Childish Gambino - This Is America (Official Video)



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    “This is America” by Childish Gambino
    Director: Hiro Murai
    Producer: Jason Cole of Doomsday with Ibra Ake and Fam Rothstein of Wolf + Rothstein
    tour tickets and merchandise available at

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    1. Benjamin Kanoza

      Also I hope Will got a lot of offers after this music video. Out of the kids dancing in this song, he was the most exaggerated, and embodied feeling. I hope he gets some offers to dance or act. He deserves it!

    2. Benjamin Kanoza

      We the people see so much like this all the time; symbolism, socialism, as well as utilatarianism. How could we actually change though? I hear so many answers both positive and negative but ultimately, down the line they all lead to seperation and destruction due to deeply ingrained ideologies. Someome, ANYONE... please tell me why I hold onto the idea that there might be some kind of peace? That regardless of some belief being Catholic, Orthodox, Christian, Jewish, Islamic, Pagan, Shamanostic, Folklorist, leftest, any other religious ideal I hold onto, to see a difference I know will not come in my lifetime. The wish that a capitalist, communist, cooperativist, socialist, fascist, rightest, or monarchist ideology will not work? Dont give me that bullshit answer of " You must be a leftist" or "You must be a Right" believer. Did both groups actually read what I typed above? Tell me, both right and left, how can we the people change?

    3. alana carolina

      Um clipe fenomenal

    4. Kira !!!

      bu ne aq

    5. Jaystar_Rayfrounge20/11/2002

      0:40 when you boutta enter that bootyhole but there is a piece of paper lodged up in her ass

    6. naomi bird

      Honestly this has so many hidden meanings and I love it

    7. nur aksu

      Yıldız tilbe değilmi bu

    8. Deo Ananas

      bbuf wooow man haha wow :D

    9. Paulo Henrique

      Algum Br?

    10. Duffman

      this is RUSSIA

    11. Bianca Ibarra

      Put on a shirt

    12. Blue Lantern assassin


    13. PresMo

      This is a meme

    14. Jordan Carmichael


    15. I’m not A BOT

      This is America No, this is Patrick

    16. HeyItsAbby

      why the fuck are there 500k+ dislikes smh

    17. Sergei Zhukov

      Garbage. Some unpleasant dude with psycho behavior is trying to preach us something, yet can't quite articulate the message. Dislike. This is some mental crap and definitely not America.

    18. Mostafa Ahmed


    19. Kpomateo Roblox

      This is America.

    20. Yael Varela

      Like si hablas español y eres del 3018 :3

    21. Iris Miranda

      Best music

    22. S_C_R _E_A_M

      So uh, I may have broken the replay button...

    23. Stefano Pierdicca

      Minute 4:05 RUN BITCH RUUUN!!!

    24. Claus Philipp Maria Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg

      What would african american identities be without assumptions made about slavery and what is thought to be owed? Let me help you, nothing. Thats not to downplay slavery. Just ask teh Germans after Rome invaded, heh.

    25. it's me Yo boy

      1st he kills a Jamaican Cuz dis is America then he kills Jews cuz dis America

    26. Carey Rowanoak

      What's happening upstairs @ 2:27?

    27. Arthur Estienne

      this song made my blood bleed

    28. Wyatt Stone

      He lip singing

    29. Lidija šterk

      cool music and bass

    30. Stade




    32. Sasuke Bad

      isto é brasil

    33. Cynthia Saintfort

      This video is brilliant.

    34. Piggyos 9000

      What wha 🤔

    35. Darkangel

      We are living in a dystopia where distraction is a thing to hide horrible News.

    36. Jthejedigaming

      The republican reaction to the liberals trynna ban guns 2018 colorized

      1. theklamfyr

        nobody is trying to ban guns you uninformed american cunt.

    37. Jthejedigaming

      Republican Party’s reaction to the liberals trynna ban guns 2018 colorized

    38. Yulian Schilken

      It's called symbolism Only intelligent people understand:D

    39. Magnet Hemicycle

      Some people are trying to say that america isnt somehow racist but well news for you Bud in every country there is racism

    40. Mark Youneva

      there are only 1 million woke people on this planet, yet this video has over 400 million views.

    41. SAPPE

      Why is this so cringe

    42. grey


    43. HetIsJeBoiJoey

      This is internet

    44. Minino Is HΞRΞ

      this have to take down despacito

    45. Malo Sophie

      #amixem ans #joyca

    46. Meme Dank

      this is a meme

    47. Wasabi :v :v

      I'am cofuzzed

    48. What a party Pooper

      4:05 when you get scammed and DIE

    49. all games and videos and everything

      This is 2018