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Brazil v Belgium - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ - Match 58



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    Belgium will face France in the Semi-Final of the 2018 FIFA World Cup after they eliminated Brazil in Kazan.
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    1. DamThatRiver85

      In fairness. Belgium was badly outplayed.

    2. Alexander Debaes

      Still watching this everyday. Proud to be belgian

    3. Victor Emigdio

      O jogo todo só deu Brasil, perdeu para o próprio azar.

    4. Victor Emigdio

      Brazil 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 Monster of Monsters! Respect, please.

    5. YouTube Viewer

      When Courtois was in a game.

    6. TROBLOXNoob

      Belgium deserved to win the World Cup. They played fair - no diving, no abusing the ref, no nothing. France just won penalty after penalty while Griezmann just took the piss by celebrating in front of the opposition's fans with take the L, Rashford and Lingard in England v Croatia tried to kick off when Croatia were celebrating Mandzukic's winner and Croatia won the games by referee favouritism. 🇧🇪 Belgium should have won the World Cup.

    7. Daniel Vieira

      que matou o brasil foi o gol contra que os bosta fiserao senao ficava impatado

    8. Ricardo Vargas

      Cinco minutos más y se hubiese empatado

    9. Freak Gamer

      5 WORD CUPS 🇧🇷

    10. たいこたろう


    11. 사람

      와..벨기에 진짜 쎄네..

    12. Black Goku

      Good job my brother Belgium​ ;) 🇫🇷🇧🇪 from a french :P

    13. Rodrigo Alves


    14. MustafaGT

      Let's be real about something, if Brazil and Belgium played in 5 games total, Brazil would win 4 of them. Golden age my ass!! Belgium has not one anything and they think they are in a golden age like Spain was. Get out of here with that shit.

    15. Bryan Izuke

      They deserved it, boring people just find themselves

    16. Renderson Souza

      O beugium vai beugium de bruyne bom de mais melhor do mundo

    17. Renderson Souza

      Que gaolaso do de bruyne foi di fora de área

    18. Sawan Gaba

      Team is different but the jersey and flag colours are same

    19. Fr Srabon

      Cortous was a superman

    20. Football Lovers

      0:45 - 1:00 favourite part 🇧🇪🇧🇪

    21. The Crazy Gamer Let's play

      dude more than 40 percent dislikes of this video r the Brazilian fans

    22. Edhir

      1:55 Brazilian

    23. May I get 20 Without vids

      Dang it Brazil

    24. Liltracy 909

      The Mexican curse who ever beats Mexico looses their next match in the world cup

      1. tulip store

        That did not happen to Netherlands in the Quarterfinals of WC2014...

    25. Ammarul Shafiq Ubaidillah Nasri

      i like brazil no!!!!

    26. Ammarul Shafiq Ubaidillah Nasri


    27. XxxAlex PlayzxxX

      1:16Real Madrid

    28. Son Clark

      DAMN DE BRUYNE GOAL!!!!!!!

    29. Tuomas J

      Who 2019?

    30. Nathan b2

      Everyone loses!,We are still the world's greatest champions,and that this was 16 years ago?, You were 16 years old to try to reach us ... and they could not, wait, 2022 is to come ...

    31. happy channel

      i dont know how to update fifa 18 i Want play fifa world cup 2018

    32. happy channel

      fifa world cup 2018👍👍👍👍👍

    33. happy channel

      i like belgium

    34. Rhenan F. Oliveira

      Esse goleiro da belgica é ridiculo mano

    35. Tyler Grant

      All the evedince u need to see to say that coiurtos is the best goalkepper

    36. Adil Badsha

      In kazan argentina also lost with france 4:2

    37. Davi Wolski

      Vai pra casa Brasil

    38. Igor Matheus

      Brazil 5 titles Belgium?

    39. The Indian Muthu kumar

      courtious is the best goalkeeper Brazil tried their best but couldn't stop the Belgium jaggarnath

    40. yassine tamessate

      neymar nooob

    41. yassine tamessate


    42. Sunita Walinjkar

      I only have jersey of Neymar Jr

    43. Gil Eletro

      unfortunately we lost in the 2018 world cup against 1x2 l,m also brazilian

    44. Neymar Jr

      os gringos com ravinha do Brasil, os corações dos gringos tão feridos pela vitória do Brasil, sobre as seleções medíocres de suas nações! inveja mata, não cobice o próximo. respeito o pai, 5 xícaras nas costas, o Brasil tem uma história! 😉😚😘🤣

    45. Tracy N

      Commentator made it more fun to watch⚡

    46. Ninja player249

      0:51 Lukakus fall gets me every time xD

    47. i do


    48. i do


    49. AB AB

      1:43 凄すぎ

    50. クチビルモンスター

      1:18 フェライニの「まぁ大丈夫だろ」感

    51. Patrick Verlouw

      best match of the world cup

    52. DiamondGamerX7 Canal

      Brasil jogou mais que a belgica neste jogo mais o courtuis salvou muito

    53. Luiz Silva de Sousa Luizin Filho

      Kevin de bruyne pode falido otario

    54. Bruno Reis Rosa

      *France 1998 - Brasil 2022 / France 2018 - Brasil 2022. BRASIL = 6 2 + 0 + 2 + 2 = 6 2022 SIX WORLD CUP'S*



    56. Yoseph A

      anyone know that music that starts in the stadium whenever a goal is scored idk if its russian or what its really nice would like to know please @FIFATV

    57. Yuhan Tao

      I am pretty sure Marcelo did not watch many de Bruyne‘s goals in Premier League. Otherwise he wouldn't back off and let De Bruyne have so much space to shoot at that spot.

