Calvin Harris, Dua Lipa - One Kiss (Official Video)



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    Calvin Harris & Dua Lipa - One Kiss (Official Video)
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      2:02 when you saw your crush.

    2. Eliyev İle


    3. Eliyev İle


    4. Kyriakos Flouros

      Fuck this song

    5. Ahmad Raja

      Song is so good Dua lipa

    6. Amelia Pik

      Wow !!! ❤❤❤

    7. Avivit Zissholz


    8. Christian Orozco

      Put speed on 1.25 woaahh it sounds🔥

    9. Highirly Man

      This looks like one huge meme

      1. Gizmo -_- 1

        Highirly Man agreed.

    10. Esmee V.d Linde

      y love dis song

    11. prince of nonsense

      whoa calvin harris is a dope waiter

    12. Ima Tomato

      I love this song smh💞

      1. Gizmo -_- 1

        Ima Tomato I don't think you understand " smh " , I think you need to do some research .

    13. Kate Panina

      August 2018??

    14. Victor Medan

      Très dansant ❤️

    15. Baroni K

      This song is to hot for summer ;)

    16. علي حامد التميمي

      From great Iraq 🇮🇶🥀💖😊 من 🇮🇶العراق🇮🇶 العظيم 🇮🇶🥀💖😊

    17. Valerija Knazeva


    18. ebrunas Yanık

      Türkler neredesiniz❤❤

    19. MRrandory

      Watching in 144p

    20. Andrey Morgunov

      мадам просит пиздюлей

    21. Sodnom Bayarsaikhan

      2:03 nice moves!

    22. Kovács Brigitta


    23. Porco Dio cane

      Ah zoccolo’ te sei scopata asensio o no

    24. pat shah

      Great song

    25. Himeka rahmah

      samtin in yu u u~

    26. ツGEZIM

      shqipet you made itttt

    27. Tonton Safran

      You have to learn how to use a green background. I will not dare to broadcast such a bad video.

    28. bemma


    29. Χριστίνα Γαμβρέλλη

      Dua lipa you are very beautiful 💘💘💘💘💘💘💘

    30. teresita mendoza


    31. Austin Roberts

      Love the song but what did I just wacth

    32. Shawn Fahy

      LOVE that old deep-house sorta funky sound that echos every once in a while through this song. Idk what genre or instrument that originated from, but it reminds me of my childhood. Back when “I gotta get through this” was on the radio. Calvin Harris is one true producer who never fails to please my ears. All the other Dj’s including the greats, like Tiesto, don’t come close to how many hits he makes, IMO! Calvin, you’re not pumping out repetitive sounds like Marshmellow and others, you take your time, perfecting, and I can hear it when you put out a track. I see you, man. Thank you for blessing my ears and emotions! :,) love you.

    33. Jaden Bunny


    34. Matt Teitz

      Calvin doesn't dance with Dua for 3 seconds in this figure it out!

    35. Daniel švarc

      Best music tooooop

    36. spaceboy3101

      Does she look a bit like Aubrey Plaza?

    37. Clorox Bleach

      This is similar to the new song Promises

    38. Ilyess Benayache

    39. tinkle hazarika

      Perfect for an iPhone ad

    40. Mi piace Il calcio

      So much green screen

    41. ini Alif

      pause at 0:09 look at her underwear :p

    42. Dayan Martias

      Luv♥️ Dua 🎧🎧🎧fuck haters 🖕🏿one kiss👄 is all it takes falling in LUV with me possibilities I look👀like all you need💌 😎

    43. Susanna Rosangpuii

      2018 !! OMG !! Just one kiss 💋

    44. Marvin Jacobs

      love this song

    45. Melanie Noriega

      I didn’t know Dua lipa sang this song

    46. eis517lol msp xD

      Wer kommt aus *Deutschland* ? 🇩🇪

    47. Yarexon Gomez


    48. Алексей Крылов

      2:05 top

    49. Avalon YT


    50. Sebastian Lanzke