Bob Woodward: Let The Silence Suck Out The Truth

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    The legendary reporter and author of new book 'Fear' discusses his time-tested techniques for getting sources to talk, including some tricks he learned from folks at the C.I.A.
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    1. Carolyn Grinberg

      Bees communicate by wiggling their butts and turning around in circles. ROFL Thanks, Bob.

    2. Georgine Verano

      This is amazing. A true journalist and amazing writer.

    3. MAKE IT

      Deep Throat where are you when need you ?

    4. thekornreeper

      Colbert was better on comedy central. Now he’s a tamed version of himself to be a lot more PC.

    5. Yi-Yuan Chao

      Mr. Woodward is a likable gentleman.

    6. Rick Thomas

      Before November 06th, check out

    7. Jonathan Woodham


    8. MsYogaGrrrl

      That this was uploaded on 9-11 is a testament. God is cool like that. Keep pushing the truth Mr. Woodward.

    9. Doren Garcia

      Bob Woodward is a 100% authentic HERO.

    10. Benedek Farkas

      I didn't know George Lucas hosts the Late Show now :O

    11. Manu Gulati


    12. Ken Olsen

      Just because someone believes it, does not make it true.

    13. Birthtuba

      second Colbert comment and it's starting to feel like I should be getting paid.into the playlist

    14. SuperLeica1

      Colbert´s music is better than many other talk shows; due to the Batiste band. No Emmies for them, but they´ve got viewer´s praise. That rates higher!

    15. Oscar Drew Strokosz

      Bob Woodward, world weary and very smart grandpa who's somehow still optimistic about the future.

      1. Mary Rose Kent

        Oscar Drew Strokosz Amazing, isn’t it?

    16. Kinky

      Let me get this straight...John Oliver got an Emmy IN SPITE of his COMPLETELY FALLACIOUS and thoroughly debunked report about VENEZUELA? Seriously? So even the so-called LEFTY videos are now just FAKE NEWS? What??? So...whoever gives you $$$$$$$$$$ . ? Is that the deal? Like...there are ZERO honest people left? What???

    17. Hollins23

      5:57 He's looking very Larry just hit me. Maybe it's the glasses/ frames.

    18. Eric Hauser Sr.

      are you hacks even sure you know what the real meaning of the TRUTH is...????? especially colbert...

    19. Warrendoe

      Lovely mam, real American hero ad legend and a wily old Fox too in his approach to interviewing. He’s never been found to lie. And if you read the book, and I have, it’s much milder than you might expect. But the incidents he describes are written in great detail, all the characters are names. Don’t comment negatively unless you’ve actually read it.

    20. Jack Cameron

      Bob Woodward is getting old and is irrelevant. He is nothing more than tabloid gossip. The biggest story is how Trump won the biggest upset in American political history and bogus Russian Collusion and he discussed gossip in the White House. Boring.

      1. Mary Rose Kent

        Jack Cameron He’s getting old-as all of us do, if we’re lucky-but he won’t be irrelevant even after he’s dead.

    21. Pat Drummond

      Trump believes that the way to get a better trade deal with Canada is to do everything he can to destroy the Canadian economy - which also destroys the largest buyer of American goods. He wants to hurt Canadian generic drug makers and put money in big Amercian Pharma pockets (drugs in both countries will be more expensive), to replace the NAFTA dispute resolution panel with U.S. courts (which just might be biased), to continue huge tariffs on aluminum and steel (brought in on 'national security' grounds), to increase tariff-free limits to sell more dairy to Canada (which harms Canadian farmers and doesn't solve the huge U.S. surplus), and much more. Canada gets nothing in return - why would they sign such a deal? And if he doesn't get his way, he'll force Congress to allow him to sign a trade deal only with Mexico. Can the U.S. find other buyers when exports to Canada drop off? Will the intertwined car and parts manufacturing be able to continue? Can the friendship between Canada and the U.S.A. recover? Will they even continue to be allies?

    22. Margo Dalton

      I am reading it,it is awesome and terrifying.

    23. MITS _

      History will be kind to Mr. Bob Woodward.

    24. Paul Duprez

      Deepthroat .ova #buss #Plastic_Rice #dancehall_mix_up

    25. James Smithe

      His point about getting into the person's house was portrayed pretty well in All The President's Men. They were always coming up with any excuse to get past the person's front door.

    26. Sandra Vanek

      Colbert makes me pee my pants with laughter.

    27. End-Gamer

      The White House is like a little beehive? More like an outhouse with 1000 flies all around it.

    28. M.B O

      Yes, it really is consensus that solidifies truths. But, they must never stop being tested, and re-vised.

    29. Jeremy Elliott

      Woodward is a liar and a propagandist. This book is lie upon lie and how so many people believe this bs is beyond me. Acting like Trump is an idiot is preposterous. Trump has a 168 IQ and would never made it to white house if he was such an "idiot". Wake up folks!

