Childish Gambino - This Is America (Official Video)



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    “This is America” by Childish Gambino
    Director: Hiro Murai
    Producer: Jason Cole of Doomsday with Ibra Ake and Fam Rothstein of Wolf + Rothstein
    tour tickets and merchandise available at

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    1. Paotix

      I can't stop listening that song omfg.

    2. suco de fruta

      This is brasil!!

    3. Erika Muller


    4. Kelvin Domingos

      at 2:30 his rhymes seem from Quavo

    5. Legends of Baldy

      No this is pachinko.

    6. Ника Фурзенко

      Пришла чтобы поставить лайк. Отличная работа)

    7. هششاام بن. سمير

      State of freedom and justice haha

    8. OhItsBeau Edouard

      Also I’m pro gun and I live in Australia but what America needs is better ways of keeping guns secured like in Australia I hear no school shootings and there hasn’t been one for 20 years so instead of getting rid of guns we need it to be more secured and take a longer process to get it it takes years for a person in Australia to get one gun they shouldn’t let a person get a gun straigh a way I know but I love the song

    9. Skywatch Central

      This is an Illuminati shill.

    10. ebrahem skaka

      My snap [ ibrahimskaka ] follow me there

    11. James Oldfield

      It is? What is this? The 1940's? Is America a white supremacist country? Because, ya know, a white supremacist country would really let a black man make a music video about how black people are being oppressed, and have a black president. Because they totally had that back in the 1940's. Oh no, wait, they didn't... Yet more harmful propaganda designed to stoke racial tensions and instill fear into the black community so that they will be too busy hating white people to actually take responsibility for improving their lives and their neighbourhoods. Meanwhile, black-on-black crime continues to soar, and nobody is raising awareness of this problem that's killing black kids because it doesn't fit the narrative. Black people don't need white people to give them everything on a silver platter. They're perfectly capable of achieving great things on their own. This kind of terrifying, anti-white nihilistic propaganda is designed to stop people from focussing on the real problems in society by keeping blacks and whites at each other's throats, rather than focussing on the real problems in America, which is gang culture, crumbling infrastructure, and black-on-black crime. This type of propaganda is the reason why we're regressing. It's just designed to make black people point to white people as the the source of their problems, whilst it's actually politicians who are the real source of these problems. The fact that this video has so many likes is the most terrifying and unnerving thing about all of this. The more people buy into this kind of shit, the less they will focus on actually fixing the problems that America faces, and the worse things continue to get. This propaganda is disgusting. Disliked.

    12. ebrahem skaka

      My snap [ Ibrahimskaka ] ☺️🖕

    13. Omran Alhariri

      this is the world 🖕

    14. Krah Kräh

      Lando on Deathsticks

    15. OhItsBeau Edouard

      Why isn’t this age restricted or advertisement friendly it had a guy having his head shot and a choir killed like I know what it is symbolising and I love the song but why would you let it be so easy for a child to watch this

    16. Thomas L


    17. Zhantiah

      This is the winner of 2018, imo :)

    18. 07701884821 صفاء البصراوي

      انا عربي لكن احببت هذه الاغنيه

    19. I’m Mexican 444

      Este es Mexico...Valentina eh tajin. Tenimos personas..que Matan senoras...

    20. Lt._.VaBezz_Chris

      I think he just took a shit without wipin his ass before this shoot

    21. Rozen Leo

      2020 anyone?

    22. Бибигуль Лайв

      Top meme

    23. Angel Olan

      Not is only America is all the fucking world. No es solo America es todo el maldito mundo. Ce n'est pas seulement l'Amérique qui est le monde sacrément. Nicht nur Amerika ist die verdammte Welt. انها ليست مجرد أمريكا هذا العالم الملعون. 世界だけのことではないアメリカです。 Bu sadece dünya lanet dünya değil.

    24. Timothy Crowther

      I am so conflicted on so many levels. Do i like it for the memes? Is it bad? Is this deep or not? Is this truth? Is this supposed to be comedy? Are those real dancing moves? Why is he shirtless? What's with the armbands lyrics???

    25. Lachlan Size

      really funny with face impressions LOL its so funny and cool

    26. Nathan Thomforde

      This is Hawaii rn

    27. F C

      I see you Mr. Glover.

    28. t1

      This is Nigeria.

    29. R Herman

      Wtf is this gay shit.

    30. Branko Jevdjic

      GENIUS !!!

    31. RAch711baby

      I love it and the song but I can’t buy it the government will be on my ass

    32. DreadlockBaby

      Hi I’m lesbian I thought you were American This is America

    33. TEAM6USA

      He should at least "kill" white people in the video....Kanye is probably very jealous now.

    34. shaliz hosseini

      this is australia. we don't deal with your shit, america.

    35. LektorKZ

      Обезьяны черножопые

    36. Mastyp6ek Dpo4ep6aev

      Ты пидор !

    37. YesterDayCrist

      why does none in the comment field get the message

    38. LektorKZ

      Негры рабы ебаные

    39. LektorKZ

      American 🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼

    40. RougeAsention


    41. Nana Besho


    42. Hijikata Toushiro

      This is library.

    43. no pe

      this is celly, thats a tool..

    44. Matthew Bo

      Same spot the hunger games was filmed. Ppl forget

    45. GetWhat REKT

      This is wakanda

    46. Sammy T

      What the hell was this whole video, i see the message but oh my

    47. Calin George

      Listened to this 50000000 times.😑

    48. GRECHRS


    49. AZ TERRA

      Man seems drunk af

    50. Tv Globinho