Cardi B - Bartier Cardi/Bodak Yellow Medley [SNL Performance]

Cardi B

Cardi B

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    Bartier Cardi/Bodak Yellow Medley [live on Saturday Night Live]
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    1. Peachees Moenaye


    2. Zerius B

      Straight up star

    3. jahrell watson

      She cute in that outfit and i can tell she dont use auto rap cause she sound the same

    4. Ice Fleura

      I meannnnn she don't write her rap but she is talented. Cardi you are already a legend.👸👸👸👸

    5. Mary Saucedo

      From a stripper to another. Gurl u doing big thangs. I’m so proud of you. Beeeeaaashhhhh

    6. Mary Saucedo

      Gave a guy a free lap dance at the strip club just cuz he looked like offset. Lol

    7. Deryan Guzman

      El aire ... jaja

    8. Auchie Thomas

      spanish intro was lit

    9. Vanessa Billion

      Ain't God good for repentance hallelujah!

    10. Juju O LazyTownFTWChuggingtonFTL

      *Nicki Minaj has left the live NBC Chat*

    11. netta boo

      You are not offsets your mine

    12. Ivy Jones

      I really don't think she has that good of a voice...GREAT personality though...

    13. PlasticRa

      she is trash..she tried all sounds the same..lets say she got a good memory at best..

    14. Nathan Magaña

      she looks injured here. maybe her left leg. really noticeable at 1:30ish and after. also she doesnt move much. great performance though

    15. Rishiee Ravin


    16. rami J

      The dancers are dope!!!!!!awesome performance cardi!!!

    17. Samantha Playz

      *Niki Manji left the chat 😂😂😂😂😂😂*

    18. Toys fun

      Pretty hair

    19. De Deddy

      your are mask wife !

    20. PEACH

      That breath tho, amazing

    21. Paranormally Correct

      She is cool!

    22. jay Sha


    23. UB Arna Aly swan

      The 1st lines she sang were in Spanish?

      1. Na Chø

        UB Arna Aly swan Yes, she also did a Latin remix where she raps in spanish

    24. Juju O LazyTownFTWChuggingtonFTl Returns

      Nicki still better

    25. Juju O LazyTownFTWChuggingtonFTl Returns

      Fuck these songs

    26. noemistephanie93

      probably the only time she won't cuss in her songs lmao! anyways love this performance and love cardi!

    27. LoveMeSilly

      She reppin the duality 😞 Bartier or what the song is called is HOT!

    28. Dalonte Chatman

      I just noticed that her backup dancers were all boys

    29. ashlyn renea

      Cardi is not playing LOL KILLIN THE GAME

    30. La Musique

      Hot!! Like the dancers too!

    31. Marcela Cabral


    32. felicia carlas

      👑Nicki Minaj👑

    33. Elif

      She has amazing voice and her breahte control is so nice. Love you Queenn👑 🙌

    34. CamzTyJish SqueletonCamilizer

      You're that queen💖

    35. ceren maaşoğlu

      ‘Cardi took your man upset,ah’ who’s she

    36. ivygang igg

      we love you cardi b haha love you

    37. Panda

      keep on using ghostwriters...

    38. Never Watch

      Cardi b is fire on the other hand nicki manaj is you know the meaning of trash rapper cardi b is the meaning of rapper

    39. Brandon ledesma


    40. Ahmed Hashem

      Love 💖

    41. marifer valdez


    42. yenny Condor

      Yo me robó a tu novio hago coro con tu esposo ♡♡ aleluya

    43. Andres H Velazquez G


    44. Camila Fernández

      I love her 😍😘❤️

    45. Blac Monroe snow

      My fav performance

    46. kpop related

      Omg. Is this really how she talk or pronounce or rap? :(

    47. Abiud Rodriguez

      Brooke candy is the ONLY QUEEN BITCH

    48. Isabella Andrea

      Bartier Cardi bomb

    49. Isabella Andrea

      I didn’t know she spoke Spanish

    50. Samuel Nascimento

      1:08 Hallelujah hahahaha