    58. Gacha Jordan

      Are you serious Brazil like come on , do you need pele and Ronaldo back huh?

      1. ZENO99

        +Bruno Reis Rosa ja ficou no passado...

      2. Bruno Reis Rosa

        France 1998 - Brasil 2022/ France 2018 - Brasil 2022. B-R-A-S-I-L = 6 2+0+2+2= 6 2022 SIX WORLD CUP'S :D

    59. Prashant Gayki

      Brazilians couldn't beat the Belgians possibly because Belgiuns were well equipped with perfection

    60. Pezaw Gaxo

      Im just watching the speed from the goal of debruyne omggg

    61. Caleb Lim

      What a shot from de bruyne

    62. Geo Games

      You guys need to see my latest satisfying goal!

    63. chinnyyy

      if only courtois can do this in real madrid 😤

      1. Tilan Rathnamalala

        don't worry bro...he just arrived...he will be the best once more 😎😎vourtois is the best💗💖😎

    64. chinnyyy

      watching this game again hurt

    65. Tim Bergling

      Both teams in the world top level. It made me excited.

    66. Hiếu Nguyễn Thị


    67. adham kris


    68. moonlightdriver800

      Lukaku > Neymar.

    69. fij 01i

      Brazil = Fake team

      1. Tilan Rathnamalala

        no bro Brazil = nuub team😎😂

      2. Big Plays

        Brazil! Brazil Brazil!!🔱🔱

    70. bobi cohen 25

      Neymar vs hazard. Hazard is the winner

    71. Daniel Scarfo

      Courtois beast mode in this world cup. Hugo lloris done great too.

    72. GOKU BLACK™

      Brazil 2 - 2 Belgium

    73. Ayrton Claude


    74. Pierre Maldonado

      brazil actually played better , belgium got lucky here .



    76. Alessandro Fernandes

      I hate Belgium 😠

    77. Tuomas J

      I miss the world cup

    78. Xavier Beliën

      Courtois' best match in years

    79. Bri Gordos

      BelgiUm Hajrááááá!💙💙💙


      Respect from Serbia

    81. MrKaravaj

      Anyone else who think Brazil performed better in 2014? despite 1-7

      1. Joseph Bryan


    82. Yog Sharma

      Fellini's magic

    83. Njd Catteeuw


    84. Hedges Freeston

      Thibauldt courtois save at the end save of the tournament

    85. Samystrom

      So close for Brazil, PORRAAAAAA

    86. Samystrom


    87. Cuno Ceunen

      He say the favours go knocked out no way Hazard, Lukaku, De Bruyne... that are to favours.

    88. Nikoniko Kitaro

      From 1998 (when the 32-country world cup started) until 2018 Brazil have been always defeated by a set piece goal but the champion year 2002

    89. Djulijana Hajradini

      BRAZIl will always be the best no matter what. I will always love him and his players , I will always support them because no one can't be like them. When was world cup and when Brazil lose that was the worst day in my whole life and I just can't stop crying . But for some years they will win and no one can't stop them.Let's gooo Brazilll , I am with you ALWAYS . Vamooosss Brazill , te amo muito.

    90. Krester YT


    91. Allen Hadad

      1:44 the F2 gave Courtois good practice for that save

    92. Deepak Subedi

      Brazil would be in final if neymar's shoot on 90 min was converted into goalllll

    93. Deepak Subedi

      Belgium players were just gone lucky brazil was not in form

    94. Ali Kemal Alemin

      Brazil 1000

    95. dave quis

      The legend says if u beat Mexico u wont win the World Cup

      1. Turtlee

        Legit, that's what I was thinking 😂


      I clearly think that only belgium ,brazil and uruguay deserved the cup or croatia france in the finals played shit but still won

    97. Selina Akther

      brazil is a bad team ...ARGENTINA IS THE BEST

      1. Patriota Brasileiro

        Brazil ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Argentina ⭐⭐

    98. Sakib Khan

      Brazil ke harate pare red yellow and u Belgiam.

    99. RickC205

      Quem é brasileiro da dislike no video!!!

    100. Rackham

      Et après les Belges osent dire que la France ne méritait pas de gagner alors qu'ils se sont fait bouffer contre le Brésil en marquant sur corner et contre-attaque et en prenant 2 poteaux...