Cardi B - Bartier Cardi/Bodak Yellow Medley [SNL Performance]

Cardi B

Cardi B

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    Bartier Cardi/Bodak Yellow Medley [live on Saturday Night Live]
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    1. Marcela Cabral


    2. felicia carlas

      👑Nicki Minaj👑

    3. Elif

      She has amazing voice and her breahte control is so nice. Love you Queenn👑 🙌

    4. Abril La Fangirl

      You're that queen💖

    5. ceren maaşoğlu

      ‘Cardi took your man upset,ah’ who’s she

    6. ivrionna elem

      we love you cardi b haha love you

    7. Panda

      keep on using ghostwriters...

    8. Slime Sisters

      Cardi b is fire on the other hand nicki manaj is you know the meaning of trash rapper cardi b is the meaning of rapper

    9. Brandon ledesma


    10. Ahmed Hashem

      Love 💖

    11. marifer valdez


    12. yenny Condor

      Yo me robó a tu novio hago coro con tu esposo ♡♡ aleluya

    13. Andres H Velazquez G


    14. Camila Fernández

      I love her 😍😘❤️

    15. Blac Monroe snow

      My fav performance

    16. Al Anthony Intong

      Omg. Is this really how she talk or pronounce or rap? :(

    17. Abiud Rodriguez

      Brooke candy is the ONLY QUEEN BITCH

    18. Isabella Andrea

      Bartier Cardi bomb

    19. Isabella Andrea

      I didn’t know she spoke Spanish

    20. Samuel Nascimento

      1:08 Hallelujah hahahaha

    21. nicki grande

      Wow her rapping skills..she really quick to not say bad words..amazing..

    22. Joshua Blas

      Woah. She is a great performer.She rapped the whole song and doesn't just stand there and stop every second. Nicki Minaj does that some time.Just saying :) Just my opinion. Both are great rappers.

    23. Antonio Coria

      Y does this remind me of Ariana Grande bc of her dress???

    24. Lani Brianne

      She was pregnant here WOW . She’s amazing

    25. Cathartic Psychic Healer

      Love your performance Cardi. She feels her music with no antics and without microphone effects. Im feeling your performances. Keep doing your thing Cardi B. No matter what they say.

    26. Cillian Murphy

      She said bitch

    27. Sarah Bee

      i recall when nirvana performed snl said they could use the word rape... and instead of selling out he chose to use his lyrics than sacrificing his art. guess thats the difference between rap and rock. some sell out for the money and others do it for the love of the art. sorry i luv cardi but im sick of hearing rap. shit getting old. boats n hoes.

    28. Samia Autoshe

      ladies and gentlemen....................CARDI............B!!

    29. Anthony Abi Akl

      Wtf is she saying?

    30. Guto Reasons

      Kkk credo

    31. Draeliour

      Wish her mic was louder

    32. Emina Hist

      oh please. i wish the hater could just let her be. LET.HER.BE!!!!!!! she is very well prepared for every show. a prof to the edge. just let her be, thats the kind of respect she needs. greetings from eu ♡♡♡♡♡

    33. breno baptista


    34. clout.

      imaging cardi being sick and henessey having to do one of her concerts 😂

    35. Pennywise Dancing clown

      Nicki is better

    36. Best Music Playlist

      If you like Cardi B more then Nikki Manaj... LIKE THIS COMMENT

    37. Neä lyricallyinlove

      It’s lit🔥🔥🔥 Check out Bay Area independent artist @salsalino & @theebabytreeze new single sacrifice 🙏🏾βίντεο-g6FiikBxnXY.html

    38. 우리한글사랑협회

      Her live is not good.... 🤔😡

    39. Louisette Dumas

      New Queen of rap 👸👸👑👑👑👑👑👑

    40. AlinaAstacio

      FIRE performance Cardi !!!!! yeah BX represents !!!!!

    41. CARDI B Bodak Yellow

      QUEEN OF RAP!!!

    42. smoke j

      cardi b I know what Niki manj did I just saying I hope your eye gets better and your baby is cute

    43. Rita Ora

      Literally a queen😍✨

    44. Liz Espinal

      Cardi B ❤❤❤all the way😍😍😍

    45. Kev E on

      Production wise, this was amazing!!! She killed it, all the lyrics were clear and understood, she looked great, her movements flowed naturally, you could see her confidence, the camera angles were good and made her appear GREATER THAN, really good cinematography. I can’t lie, this will be one of those performances People rewatch and talk about years later, it is without a doubt and Iconic Performance. Beyoncé taught us well 😍 👑 , and Cardi label def know the right people, the dancers, the lighting, the quick movements, she working with the right people and everyone is a student of Beyoncé thank goodness and this is proof, this was well done. Very impressed, I’m late to seeing this performance, but Happy I did. She’s grown, her 1st performances of Bodak Yellow were terrible, so I’m overwhelmed, quite satisfied by this. Satisfied is a great word!!!

    46. harrypotterfan weaslyfamily4life

      Caird b I love you but your hair is so ugly I'm so sorry saying but your so so pretty the heaters need to stop love you

    47. *Cant relate*

      How tf did she not curse at all and do all of that PREGNANT????????!?????!????!?

      1. Aaron

        She cursed a few times

    48. Aishwarya Mashalkar

      Fuckkkkkkkkkkk you bitchhhhhhb

    49. Skylar Young


    50. Ana Suero Hernadez

      Ay mardita loca muchas malas palabras en español y los gringos no saben jahaja