Calvin Harris, Dua Lipa - One Kiss (ZHU Remix) (Audio)



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    Calvin Harris & Dua Lipa - One Kiss (ZHU Remix)
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    Listen to/download 'One Kiss' here:
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    1. Arseniy Strizhnev

      Best ZHU Remix ever!

    2. Ezkandar Karim

      Dude asking for kiss too many times

    3. The Mackanor

      The best remix

    4. Jimmy Coffin

      87343453594 better beats and club vibe then original. he could have kept the original voice though. cause she has a damn sexy voice.

    5. Kolya Weimer


    6. Donolly Silva


    7. Elena johnson Vlogs

      The boy version of Dua 🤩

    8. Bunly C

      Wow man sounds so cool

    9. Everett Chadwick Borders III

      #FLAME!!!!!!!! LIKE/SHARE/REVIEW/COMMENT/REPLY - 宇宙 𝓢𝓹𝓪𝓬𝓮 𝓟𝓲𝓻𝓪𝓽𝓮𝓼 海賊

    10. FBA

      1:12 instead of one kiss it sounds like monkies :D

    11. Rico Mejias

      I DL'd this ZHU-remix around the first moment it banged on GR-news's front door (along with 3 other remixes)...I love this one the most 'cause his voice matches Dua's in a freakish kind of way; it feels as if they were recording a MELODIC DUEL...!!!

    12. xFashionMindedx

      Hooked forever

    13. Astrid Carolina Ordoñez Ruiz


    14. justrolock

      So bad

    15. Mike Frutchey


    16. Alperen

      Musicaly de duyup bulamayanlar doluşun

    17. Маргарита Исламова

      Отличный ремикс Лучше самой песни в оригинале. Zhu из любой песни сделает шедевр.

    18. Ayaan The 1/2 Master

      in love with this song I listen this song at least 2 times a day

      1. Ayaan The 1/2 Master

        golden song

    19. Lol Right

      People shouldn't hate, i know the man voice on dua isn't great but the drop is SOOOO good

    20. Lol Right

      i love the drop lots, i just dont like the weird man voice on dua

    21. Sundus Siddiquie


    22. M Deep

      ZHU is mystical. Respect ZHU

    23. Sergio Jhasmmany Paez

      Awesome song Desde 🇧🇴

    24. Jem-2

      made Dua Lipa sound like a man and made it dubstep :(

    25. Pablo Valdivia

      Genial, me súper encantó

    26. Mihaly Domokos-Barna

      This...this is huge.

    27. Alex Oprișan

      how the fu*k did a zhu remix get 10k+ dislikes ? I think the drop broke youtube

    28. Marcela Romero

      cuando aparesa duo lipa

    29. Anne Gracy

      Sensacional melhor versão!!! ❤️❤️❤️

    30. Lucy Quinn

    31. Nico Dermi

      Im surprised about how many opinions people split here and how little I care

    32. GameOnLaenno

      Parece um traveco cantando

    33. Daniela Unigarro

      Me fascina, me encanta 💜💛💚💙👌🎶🎵🎶🎵

    34. ALAA ARIFI


    35. ItzSonic

      it sounds like calvin is singing it

    36. Hiago Ferreira

      Remix show!

    37. bmf 456


    38. Ian Reynaga

      It soud like Funkin matt- Aurora 😂

    39. Darky_

      I'm a simple man... I see ZHU, I press like...

    40. Beatriz Strada

      i like the beat but the song is very terible😰😱

    41. Vinh Nguyen

      Địt mẹ sao như lồn thế

    42. Bureck Music

      This is Fire! Zhu kills it with his amazing skills!

    43. Nártlėd Æ


    44. Qasim Akhtar

      Too short ??

    45. Jhonny Montenegro

      Prefiero la original no se en que estaba pensando con este remix horrible!!!!

    46. Susie Woozie

      I was like "this is so bad" until I saw it was made by THE REALL SINGER so I was freaking out omg am so sorry lol

    47. oliver haisen

      Que ascoooo

    48. Hafsa Hasan

      The vocals are by Dula peep 😂

    49. mikeythacker10

      Day to night on that beat

    50. Luan Secrets

      Que merda mano