      1. Jeremy Elliott

        +Mary Rose Kent Actually the thing is that the media has been lying about this russia thing on a daily basis. Have you seen any physical evidence to suggest that he worked with Russia/Putin? You have not because it doesn't exist. What Trump is actually doing is going after the criminals who have been infiltrating our government for decades. The rich new guy comes in and all of a sudden government is corrupt? Use logic. Trump gives his entire salary to charity on a quarterly basis. Why would he do that if he was there to try to get rich? He is already rich and has lost an estimated 1 billion dollars since entering office. This is not the actions of a criminal. Clinton(s), Obama, Comey, McCabe, Brennan (just to name a few) misused the FISA court using what we now KNOW to be the FAKE dossier in an effort to spy on Trump to attempt to remove him from office. Why? Could it be to hide their crimes? These criminals have been trying to discredit/ remove him since even before day 1. These criminals own the media who lie every single day to manipulate the public. All of this will eventually come out in mainstream but the info is on internet and even on youtube and i just wonder: are you open minded enough to look at the other side?

      2. Mary Rose Kent

        Jeremy Elliott The 🍊💩 would never have made it into the WH without Russia + the antiquated Electoral College. He’s not very bright and is attached to Putin’s 👃.

    30. Lara Spenzak

      As the Blue Wave gets ready to roll to wash away Republican control of Congress this November we help not only from activists and voters but also from the news media. Trump and his cronies have declared that that the news media is an "enemy of the people". The constant attacks by Trump on a open and free press have put safety of journalists at risk. But we need journalists now, more than ever, to continue report the facts about Trump and to keep the spotlight on trump's crimes and corruption.

    31. Patrick Christen

      The truth meets humor, we laugh, we learn. Where as Disaster Don is, lies meet depression.

    32. gelmann

      TRUMP IN 2020 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    33. gelmann

      all Dems have is name calling and Lying and believing the Democrat Propaganda Media !

    34. gelmann

      wow, Democrats are Lying and SOOOO DESPERATE !!! so sad, they WILL LOSE the MIDTEARMS

    35. Brian Smith

      Let the silence ring out and steal your soulsecrets...god damn the CIA!

    36. KendrixTermina

      It's like facts and dilligence are striking back

    37. KendrixTermina

      hes certainly thorough

    38. Wendy Scott

      Fear Trump in the White House! I wish everyone would use the entire title.

    39. Jan Bracewell

      Yes the silence of comey and Hilary is deafening. Yes winning is important , and you lost so American people are going to suffer. Woodward is a democrat. They didn't talk to him that's the point it's his opinion

    40. Rad News

      And let the brouhaha suck out he lies, Mr Woodward!

    41. Ramon Guzman

      Well, the damage is in progress, and the country is starting to suffer the consequences. But, perhaps, it was meant to happen some day. After all, we've always known that feeble minds aren't apt for handling power. That's why the selection process is kind of complicated. But standards are going to have to be raised. The forefathers foresaw the possibility of having a traitor and a crook. They knew that power isn't for everyone. Some people just aren't fit having that power and need to be removed ASAP.

    42. bjfdog

      Like Steve and all, but he's a nervous jump-in interviewer. Classic Catholic.

    43. Helen Eschenbacher

      Colbert EMBARRASSED himself! I've watched Stephen for over 20 years. What is WRONG with him that he needs to DOMINATE a conversation? I want to yell “Stephen shut up and let him talk!!” He tries to turn everything into a childish double entendre. Jon Stewart had authors on twice a week and would have read the entire book BEFORE the appearance. He never cracked jokes...he listened and asked intelligent questions to clarify a point. Stephen HAS to be the center of attention all the time! He HAS to be the smartest guy in the room. Colbert is embarrassing. He doesn’t have half the IQ of a Jon Stewart. Our country is in trouble. Many of us are being hurt by Trump’s policies. I’m 70 years old and worked since I was 11. Now the GOP is going to take our Social Security and Medicare away. The GOP is taking health care away from 23 MILLION people! Stopping food stamps. Requiring that people on Medicaid HAVE to work. Most are ALREADY working min wage jobs. Colbert lives in a mansion. COLBERT HAS A NET WORTH of $50 million! He jokes around while folks my age are TERRIFIED! I worked in West Africa with the ebola epidemic. Gone into South America to seek out tribes to wipe out smallpox. Colbert gets millions for telling stupid jokes? The Daily Show under Stewart won the Emmy EVERY YEAR. Trevor Noah? No. This show? No. I quit. Never going to watch Colbert make a fool of himself again.

    44. Truth

      CIA is slowly taking out the cork from the wine bottle. Trumps days are numbered.

      1. Tom V

        My 46th birthday is February 25th I hope Trump is impeached and gone by that date. It would be a great birthday present.

    45. corbeau

      such a sweet vicious guy

    46. Eric

      This is a comedy show and a biased one at that. Get off your lazy asses and start seeking facts.

    47. Eric

      Bob Woodard is just butt hurt because Trump is hard to work for. He should not of taken the job when Trump offered it. What a self centered crybaby.

      1. Einomar

        What job? He has been interviewing people at the Whitehouse, and he taped everything. This is an actual journalist!

    48. Tom Jørgensen

      Dont mess with mr. Bob Woodward. He is just too good at his work. This is a keeper of a book.

    49. Steve

      Q. What's the difference between a government bond and Trump? A. The bond matures

    50. David D

      Colbert, the beard has got to go.