Challenging Kendrick's Producer to Make a Track in 24 hours!

Yes Theory

Yes Theory

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    Who are we?
    We believe in challenging what society considers normal. So we seek discomfort to find our own way, to grow and to fulfill our true calling. And we make videos about it.
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    1. Yes Theory

      Full sound track will be released tomorrow on Instagram. @yestheory

      1. FunkyDoolittle

        this summer

      2. Michelle Hackett

        Yes Theory the greatest storytelling channel on GR-news 🙌🏻👌🏻 I’d watch your videos for hours and hours

      3. Rham R

        Nicolas Daignault where is it!?!?!!? 😭😭

      4. Karoline Mermaid Lisa

        Yes Theory very intresting ! Thank You!🗺

      5. Bradley Molloy

        Still no link?

    2. David James

      Please visit Philippines

    3. Rowan Z

      YOU GUYS GOTTA COLLAB WITH MIKE BOYD! His ideas and videos are kinda similar to yours. You won’t regret it! (Pls like so they will see this)

    4. Juice Box

      It takes 2 hours for a simple track, 3 hours for a some-what complex track and a day for a full blown track

    5. Good Vids

      Messi is better

    6. Nathen Basquez

      i have the same shirt as matt

    7. AMazing BLOB 101

      I dont onow if you all will ever see this comment but i believe the yes theory is the most simple by far ecpresses the most impact on others. It gives people hope in a world where some believe there is none. It shows that even though the news covers all the bad things that happen in the world there is just as much if not more good in the world in others. The yes theory brings this out in people which is why i started living by the yes theory and seeking discomfort.

    8. Inziswap Boi

      13 hours for a shitty beat ?

    9. Inziswap Boi

      Wtf he’s white

    10. Ernie Baker

      Every video is a banger 🔥🙏

    11. Klay Thompson

      8:05 Tomas said “the part we’re working on” niqqa u were sleeping for half of the time😂

    12. FrostByte Music

      this channel just proves that anything can happen if you just put yourself out there! Great job guys truly inspirational!

    13. Nasher Buenafe

      Where the fuck is the whole song lol

    14. Nasher Buenafe

      That’s amazing

    15. rexhail adikin

      Just contact comperserily

    16. Amit Akali

      do something in india

    17. RHW_Vlogs

      Is that the guy that plays the violin with those girls?

    18. will smith

      The editing from 7:41 was really bad

    19. La Féte

      Looks like this guy plays every damn instrument

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    24. Huwey

      America... God bless you if it's good to ya...

    25. Alejandra Muñoz Villarroel

      I love bekon. He is not a attention seeker, he is a great guy. By the way, my favorite song in DAMN is XXX, so I’m like goose bumping as a see this video of him creating ✨

    26. Alicia  Coronica

      This music sounds like it would be put in some doco while panning over some landscape

    27. Miguel Soto

      This channel gave my life a purpose again. Thank you

    28. Maalik Rahim

      this is dope I like it!!! sub? 🤨

    29. Minion Inc Gaming

      @yestheory This is awesome! Here's a series idea: Have your subscribers connect with people they admire! (Such as the bungee jump with Amaar with Will Smith)

    30. Jacob Mack

      Idk why you don’t have 100 million subscribers beat channel ever I do my very best to be spontaneous and help anyone in need because of you guys. Keep up the good work

    31. Even Jorud Skåland

      Hi! Can u be DJ for a crowd?

    32. Andy O.

      Anyone know where the beat from 2:49 is from? I appreciate it.

    33. Maximilien_438

      The violins remind me of the solo in Stand By Me by Ben E King

    34. Sophy

      Track had no words but you feel a certain kind of feeling with every single beat. It’s amazing!!

    35. Mohamud Ali

      You guy should spend a day with the fastest man on the earth Usain Bolt !!!! ????

    36. Gray

      "I think if you just try to give people goosebumps, you'll get so far as a creator".

    37. Sybella Garcia

      Wait wait wait so the challenge is to write songs lyrics to the track because when I was hearing the track I was already singing words to go along with it.

    38. SeanJunior TV

      Aye, SounWave, turn this shit up

    39. Arthur Djerrah

      Guys, @YESTHEORY, I can not express myself in words for the greatness I just witnessed through this video. Bekon has literally composed the instrumental for one of my songs I started working on back in 2014 when I lived in The Netherlands, a song titled AMSTERDAM. I still have the demo I managed to record with GarageBand on my iPhone, with complete melody, lyrics, backing vocals etc, BUT i had no idea HOW to produce it professionally . That's why I believe Dan managed to use the chord progression I had in mind (which from the beginning had that STAND BY ME vibe by Ben E. King I'll never forget) and produced it beautifully. I really need to ask for your permission to use the track (initially to record the vocals on it) and send it to Bekon with love on his Instagram. To me THAT'S SEEKING DISCOMFORT, because there are exactly 5 people in the world who have listened to AMSTERDAM. I hope somebody from your team can reply to my comment.

    40. you can't leave this empty

      That one Yes guy talks wayyyyy too much. Ruins every special moment by reiterating what's happening in the special moment. Such a THAT GUY.

    41. GoAppo

      I think i've fallen in love with your videos. Just watched like 30 in two days

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      two minute unskippable ad...

    43. Kartikeya Sharma

      Why don't you do this... Change your title track every year on them he same day, With this you could meet more artists and you should have like submissions, And select them, And you can produce a "yes" titled album!

    44. Eduardo Liz

      2:59 what was ammar whispering

    45. Track Back

      I'm just seeing this, I'm going to still try to shock bekon because I love making music. It's such a bloody passion for me

    46. Will Schuemann

      Thought to myself, "why tf am I getting goosebumps"

    47. crazynakedpandas

      Theme song is actually too good.

    48. Trey Wenrick

      How did he say Ronaldo

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      2:50 alot of people are afraid to start, once you do, it starts rolling 7:00 , 7:20