Bread That Hates Mustard

Daily Dose Of Internet

Daily Dose Of Internet

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    1. Hank Hill

      Did someone say propane?

      1. Lukas Husum

        Hank Hill hi

      2. Peyton Presley

        Does it turn you on

      3. Garr

        Hank Hill wowza

      4. Peachinne


      5. Ded Boi

        Last comment

    2. Salty Spritz

      I feel so gross inside and out when 2:38 happened...

    3. Khorshid Alam

      What happens if u put it on your skin

    4. Callum

      This is my favourite kind of bread. We have so much in common.

    5. apeksha Patil

      When your intro starts you says this is your daily dose of Internet but it sounds like this is your daily dose of banana 🍌

    6. Errol Recto

      2:38 what everyone is watching while reading this

    7. Indo-Ruski Animator

      Daily Dose of Internet Is the best channel to find interesting things

    8. Hank Hill

      Good Ole Propane.

    9. Hiro's Arts

      I have that ultra ever dry thing and i sprayed it all over myself i jumped in our pool and guess what I cant feel the water i feel like theres a barier and i can breath underwater too lol

    10. A Doggo

      Title should've been "Bread that was forced to hate mustard". They could've been friends.

    11. Beres David

      I was interested in getting the video at 1:52 as my wallpaper and I did find the original on instagram ( but it isn't widescreen like the one showed in the video. Does anyone know where I can get that?

      1. Beres David

        FOUND IT

    12. Dnish05

      2:38 .... Wad teh hell i just watch

    13. Tae Beach

      0:09 when you wanna get the stain off

    14. Its Sharkler

      2:28 u always use that song

    15. 1x1x1x1x1x1

      When you try to fly but physics make no sense 2:38

    16. scott moore

      Look → ○~○

    17. GersondersArch

      2:39 wut

    18. Gus Bailey

      1:40 rip environment

    19. macarons not macaroons

      1:45 thanos car

    20. Oblitity

      That stuff should be the new crep protect

    21. iLikeBread61

      So if you write with ink on paper...

    22. joseph Vance

      why u burnin my boof fam

    23. Mr. MemeLover

      Me: *Walks by crush* Crush: Hey. Me: *Okay, this is your chance! Do something normal!* Me: 2:37 Me:

    24. Gloppybloppy


    25. The Super Inkling Squad!

      1:25 won't it burn their crops?

    26. Sub Playz


    27. DopeFlamingoTV

      No one can beat flextape

    28. The doge support group. 100109

      Was that a stool?

    29. San Zero

      *ants:*_It's the end of the world!_

    30. DANNY ross


    31. TheCaMaX

      What is that at 2:38

    32. It’s arie Boiii

      What happened when you eat food covered in hydrophobic covering Will you finally have dry food or will just be wet

    33. lex Bird Lady

      2:38 when you just got dumped

    34. Mayo

      *ketchup has left the chat*

    35. Charlotte Sinclair

      Wow I need that bread

    36. Ants From Holland

      1:30 daily dose of weed

    37. Jet Reacher

      1:55 BEUTIFUL (wipes tear from eyes)

    38. PengHock Heng

      Mrbeast ultra ever dry video

    39. my name's rj ok


    40. Michael Smith

      Is it infused with the Canadian ivy leaf?

    41. Cows are the best

      I hate mustard like that bread.. reasonable

    42. DemonProx

      That explains how jesus walked on water!

    43. low level otaku

      3:04 *GOLFING 100*

    44. low level otaku

      That first clip was shown to my entire bio class to better explain what hydrophobic is.

    45. Ya-Boi-Insanity

      *exhale* yeeaaaahh burn da boooooffff

    46. Stefan Reich

      0:47 "Over 200 miles in the air"? Huh?

    47. Mark Nelson

      Poor elephant it didn’t know better you didn’t have to shoot the poor thing

    48. Tiny World Cup

      90% of the comment: 2:38 10% of the comment: Talk about the video

    49. Mass Kent

      Your videos are so cool man!

    50. EmilyNOTPHOTOSHOP Gatcha studio

      That bread and tissue is me I absolutely hate ketchup and absolutely hate mustard