Childish Gambino - Summertime Magic (Audio)



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    “Summertime Magic” by Childish Gambino
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    1. furqan ahmad

      Feels like summer.. You are special.. I miss you every moment of my life.. You feel like summer

    2. neonoodle


    3. Liz Jordan

      Donald is just so talented in so many ways.


      Listening on the last day of summer 2018.

      1. AndreWithADub


    5. kleenup2

      This beat knocks if you have a nice stereo. The bass is heavy.

    6. Matt Lopez

      Im here beacuse of Rihanna

    7. ilesos

      Do love me do love me do do love me do

    8. jose garibay

      Wtf you have a good place

    9. christian vlogs

      love it makes me like I am in la

    10. christian vlogs


    11. N3/\/\Ô Nwokolo

      Who else didn't know Gambino made this

    12. Allice Gholson

      Perfect Summer Time Wedding Song

    13. kapil sharma

      I'm the only one who is here because of Kinjaz?

    14. Pink Crazy Knight

      My favorite song low key🤗

    15. Yam Nepali

      Travis Garland brought me here

    16. xXOpTic_GamingxX 101

      This song makes me want to space without a space suit

    17. Cool Beats

      turn comments off this donald glover guy everyone is talking abt is so annoying

    18. Kevin Langie

      Donald: Repent while you have time; you either bow to the name of Jesus in this earth while you are alive, or you will bow to the name of Jesus in Judgement Day and be sorry for ever when you are burning in hell

    19. Zhane Ross

      Who’s here to enjoy the damn song regardless of how they found out about it? 🙃

    20. MsLewcee


    21. Ely Barron

      High ass fuck too 👽

    22. Ely Barron

      Love his music 🎶 his different love it on replay

    23. Christopher Evans

      WHAT A RUSH!!!

    24. DigitalGaming

      Man, I love how musicians are adding stuff like the noteblock from minecraft and roblox avatars to songs. Really mixes together the gamer and musical world even more.

    25. Mvryvm Abdullah

      Jude laid me her😍💔

    26. Lucas Otavio

      2018 ?

    27. dubseedz757

      I love Gambino man, always will ...

    28. Jessica Erjavec

      every girls pregnancy tests turn positive including mine

    29. Laderria Mack baby herself

      Thanks for letting the kids and everything you have done for me and my wife are looking at the weather I will get it to you as soon you need anything from me please let me know if you want me to me and tell him

    30. Miss Mel

      This song has everything I need in a song. This is feel good music right here😎

    31. Grashaun no name

      Travis Scott Beibs In the Trap ft Nav

    32. Vicki Talley

      feel good music 🎶 Yessss loving it GOOD VIBING SOUNDS😍💯💯✔ AND THE BEAT DROPS 🎶

    33. PopstarplaysROBLOX Capsize

      I LIKE dis song btw I’m black my name is Jai’ya I’m 8 years old it’s summer :DDDD

    34. Neshal Sharma


    35. able lagoon

      Lethal weapon brought me here

    36. Troy Crith ll

      🌹The rose was a.death threat

    37. Sanjay Gaikwad


    38. Mr. Foundation

      This song on 1.25! I can dance to this all damn day.

    39. Ida-Marie Vega Jensen V3B Vibeengsskolen

      i love song i love love love song

    40. John Smith

      This man is too talented. What can't he do


      Kinjaz brought me here

    42. Melissa White

      💜this song

    43. Rosalind Campbell

      Love this

    44. Jareth

      #🇧🇧SoulSmiles 👽

      1. Jareth

        #SunshineSamantha my sister da bomb ☺️

    45. T - SuedeTV

      When's the official video????

    46. Lia Batiste

      Makes me wanna get up and dance

    47. DynamiteChic

      Wow!! nice rhythm ... You took this heart of mine You'll be my valentine in the summer...

    48. BertleMcGertle

      I don't have Instagram

    49. Julius Ekandem

      Love this song

    50. 죄옹절

      Korea 🇰🇷