressed. They grow up thinking it’s cool and trendy to have mental health issues! Does anyone know what I mean? I don’t want to hate on this video because it is incredibly clever and like I said the song is very good... I just have problems with this type of new genre getting bigger and bigger..

    16. Zeynep Akakçe

      billie is my best this song is very good

    17. James Alexander

      Billy Eylash is Good

    18. Joshua Vista

      2:20 why the eyes isn't black ? becuz of the hair ????

    19. SuperAquamarineXOXO

      Not my kind of music

    20. Ennard the Funtime Puppet

      So your the one that has been suggesting, thank you so much 👍👍👍👍👍😁😍😍😍😻😺

    21. Christian Barrientes

      I came here for a meme o shit I that this shit real

    22. Allie Mae

      This song is all about mkultra and human sacrifice. It’s a cry out for help

    23. Danny forbes

      Billie is the only demon whose allowed to literally posses me🖤🖤💜

    24. Mya RK

      I'm 17 too. What am I doing with my life??!

    25. Gacha Ella

      This Actually SCARY

    26. ShrekScope420

      Here before 3M likes

    27. Матвей URAN

      Беляш, привет🖐️

    28. Joe Aureli

      Whether I leave or they leave, my friends always haunt me. May they rest peacefully.

    29. Karlene Kamaka Wall

      Cannibal class killing the SHUNN

    30. Gamer Dohnutz

      GUYS IF YOU PUT YOUR VOLUME HIGH AT 1:01 - 1:03 YOU CAN HEAR BILLIE SAYING "like I WANNA END ME!" WHILE THE VERSE OF "like i wanna end me" IS ON-GOING SHE SAID THAT LIKE SHE'S "CRYING" FOR HELP SKSKSSKSK I mean, idk how to explain it but the tone of her voice saying that line is just, idek go listen for it to yourself... 1:01 - 1:03

    31. Abdul Samad

      I would love to see a song with both Melanie and Billie, that would be epic! Someone please make it happen.

    32. CiciSaurus

      producers: what type of theme do you want this music vid to be about? billie: yes

    33. Antonela Soria

      Alguien que hable español like!😂✌🏻

    34. aayushma kshetri

      Bury a friend..!!! I wanna end me...!!!

    35. Hailee Letteer

      i swear billie has the scariest videos and i shouldnt watch music videos at night anymore. dang it billie!!!!

    36. Mochi_ Pabo

      Gosh- I’m scared now

    37. 1120

      the producing is so fucking sick

    38. Willow Grave

      I absolutely love how she's the "monster" in the video instead of the victim

    39. Annie leblanc fan

      Billie can you color ur hair black i wanna see how it would look

    40. Arbel Oz

      I mean, sorry but this is not long enough! I need hours of this song

    41. Kamrie Hazle

      It makes me so happy that she makes music that has actual meaning💛


    43. Blue Boy

      anyone: the monster under my bed: 0:30

    44. Cora Larson

      My phobia of needles kicked in *REAL* fast

    45. Саня КЕК

      Я не понимаю про что там поётся но песня мне оченььь нравится

    46. Adam Michael Carr

      dude seriously... dope as tune... had to get past the vid... too cloose to home.... back problems... maybe weed... overdose... ittll get better.... good song tho.... after i stoped watching tthe vid... yer awesome... but ... uh... too young for me... way to young for me.. but im a loser if drunken wanna...... smh...

    47. xxXero Remixx

      Slow this down to 0.25

    48. Meti Ventura

      I wanna end me ..🖤🖤

    49. Jerry Gernhart

      Wow😍 She's only 16😍😘😘😘

    50. Tia Rhodes

      Best song of 2019

    51. On Ravens Wings

      Want it to be creepier? Listen on .5 speed

    52. 10,000 Subscribers Without Videos

      I feel like this is to advertise a horror movie

    53. Columpio bar

      minuto 1:00 me cago en el shon.

    54. Jared Kolodziejski


    55. 10,000 Subscribers Without Videos

      I want joji to collab with this demon

    56. The young God himself

      Bruh She should really make a horror movie😭🔥

    57. Ronald Strawberry

      *This music video is hella creepy*

    58. 권아연


    59. Fabio

      who is also listening to this song every day?

