Brazil v Belgium - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ - Match 58



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    Belgium will face France in the Semi-Final of the 2018 FIFA World Cup after they eliminated Brazil in Kazan.
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    1. A one legged man

      Brazil is the most overrated team.

    2. meu desonho e Youtubers favorito

      O jogador da Bélgica toco com a mão na bola da tocou no braço do jogador brasileiro

    3. Белоруский Патриот

      Brazil is super overrated always choke in big moments. 7:1 to Germany and now 2:1 to Belgium, they had the GOAT Pele but this team shouldn't be taken seriously anymore like Neymar

    4. Michael Perez

      I be honest i never liked brazil but they where relying on neymar only i know he's very skilled but one man cant carry the team in the world cup

    5. Couso haag

      Les belges ils étaient si content qu’on aurait cru qu’il va gagner une coupe du monde MDR

    6. bathtownship

      Fuck off Brazil, Belgium are the champs, diving fagot neymer.

    7. João Victor

      Freed from deside

    8. aurangzeb zeb

      Brazil can now never win world cup😔😔😔

    9. Wet Fart

      The brazilian coach only used Douglas Costa when they needed him to help them win. I think he hates the guy.

    10. vhumi tv

      supper match

    11. Thehappy OrAnGe

      I got so happy after this match

    12. saregama tv shows

      Very good belgium

    13. Xiaomi Tech & Entertainment

      Belgium defeat Brazil? So what? Finally Belgium eliminated from world cup. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! They got right education from France. Ha ha ha ha .


      Congratulations it's deserved🏆🏆🏆 haters, racists, jealous... stay off the feast.

    15. conor blaney

      Brazilian embarrassment hasn't been worse since Germany thrashed Brazil four years ago by 7-1

    16. conor blaney

      Booooo this performance while neymar was there for brazil. Fernaldinho is an fuckin idiot for an own goal to be scored. What the fuck is he doing?

    17. 奥山章裕


    18. Rafael 6666

      Brasil rumo ao Hexa 2022

    19. lucio sales

      o idiota do Marcelo ainda tirou a perna da frente do segundo gol,pqp, fuck Marcelo, fuck Fernandinho, Fuck Gabriel Jesus

    20. George Sungura




    22. MichaelChiklisCares

      i call brazil the five cup losers :D

      1. Pedro

        MichaelChiklisCares Italy and Netherlands weren't even in the competition. Germany lost to South Korea and people call Brazil loser?

      2. Pedro

        MichaelChiklisCares How who has won the most can be a loser?

    23. Azer Efendizade

      Thibaut Courtois like a brick wall

    24. Kook Ryeo

      De Bruyne

    25. Kavera Plays

      Cassio teria pego esses gols que o alisou tomo

    26. Chan Minh

      cuortios is nice!

      1. Chan Minh

        no, courtois

    27. kobilovechocolate

      Courtois is on fire!! De Bruyne is always my hero but don't foeget Lukaku! He assisted a lot in this match! Belgium is full of warriors!

    28. Sohaina Rakhsane

      Belgium have a good attack

    29. Adrian Petrescu

      Tank you Fernandinho! You did it again man! In 2014 you conceded a goal, now you are still on the pitch. I hope we'll meet again in 2022, hopefully you'll make a red card foul in the penalty area.

    30. 2000 subscribers whit No Video

      I love Belgium and brasil

    31. Adolf Hitler

      isso ai foi pior que o 7 a 1 kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkjkjkkkjkjkjk.

    32. Michaël Lejeune

      Wtf is going on in Brazil to be such sore losers?

    33. Cris lan

      Neymar não sabe nem disfarçar o choro esse nojento/neymar does not even know how to disguise the cry that disgusting

    34. Bina Lama

      You have 5 star

    35. Bina Lama

      I like neymar wil dun is ok

    36. Nurburgring00

      Please , someone knows the name of the song that plays in the stadium in 1st goal ?? thanks

    37. Clark Kent

      To everyone who’s saying that Brazil deserved to lose because the Brazilians made fun of the eliminated teams, just keep in mind that people still do the same thing to the Brazilian team due to the 7-1 defeat. That’s how football works, you can’t win all the time and everyone’s allowed to laugh at the other teams, including the Brazilians.

    38. Rico MegaSuper

      uhehuehue, o narrador chama o Renato de "Renê"

    39. Fairuz Ismail

      The brazilian supporter looks like isco

    40. Myrthe Van der Auweraer

      Yes Belgium is the best!

    41. Arpon aronno


    42. Leeber Gruber

      NO WAY BRAZIL WAS GONNA TAKE IT'S 6TH WORLD CUP ANYWAY , AND NEXT WORLD CUP IT WON'T HAPPEN EITHER : 20 years ago Brazil was unstoppable with 3 world cup finals in a row ( win against italy in 1994 , loss against France in 1998 and win against Germany in 2002). After Ronaldo , Ronaldinho and Rivaldo retired Brazilian football changed too much and they never found the same spirit back. The next world cups they were eliminated 3 times in the quarter finals , and only 1 time they managed to make it farther but then they lost against germany in a legendary 7-1 defeat in the semi final. Very likely next world cup Brazil will win their group (with 7 or 9 points) , will win it's game in the 1/8-final , but will be eliminated by a european team in the quarter finals once again.

      1. Pedro

        Leeber Gruber Brazil was unstoppable in the qualifiers to the WC as well. Including 5-0 against Argentina and first place in the end, but since the beginning of the Cup they weren't playing as well as they were before the Cup. Including the game against Mexico and Costa Rica, not to mention European teams if you think Brazil isn't as good as they are.

    43. Coenraad Deputter

      This had 2 be the final

    44. ruth kemunto

      Was a nice tournament... Really enjoyed it

    45. cronicas historicas

      Se não fosse pelo goleirão da Bélgica,;-

    46. thom bell

      Fútbol is cruel.

    47. Pedro Ribeiro

      belgium the best time in the world cup 2018 the second is croatia.

      1. Pedro Ribeiro

        refere give 2 to france,joke final.

      2. LeFossoyeur33

        🇫🇷 **

      3. O Faladorxd

        Pedro Ribeiro french os better

    48. Grim Reaper

      Brasil players gets even a lucky,when they back to Home,they even get eggs as a gift...some brasilians lost their exstremitetes and one refree before many years, brasilians,we could all learn of them.

      1. Grim Reaper

        +O Faladorxd But I'm more less realistic man,that's our maximum,there is no chance that Croatia or other small Countries won a WC,we have no even a good stadiums,.nothing except east coast of Adriatic Sea..Championship is reserved always for football Giants such are Germany,Italy,Spain,France,England,Brasil your ,Argentina...but still...why not once a Small Country Win,such was Uruguay long time ago..

      2. Grim Reaper

        +O Faladorxd My Country i momentally good,we still didn't realise that we play in the final...maybe for 5 years we will..everybody expected,that team just pass a group stage.

      3. O Faladorxd

        Grim Reaper How os your country?

      4. Grim Reaper

        +O Faladorxd Jebeš Portugalski.

      5. O Faladorxd

        Grim Reaper melhor seleção arrombado

    49. Ayanda K Nxumalo

      De Bruyne is something else

    50. Etienne Cuenen

      The best goalkeeper in the world 🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