Childish Gambino - Feels Like Summer



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    “Feels Like Summer” by Childish Gambino
    tour tickets and merchandise available at
    Directed by Donald Glover, Ivan Dixon & Greg Sharp
    Character Design by Justin Richburg
    Co-Produced by Fam Rothstein for Wolf + Rothstein

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    1. Josh Woodso

      It was dope seeing kid cudi and trippie red up there 2 dope Ohio artist

    2. SerSeanIII

      eminem is not here i know he quit but he was a legend

    3. SerSeanIII

      icecream is xxxtentacion

    4. Crazy limm

      This is gold

    5. Mrminecraftred stone

      Why dose that ice cream melting make me sad it reminds me of some one but I just can't put my finger on who it is

    6. mexican yoshi

      the adidas originals commercial is part 2 of this

    7. Solimar Garcez

      Clipe perfeito 😍

    8. Deleted Times

      0:25 Thanos Mailbox Bottem Left

    9. TEA TIME

      This has got to be the best animation in the whole rap industry

    10. sis.smmrbrze

      Not big on music videos.. But I'm diggin' this 1

    11. Supah Flash

      When the video shows each celebrity's life and dilemmas in their careers, but the lyrics to the song have everything to do with climate change, global warming, and environmental issues. *The real questions are: Which one is the distraction, and what is the main theme/purpose to the song?* *(Reply your opinion below; I'm all ears.)*

    12. Big Boom Beats

      All the flames🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    13. Juan Felix


    14. Greatest Records

      Sounds like lenny Kravitz

    15. Quinn

      This song and music video is so beautiful and powerful that I could cry.

    16. Guen Doff

      I was waiting for the adult swim logo to pop up

    17. Weenie Hut Jr.

      Is everyone in the comment section freaking detectives or something?

    18. Jake Fee

      Wheres kendrick tho

    19. Erica Basquez

      This song is so deep "air that kills the bees we depend upon" I am hoping we can fix mother earth💚

    20. Matthew Johnson

      I relate to this MV a lot. Everyone completely absorbed in there little lives, in the rap game, in celebrity, against a backdrop of impending environmental catastrophe. And the only educated reaction is Childish Gambino's peaceful nihilism as our structures of global governance prove inadequate to marshalling the needed response. Like all we can do at this point is to enjoy the fruits of human progress to date before it is wiped away by future climate wars.

    21. Maïno Trentin

      This song is in FIFA19 nobody is ready

    22. The Rusty Shank


    23. After Fall


    24. Philipp Totschnig

      Reminds me of Gorillaz

    25. DanTheKnightz 04

      I like how this video came out when it started cooking down

      1. DanTheKnightz 04

        Cooling not cooking

    26. Ângela

      I feel like samba 🎶

    27. Kurly Boy

      Gambino leavin us but at least we still have Donald...

    28. Lena Andino

      💘 the sound😌😍😌has me thinking its time to 🐌 down💯✔❗

    29. Kurly Boy

      I feel like summer...

    30. Lena Andino


    31. kim lynch


    32. Ethan Lundeen

      This song is fuckin garbage

    33. Life as Rae

      My song

    34. Nymbus Cumulo

      This song is average . . .

    35. TheChloeProductions

      The instrumental at the intro sounds like sober

    36. SMG Roblox


    37. Samurai Yeager

      It don't feel like summer by watching this video

    38. Squid-force

      kanye with maga hat, being hugged by michelle obama

    39. Mister Myst

      Wtf does summer feel like.

    40. Mavado1

      After viewing this video a few more times, it got to me on another level.

    41. prevleceny it

      If Gambino be black, he would join KKK.. as Snoop Dogg and almost all black artists :/

    42. Mysterious Human

      I want this music video win an award please

    43. I don’t upload, well depends if i feel like it,

      The ice cream represents xxxtentacion...?

    44. Quelaire

      MYX brought me here

    45. Larry Balo

      Music is Powerfull and relaxing Video Dope and Funny ChilDish Gambino you've done it AGAIN Happiness in the Mist

    46. Claire Khabeiry

      this sucks

    47. Coop Rodas

      Childish Gambino putting this videoclips musics into another level 😎🔥🔥

    48. Roxas !!!

      This song has so many meanings between the artstyle it reminds me of a portrait and you make your own opinions on it

    49. -Ye*_*ssie-

      I'M IN LOVE WITH THIS SONG!!!!😍😍😍😍

    50. Jacob Games

      Kodack got me dead