Calvin Harris, Dua Lipa - One Kiss (Official Video)



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    Calvin Harris & Dua Lipa - One Kiss (Official Video)
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    1. Alice Silva

      eu e blenao nhamamos

    2. Chaleman R

      70's 80's and more 90's all in one. Starts like "Froot"?

    3. Scout Stephens

      I love the song but the green screen in the background is really bad

    4. dua my idol.

      ¿Alguien de Latinoamérica?

    5. Bill Que

      Dua Lipa for VS Fashion Show 2018

    6. ifer lyf

      Got to this because of my rat. She stepped on the keyboard and it gave me this: è è y47777777777777gggggggggggg/////////////; I was curious to see where it would lead me lol. Not my type of music but there's nice visuals

    7. DjBunsen vevo

      I love Dua Lipa

    8. Fiona Espinoza


    9. Emmanuel Landero

      Dua lipa is a perfect woman she is just... PERFECT

    10. Ialgien 2006

      I don't understand...

    11. YAEL J.B

      Super song

    12. Darian Laka

      Love it Harris always bringing great songs for the summer.🌈💓❣️🌈❣️🤔😆🙃❣️👌🏼🌺🤩👌🏼🌺🌟❣️🌟❣️🌟❣️❣️❣️🔥🔥🔥🤩🤷🏻‍♀️🤟🏼👌🏼🤟🏼👌🏼🌍❣️🌍❣️🌍❣️🌍❣️👌🏼❣️🤢💓😈💓😃💓🌙💓😀💓😀💓💘🌺

    13. Boshosaurus

      you will always be beautiful and every day you will be

    14. Dana Turky

      A QUEEN.

    15. Clear from California

      This song reminds me of Paulina Rubios Y Yo Sigo Aqui... the flow and even some of the instrumentals resonate that song from the late 90s- early 2000s

    16. Estefany Romina Bautista Saldivar

      I'm sorry

    17. Danielle Number

      Groovy beat

    18. Ricardo Meoño

      P E R U

    19. ThNightExorcist

      enserio ya, soy gay

    20. ASmog04. D

      The song is great, but the video green screen is making me sick.

    21. 포우

      춤추는 노을빛 물결같은 뮤비다✨✨

    22. ronpavlodar

      Es una adicción !!

    23. Rhianon Ferguson

      Summer hit forever Respect for Dua & Calvin 💛💛

    24. Arlene Dilawari

      The green screen is SOO bad.... Jk I know they did that on purpose

      1. Ruperto Andrada

        And It's Giving Us A Throwback Vibes

      2. Ruperto Andrada

        It's Like They Bringing Back The Old Times .. How They Make MV's With Green Screen

    25. Gustavo Box

      Amazing Song!!!!

    26. Kevin Jordan

      Tashas y perico

    27. Fukanaga 05

      Ugly song

    28. oriana zuñiga


    29. The Suzanahoria's Show

      I am the only Latina here? En todas las canciones gringas los comentarios son de puros gringos CHAMÁS HAY ESTA LA SORTIE

    30. Darks :v

      *_Me encanta_*😍😱

    31. Aranza Torres

      Que chingo😎😎😎

    32. maria Eduarda Lima

      Maravilhosa 😍

    33. LEONEL

      bueno entonces ya vi el video este filtrado y sin editar colgado por error por un empleado, ahora donde esta el de verdad. DONDE! xD

    34. Michael Miller

      Night at the Roxbury gif...

    35. Rafaela Lima

      Tem alguém do Brasil aí

    36. The YouTube 3 sisters

      Super song

    37. Yvette Gonzalez

      I love that video so much

    38. Jhon Papeado

      Dua is such a delight...

    39. Stonelime



      This video fits the feeling this song is giving me so well! Kind of like a paradise but modern at the same time.


      Dua Lipa Kisses Us all because We are All Définitely in Love With Her

    42. Kyle Lambe

      instant crush!

    43. Monica Sanchez Guerrero

      Canción de pasarelaaa.😍😅

    44. Mathias

      Boring monotome

    45. Seif Khamess

      Why this reminds me of sand castles in the sand by robin sparkles?!

    46. Jayla McKinney

      dua lips is so gorg oml

    47. ThNightExorcist

      soy gay :v

    48. Polar Mist

      *let me love you when the moon is still out* it's mid day

    49. Crystal Games.


    50. AwesomeOwl

      A very unique talent it sing⌚️🌌🎆📸