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    Chris Pratt relives his Twitter history and surprises super-fans Courtney and Olivia when he joins us for You Posted That!
    Ian Hecox
    Chris Pratt
    Courtney Miller
    Olivia Sui
    Shayne Topp
    Directed by Ryan Todd
    Written by Monica Vasandani & Ryan Finnerty
    Produced by Ryan Todd
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    1. Dave Rave

      Like P!nk seeing Johnny Depp on Ellen

    2. GoldenPotato21

      if i were her, i would get all of them wrong on purpose

    3. Daniel Joseph D. Dizon

      Was watching this and then an ad played halfway through the video and it was playing "And I can't fight this feeling anymore." BINGO!

    4. futuristic illuminati

      What about jackspecticeye

    5. Celeste Elizabeth

      "when did u start puberty" I love him?

    6. Dankious Memious

      can hear shane in the background

    7. Isobel Grieve

      I wanna cry this is so cute

    8. Gabi Baca

      “I’m sorry..... uh mmm is it uhh Chris Pratt?”

    9. Maya Di

      I'm so emberesst for her omg

    10. Hungerty

      Ive been cringing the whole video

    11. Goga B

      Do kids edition

    12. JCLegoMan

      Courtney looked like she was going to die from shock when he walked on.

    13. SerenityReceiver

      That's wingmaning.

    14. Cindy chan {Neko • Cute • Demon}

      Poor 39 year old Chrissy

    15. Cindy chan {Neko • Cute • Demon}

      This killed me after watching this I have been obsessed with Chris Pratt someone help meeee

    16. Cool Pineapple


    17. just.over.the.wonderwall

      I want to see what Courtney would do to get back at Ian lol😂😂

    18. Erica Weeks

      Oh poor Courtney 😂

    19. LaylaMC GamingChannel


    20. Asleonor

      what a nice ass has Olivia, nice for Chris if he dates her.

    21. Luna Moon

      Chris Whats about blue she is dissaponted and Ana

    22. -WoF- DarkNewton

      This video is one of my favorite videos on youtube.

    23. CLU

      When you die in the game you die in real life

    24. enchanteD

      This was so cringey to watch, holy shit.

      1. enchanteD

        I feel so bad for Courtney lmfao

    25. Pokemon Girls

      Rawr or star lord 😏 choose one JURASSIC WORLD or Guardians of the galaxy one and two

    26. Codered08

      false gospel message make sure to tell Chris pratt that the enemy is Hollywood.

    27. Kity

      This video was posted on my b-day

    28. AFlamingoNamed: Jake

      “Am sorry.” *”Am not.”* 😂

    29. Tyler Schuågh

      You can just hear Shane laughing in the background

    30. Sasha Velazquez- Morales

      I relate to Courtney on a spiritual level

    31. Jessica Kriz

      I love u chris Pratt!!!

    32. Soon Jung Chung

      Idk if Courtney is acting or not but like I’m like her I swear to god

    33. MARC Caydenphx

      Who else is watching this on June 22 after watching Jurassic world fallen kingdom

    34. Alexander fire999

      And i thought i was weird and yet i watch ear wax removal

    35. Ironic.Square

      "I'm sorry" "I'm not" If that was me and Thomas Brodie-Sangster I would've DIED

    36. Spider Audi MEGA GAMER WEBY BLADE Sorvon blade

      Chris you are peter grady not peter quill or Owen grady

      1. Megan Bury

        I call it a mashup of two awesome characters played by Chris Pratt.

    37. JDH

      My boyfriend and I are also Chris Pratt enthusiasts so I feel Courtney lol. Chris was so nice though!

    38. Amandine Deschamps

      I feel so bad for Courtney

    39. Quirky Quest

      this was sooooo cringy omg make it stop icant imagine if i was in her position

    40. Ava McDermid

      Every time I watch this, I imagine myself as Courtney. Is that weird? Lol sorry I kinda have a celebrity-crush on Chris Pratt... lol

    41. Juan Matias

      “ dad what killed grandpa “ “ cringe, its an infectious desease “

    42. xxXGalaxyWolfXxx :3

      Im sooooo sry 4 u Courtney

    43. Anxjughead

      K bye

    44. VMan29397

      this game was so rigged

    45. Amanda Cruz

      Y'all did Courtney dirty lol

    46. Call-me-banana

      omg look at chris face he is so happy for being between this two beautiful young ladies hahahaha

    47. Elliott W

      Anyone else annoyed by how he says "who posted that?" as a statement and not a question?

    48. Sam Santos

      Chris Pratt seems like such a sweet chill dude

    49. Asian Gaming 2.0/vlogs

      Yo that my joke replacing savage with cavage

    50. Danny Truong