Chris Brown - Questions (Official Music Video)



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    1. Jackson Scully

      I wish this song was longer.

    2. Action Shorts

      Kevin Lyttle - Turn Me On

    3. Frankie

      this song got my *cheeks* feelin’ like they’re having a seizure.... and i ain’t talking ‘bout the ones on my face 😏

    4. Jackie Pearson

      Love me some Chris Brown

    5. Kylie Hearts

      December 2018?

    6. Alala Alala

      Turn me on?

    7. Michaela Mlynarova

      I have only one question... Why is this song so short ?

    8. Jo Jo

      December 2018.

    9. Ayesha Afsana

      Anyone December 2018??❤

    10. Lovily Loraine

      Those dancers are fire 🔥 as hell!!!! 😍

    11. Adriana Kaline  Farias

      Amo mesmo 😍

    12. Abiyo jr

      December 2018 😍😎

    13. Nora Louhichi

      I only new the kevin lyttle version until this afternoon i'ts great

    14. Nora Louhichi

      It's kinda a cover of "Turn me on - Kevin lyttle "

    15. Jessica Morais

      Essa música me lembro da lele pons dançado br

    16. Francine Mo

      AND they are debating who is the king for this generation. Chris is a underrated artist.

    17. Abdillahi. Fatou

      Decembre 2018

    18. bear conning

      I'm obsessed with this song

    19. Jasmins Lanz

      In every freaky video of his always has that one sexy black girl he wants

    20. Jordan Taylor

      I Love That Song And It Also Make Me Want To Dance And Sing Along Too

    21. Lana Favors

      I have to dance to this song on Friday I'm so excited

    22. Nawal Abdi

    23. Clyde Gemin

      this dude is sooo daddy

    24. Kaunuua Kaunuua

      The Chris...... lv it❤❤

    25. hussein LUCKY


    26. Erin Clapp

      No talking to me buyer

    27. Niah J .

      God Bless everyone have an Blessed one everyone Amen 🙏🏾💕💗💖💓💜💚💞💝

    28. Mariete Cumbane

      I love it music ... ate ja you're choreographed ... always your fiel

    29. kixxo13

      Junkyu honey please dont sing this song so passionately in a survival show

    30. Miss KU 2moibi


    31. mohamed bashiir

      Anyone watching 2019

    32. Cendyrose Penera

      It's sounds like turn me on by cheat codes isn't it?

      1. Aprendiz Feliz

        because it´s a cover too, the origina song is from Kevin litte.


      December 2018

    34. Ellen Jean

      TURN ME ON

    35. Veronica Harrison


    36. Mounira Barro

      Chris Brown!!!!! You are the best!

    37. Kaio Hanma

      repeat in 2018 and forever ha!

    38. Sydney Metlae

      Yea yea 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

    39. NiyahBunny

      Me: *Has an algebra test tmrw and needs to study* My last 3 brain cells: * 1:53 * ....Actually all of them😂

    40. Slayyy Nael

      your song is on fire i love it

    41. Lolo Stegling

      December 2018. Still a hit

    42. gabi yuk

      love of my life

    43. Jahlil Smith

      I got a question?! Who still listening December 2018?

    44. Khadijah Vasquez


    45. Evelyn Martinez Delarosa

      Get it girlies

    46. Andrew Chung

      Anyone notice that it says 2Pac in the description?

    47. deepak pundir

      Kevin lyttle's turn me on sounds same

    48. TheSwampDude

      this song so underrated tho

    49. Jazell Sims

      you are a good singer and a good dancer

    50. Krissa Contreras

      😎😍the Best📸💃