    60. Selina and Ameilya

      Being honest I need bloopers cause like you see all this stuff

    61. Jazzy_Jackalope 333

      What do you think the little drum type thing at the very end is I always wonder what it is. Like listen to the very end of the song

    62. I'm Dhanush

      Tik tok enterer the chat 2:23 Tik tok left the chat 2:38

    63. BribriTV Connect

      All of your fans are probably satanists

    64. куросаша

      Dude, she has /guts/.

    65. Vixinaful

      3 million kids listening to a demonic possessed kid. Grreeeat!

    66. jnthn

      One of my biggest inspirations musically. And she's like 2 months younger than me. oh well

      1. spider

        jnthn your music is so gooodd 😍😍

      2. spider

        bluetay better than Taylor flop.

      3. bluetay

        jnthn ew she’s creepy

      4. Shawnnn

        Well talent doesn’t have age. And you have an amazing talent too... hope you’ll get the recognition you deserve.

    67. Aaliyah Rainwater

      Billie is my only one that I want under my bed bc she is cool

    68. Ansar Ture

      This is the song about me burying my 8 year old friend with the new iPad Pro and iPhone XS Max.

    69. GONE. Fludd

      Русские вы где?!

    70. Aiko Hypocrite

      Sia number two:")

    71. Madeline Willard

      This is this best song ever 💕💕

    72. Cindy Cele

      how is he comfortable enough to sleep with all those chains on 0:21

    73. mckenziesystem

      This song gave me worms.

    74. Fluffz

      What do you want from me? Why don't you run from me? What are you wondering? What do you know? Why aren't you scared of me? Why do you care for me? When we all fall asleep, *PUERTO RICO*

    75. Love Shot


    76. love Lena so

      Family friend is a song stop making fun of her or I'm going to talk

    77. Unicorn Gaming123443

      Ok so I had no idea what this song was and one of my friends lyric pranked me. (She is a lot shorter than me) When she asked why aren't you scared of me, I replied because you are 6 inches shorter than me😂

    78. sky_look_like3bowl


    79. Marginean Iosif


    80. CA MS

      Damn I'm so glad i found her... thanks to Jennie for having such a good taste in music

    81. trinton sauvola

      This may be the the most incriminating song I’ve ever heard

    82. Unicorn Team


    83. Hit or Miss

      Wow I think the story behind this is that in the parties over she wasn’t closing her eyes but it looked like she was , Also has the same clothes in this video and in the parties over DAT BOI IS LUCKY TO HAVE BILLIE UNDER HIS BED

    84. Israel Garcia

      What a fucking Genius 👻🤡💩👏🏻🙌😿😿👏🏻

    85. holly kole

      you no 1 thing i hate ever thing about but i cant tell no 1

    86. Kelyse

      All I know is .... THIS HURTED MY EYES 😕😫 .

    87. Jerome Borromeo

      First time heard her and this is creepy OMG😳😨

    88. Vesta Šemetaitė

      Billie, I love you❤️, you are amazing,😘 beautiful, 😍cute, 🐇perfect 😍😘❤️

    89. I'm an alien

      this song sounds more real when ure home's midnight..and u can't sleep

    90. Julia and Brandy

      *Who should I bury?* I don't have any friends🙃

    91. Ken Kaneki

      Eu senti um medo da disgraça . Maluco é brabo

    92. xo poppi xo

      Who else came here again after the "snippet in billies mind" video

    93. VyVy StasiaStudio

      Billie go under my bed please

    94. Eevi Kaarla

      Bury a friend is best❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ and Billie Eilish I Love You ❤❤😘😘💜💜😍😍

    95. Brandon Rodriguez

      Billie looks when she has black eyes she looks like a female version of 2D from Gorillaz

    96. Aiden Nichols

      She kinda sounds like Dodie

    97. wolfie playz

      who will win ill pump comment or Billie elish like

    98. 37 37

      Friend: dont watch this at night! Me-watches video Me: Well that wasn't scary at all. *looks around room and feels no sign of somebody staring like usaul. (My house is actually haunted)* Me: Yep im good! *Watches video again*

    99. Vero Bastidas

      Guys new album march 23

    100. Andrea 11

      This video is scary af

      1. Andrea 11

        I love her💜