Cardi B - Drip feat. Migos [Official Audio]

Cardi B

Cardi B

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    Cardi B - Drip feat. Migos off Invasion of Privacy

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    1. Asmr Slime

      I came here from the Mountain Dew Ice commercial

      1. danlovesWWE


    2. N Love

      That pussy stay dripping cardi 😂😂😂monistat queen

    3. Jkitty Weinberg

      Need video 💖💖💖💖😭😭💝💝💝💝

    4. Davina Cruz

      Cardi hit up Ms.Krazie and do a collaboration you guys would be fire

    5. fanta com gazolina azeda

      Ajaowkpwsowbee Wei siqjsjqjwbe

    6. Dakota Fleming

      Girl you is killing me

    7. Joshua Bouie

      Did u write this cardi aka hardies

    8. Niki Craig

      She have the best songs in the world

    9. Niki Craig

      I love her that is my girl

    10. Jayce Beverly

      Beat is 🔥🔥🔥

    11. Warren Mason


    12. JDF Clean Sounds

      I have this exact song on my youtube channel and is in a clean version because I really don't like swearing. If you are the same, head over to my channel to hear it!

    13. Owen Rivera

      7up ad

    14. Virgo Queen

      This shit gone go hard forever!!!!!

    15. RIKA

      Happy Birthday To My Sister """Carmen Holliman """ Cardi is your favorite female ARTIST..... Heres to many more Birthdays

    16. RIKA


    17. PyneApple

      Came back for the Takeoff verse

    18. LaUnicorn

      I'm on Cardi's side of the Nicki and Cardi fight... But things ain't lookin good for Cardi but ima still stay on her side

    19. Ivan Avellanet

      i love this song

    20. Koofs Wife with you hoez

      Cardi new video the deal

    21. Chills64

      #CardiB #Migos

    22. Jana If


    23. Alex  Phillips

      okay this has nothing to do with the song but do any of y'all know who peaches is.

    24. Zeks Lair

      who else is here from a sprite commercial

    25. Shawn Dinora

      This song makes me crave Mountain Dew

    26. Daniel Sarafinchan

      A commercial brought me here

    27. No Dor_i_tos

      Showed this song to an ice, now it's a fire

    28. Climatingly

      Still waiting for video

    29. Zipporah Tefari

      Takeoff is sadly underrated I wonder why. People really talk about Quavo and offset wonder why

    30. Forever Sister

      Who ever that does not like cardi then deal with it bec some ppl in this world be like that she can not rap good but in the end day those ppl are listening to her music

    31. Anthony Tye

      Dip di

    32. Natasha Burton


    33. Natasha Burton


    34. Elizabeth Fontanez

      This is my shit right now dip❤💦💦dip lol

    35. 1of1KiddDOE


    36. keke yes thay love me

      😜 👗 this is cardi b she has no fans. 1 like=1fan

    37. ışıl hançerli


    38. Hey YouTube

      How many cardi b fans are there out there

    39. DragoNova

      Mtn dew commercial

    40. chinda hudson

      cool love you cardi

    41. Nina Hassan

      LYRICS!!!* Cardi b. Give a lil something to a mother ( Cardi!) tryna make love in a sprinter ( yeah) quick to drop a nigga like kemba( go) lookin like a right swipe on tinder( woo) shit on these hoes ( shit) light up my wrist on these hoes ( wrist) now i look down on these bitches ( down) feel like im on slits on these hoes (woo) f fuck ya baby daddy right now ( right now) Anne Mae got cake by the pound ( pound) Go down eat it up dont drown ( eat ) Mac N cheese in a bowl how it sound ( ???) I got that gushy Yea thats a fact but i never been pussy ( ice) I been that bitch since pajamas with footies ( woo woo ) Won MVP and Im still a rookie like ( woo ) I gotta work on my anger ( ayy ) Might kill a bitch with my fangers ( ayy ) I gotta stay outta gucci ( woo ) Im finna run outta hangers ( woo ) Is she a stripper , a rapper ,a singer Im bustin blacks in a bentley Muntayga ( skrr ) Run through your hood like bitch im the mayor ( mayor) You not my bitch , then bitch you are done ( gang ) ONLY CARDI B s VERSE BITCHEZ !!!

    42. Nina Hassan

      *Fuck ya baby daddy right now!*

    43. Tirrell Brown

      diamonds drip drip, long as my dick don't drip drip.

    44. Angela Motswi

      This is lit... yah Takeoff delivered.

    45. ted s

      Ugly ass face she made for this cover 😂

    46. Tj Anthony

      Waiting for the video

    47. Stephanie Mills

      This song is lit

    48. Queen J forever

      Y'all that's my opinion soooo yeah 🙄 ( check replies

    49. Lil bacón flexible XD Lul

      Cardi is dope #Cardi b

    50. panda girl