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Cardi B, Bad Bunny & J Balvin - I Like It [Dillon Francis Remix]

Cardi B

Cardi B

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    Cardi B, Bad Bunny & J Balvin - I Like It [Dillon Francis Remix]
    Cardi B's Debut Album Invasion of Privacy available now!

    INVASION OF PRIVACY merchandise available here:
    Listen to Dillon Francis' new single "Look At That Butt" feat. Jarina De Marco here:βίντεο-3rt9Xxu8rvI.html
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    Director - Eif Rivera
    Executive Producer - Kareem Johnson
    Video Commissioner/VP Video Production - Emmanuelle Cuny-Diop
    Associate Director, Video Administration - Lily F Thrall
    Assistant, Video Production - Trevor Joseph Newton

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    1. Clint Green

      It easy sometime to rap so yeh add my on fbk my tepokoru knowles and come to TGI so yeh see you went you come 😇🤑😜😎🖕👌❤️😈😝😂

    2. Sharlene Wilson

      Cardi b kill it

    3. jalen anderson


    4. Bujak114


      1. Taylor Nguyen

        So much work

    5. Michael Scoggins

      Is it bad I know all the words to this song and the original

      1. Taylor Nguyen

        I do

    6. Daisy Suarez


    7. peter pan


    8. Niket 99

      Got it from GR-news rewind !!

    9. Valeria Vargas

      I’m kinda lateee..

    10. O S

      Wow i like it 😍

    11. Carol Nicholas

      i only do cardi b songs

    12. Jackson Tullar


    13. Spider Angel


    14. Jaspher Cadelina

      Who's here because of Lisa blackpink?

    15. Evelyn Robles


    16. Sara Baker

      Iove it

    17. daytimers productions


    18. daytimers productions

      After this I went crazy

    19. Toby. Z

      Well... latin songs are shit if there isn't some dillon sauce in it.

    20. Funny Tiktok

      Chambea chambea pe Halla... Gang gang gang gang gang

    21. Alexander Trujillo

      me gusta más esta versión

    22. Anna Swiercz

      this way better than the original (no hate this my opinion)

    23. ck675

      this song plays at my work (Drafthouse) and its kind of a running joke that it somehow always plays when shit is hitting the fan... perfect soundtrack to a huge rush lmao

    24. Keke Kute

      My mom like your music

    25. Rosemary Blue

      Why do I feel like this is terrible

    26. Angie Buratty

      Me and my friend Ava we sit on the bus together we listen to this NON SYOP

    27. Connor r


    28. Stratos Plmns

      The perfect song to have in the gym

    29. JC# awesome c

      Omg gurl yesssss😍😍

    30. 500 subscribers with a video

      love this song any way it goes

    31. RSB tv

      I like it

    32. Alicia Kincaid

      1.25 x

    33. jekkiee kuuunn


    34. IhanX78 Games

      Esta rola esta en roblox :V y esta shida :V like si juegas roblox Creo que nadie soy el unico ;V

    35. Piero LG

      La original tampoco está mal... Pero esta esta BRUTAAAALLLL !!!!!

    36. Yamil Castillo


    37. Robert León

      gang gang gang brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    38. Ricky McLeod

      Cardi made this wow! Go go go go go go go

    39. Poliana Barboza

      foda 😄

    40. Mo He

      Voice sounds a bit like Snow Tha Product.. Awesome track!

    41. Charlotte Sydnor

      I hope it's not bad if i like this more then the original

    42. Mahnoor Farman

      GR-news rewind???? 😊 😂 😊 😂

    43. Revistina Lectora

      good things: cardi b dillon francis bad things: bad bunny j balvin im latin but i hate the latin singers here

    44. Tea spilled Blesiv


    45. Irene German


    46. Tommyloo

      I Like it ;D

    47. Slime brother masters xd pros Call duty master

      *gun soiles*😟😔😵

    48. Luis Emilio Díaz Hernández

      A wuiwui i'like it!

    49. Sebi Graf

      Good Music 👍🏼👌🤙🏽

    50. Gonzalo Perez

      Que te paso dillon Caiste muy bajo

    51. Muthia Rakhiri

      I LIKE IT !!!

    52. Ivan Aguilera

      CardiB is cool like Nicki Mina puts Dorky Stuff

    53. Milena Artenyan

      Yeah I LIKE IT🎶🎶🎤🎤💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎🎧💵💴💴💸💰💰💰💰💶💷

    54. Irma López Venegas

      Very good beautifil

    55. Adelaide Adjetey-London

      I like it

    56. DowhenxTV

      Velocidad x1.25

    57. Bethany Vlogs

      This is litttttttttt

    58. bonte das maravilha

      Kkkkkkkkkkkkk 😂 cardi b envejosa do carralho

    59. Midland Pyro

      0:59 2x speed 👌

    60. Levidcito Chulo

      2019 alguien?

    61. juan diego santiago campos

      Me encantaaa🤣🤣🤣👌😘😘😄😄🤩🤩😎😎

    62. Vyacheslav Alvarado


    63. Slime brother masters xd pros Call duty master

      I watch this non stop

    64. Gizem Yılgın

      Öfffff yılaaan :D

    65. andres martinez


    66. cat lover

      This is rlly good

    67. Rebecca John

      So much better than the original!

    68. Jeremiah barrantes

      Love her

    69. Amparo Fiñipe

      WTF 😎😂

    70. Nickx__

      i listened this song so many times that i sing it loud XD

    71. VincentSantellanoYT BOI Boi

      Not even a thank you?

    72. Adam Hunt

      i love cardi so fucking much

    73. kristy Fabre


    74. Andrew Mendoza


    75. luft none

      Ремикс бомба! . Тот редкий случай когда оригинал далеко позади! качает

    76. Ariadna Fernandez

      Donde estan los españoleees🇪🇸🇪🇸

    77. lexy lopez


    78. Robert Valerio


    79. thepardo19 MGG y más

      Mi favorito

    80. Dancer Mathy

      Complot Imperium 🔥❤

    81. Frixy_fox -playz-

      ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡⊙ ͜ʖ ͡⊙) ( ͡◉ ͜ʖ ͡◉)

    82. Crazyboi


    83. corwt gang

      cardi I love you but this song it 😕

    84. Ivan Katnic

      Ci sta



    86. Bongo Cat

      Only Good thing in yt rewind

    87. Айбек Шабанбаевприптш


    88. Connor RK800

      *Play me some of that jumping music...*

    89. Дмитрий Бровченко

      Блин !! То чувство когда все коменты на английском,и ты пытаешься что-то перевести!!

    90. Monster_JN21

      play me some of that jumpy music.

    91. Nicky C.

      Holey shit this is is is amazing

    92. Alejandro Suarez

      Like si estás leyendo esto en el 2031

    93. Random Girl

      I didn't come here from GR-news rewind I didn't come here by accident I didn't come here by my GR-news reccomendations I came here because a dude from ROBLOX decided to put this out loud on his boombox...

    94. santosh chohan

      I love u cardi b

    95. sadie helen

      I subscribed and liked your songs are cool my favorite is I like it 👍👌🎶😋😜

    96. Jonathan Mayorga


    97. edy MO

      fucking GR-news premium👿

    98. Loo Wei Jie

      I'm here because of Matt... Anyone?? XD

    99. dot.

      *not even gonna thank you?*