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    Chris Pratt relives his Twitter history and surprises super-fans Courtney and Olivia when he joins us for You Posted That!
    Ian Hecox
    Chris Pratt
    Courtney Miller
    Olivia Sui
    Shayne Topp
    Directed by Ryan Todd
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    1. Cami doricko

      at 3:50 chris sounds slightly worried he might get abducted

    2. Lamya Bhat

      You can hear Shane laughing his head off at 9:32 lol lol love you guys

    3. Hello My Name Is T.J.B

      Courtney seemed so happy awww 🥰 😭😭❤️

    4. Hello My Name Is T.J.B

      I love Chris Pratt this was so cute great episode

    5. Chloe Mckinley

      Chris was so awkward

    6. Møíśęź Kool-aid

      Courtney has some kinky thoughts

    7. Nimaelos

      That is the most amazing thing i have watched on youtube in years xD So adorable.

    8. Laila LaCapra

      Was i the only one who could tell that at 9:32 it was shayne's loud laugh

    9. Anneliese Love

      I think Courtney was in pain the whole episode 😂😂 so cute

    10. Anneliese Love


    11. Benjamin Vos

      that poor girl!

    12. Erin Thomson

      If I Was On Smosh And This Challenge Happened And Peeta From Hunger Games Came On I Would Literally Die! He Is My Internet Crush! ♥️

    13. Erin Thomson

      Why Did Courtney Look So Uncomfortable When Chris Pratt Walked In?

    14. Abdulsalam Shaballout

      why does he sound like pewds?

    15. Jake Long

      That must of been awkward for everyone one like if u agree

    16. sobapop !

      i like how you just hear shayne laughing in the background during is this funny round >

    17. Bavel Singh

      1:26 - 1:33 is what a nervous breakdown looks like

    18. Andrew Flores

      LMAO Courtney looked like she was having an orgasm when she saw Chris! hahah

    19. 24Isabella Cox

      Guardians of the Galaxy 3.0 starring Courtney.

    20. Manfredo Fong

      Her face looks like she’s disgusted

    21. Annette Ruiz

      Isn't it wierd that Chris Pratt laughs at baby pocket and not the baby grout

    22. Alison Morphew

      Officially my favorite video on GR-news

    23. Jedi Jordyn

      You can just here Shane wheezing in the background

    24. Galaxy Bro

      9:33 Shane’s laugh in the backround

    25. Yeetus Cleetus

      Chris *crapp*

    26. Amir Lee Glover

      Courtney was a awkward potato 😭

    27. firedr1 games

      i feel bad for her XD oh god ian is so damn evil

    28. Thyra Liv

      Omg i can’t stop laughing!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂

    29. NCPPGpilot

      Epically Hilarious!

    30. Angkit Rajkumar

      This was so scripted! :D

    31. Evie Drew

      This video is so awkward

    32. Andrew Helmy

      Love smoosh

    33. Epicosity

      i can hear shaynes laugh from a MILE

    34. Grampoo6

      I love how u can hear shayne in the background

    35. Green Destroyer

      No way that soooooooo cool 😎

    36. Mr. Anderson

      is this like an actual game show are there actual people watching and clapping

    37. thaddeus nobles

      Sorry that theres a man as my pic im a female oh and MARRY ME CHRIS

    38. Kelsie W

      This will always be my favorite video on this channel

    39. Bjt218

      This is so fuc king fake

    40. Thomas Rutherford

      9:32 I heard Shane

    41. Dennis Mandlehr

      9:32 shane in background laughing got me 😂😂

    42. Ashleynotthelongname offo

      It’s kinda awkward

    43. OnlineForEver


    44. Mr MarkuZ

      For some reason I hear Shaynes laughing in the audience.

    45. Harry Potter


    46. Skyler v15


      1. Andrew Helmy

        Eh dunno she seemed more nervous than hot


      Wtf I thought he died on Titan wtf is this

    48. Rana Habib


    49. Bts Love

      9: 30 .................. Shane: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    50. Abou Ciss