CHRIS PRATT is on our Game Show!



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    Chris Pratt relives his Twitter history and surprises super-fans Courtney and Olivia when he joins us for You Posted That!
    Ian Hecox
    Chris Pratt
    Courtney Miller
    Olivia Sui
    Shayne Topp
    Directed by Ryan Todd
    Written by Monica Vasandani & Ryan Finnerty
    Produced by Ryan Todd
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    1. XxSwampert GamingxX

      When Ian Said "Vagina? Do You Mean Baby Pockets? I Hear Shane Laughing So Hard

    2. fred fred

      Bet Anthony wished he stayed

    3. Logan Dodsley

      9:33 I can just hear Shane in the background lhao

    4. Kayleigh Edwards

      I’m not crying you are!!!

    5. Stratotes Phoenix

      I wanna punch Chris Pratt in his Stupid Face!?

    6. JustPeachyy


    7. trolle02


    8. Jennifer Brady

      Chris Pratt is a beautiful and wonderful human. but also, why are his lips so pink? hahahaha that doesn't look like he normally does.

    9. Sage

      The real chis pratt fangirl is Mat Pat.

    10. Javid Bowen

      What happened to smosh

    11. Rednaxela

      Courtney's awkwardness is so funny

    12. Rileigh McDonald

      Oh you can hear Shayne laughing in the audience

    13. Aleeza Fatima

      C Ch Chr Chri Chris ChrisP ChrisPr ChrisPra Chrisprat ChrisPratt ChrisPrat ChrisPra ChrisPr ChrisP Chris Chri Chr Ch C

    14. TheBadGamer

      How much did you pay the addition to laugh and clap

    15. Namraa Sakher

      OMG!!!!!! It’s Chris Pratt

    16. Melina

      *ships aggressively*

    17. Anita Hnin Mar Lar

      Was really hoping to see Chris and Ian have a nice middle school dance so I could screen record it

    18. clickbait 69

      its so cringe😬

    19. x Catsune x

      Can I be Courtney? Idk if I get embarrassed it happens already 😅

    20. Marcilene Rose

      I'm hyperventilating OMG

    21. Crispy Cheeto

      This feels rigged lol.

    22. Death management 303

      Hope her father isn’t a purple man with a nut sack chin

    23. Smelly Jelly

      I can just hear Shanye laughing his ass off the whole time 😂

    24. Lucas Dedis

      courtney looked like she got blown by a gust of wind

    25. Meow Cow

      When Courtney says "Yeah" it sounds like Mallory for Studio C.

    26. Drift King

      Lol Courtney is being tortured

    27. Daredevil2003

      Man I wish starlord didn't die in infinity war



    29. Noah Reeves

      9:36 shanes laugh in the background

    30. Bergsveinn Ómar

      Anyone else think how uncomfortable it was for Chris tho?

    31. Orlando Falvo

      This is one of my favorite Chris prat clip

    32. Emma Burger

      I feel you Courtney 😂❤️

    33. Bella The awsome

      I h8 but luv this

    34. Terry Johnson

      this made me cringe so hard

    35. Summoner Royale

      oh baby.

    36. Terry Johnson

      chris looked so uncomfortable

    37. Edge Lord

      When is Anthony coming on the show?

    38. kv_ninja 2718

      I had this feeling inside of me that blocked me from drinking my coke. Idk what it was, probably cringe

    39. John Rosekrans


    40. Cady Bowen

      I wouldnt pout about dancing with Chris Pratt id bg soooo happy

    41. Đức cfm

      Tom holland plz Or tobey maguire (if you can even find him)

    42. Info Account

      U can hear Shane in the back laughing

    43. Uncle Joe


    44. Infire Gamer VS Galaxy Gamer

      Just watching Courtney trying not to fall apart is soo sad because if that were me I would be screaming out OH MY GOD ITS CHRIS PRATT OH MY GOD IM GONNA DIE. Yeah uhhhh

    45. That random GAMER

      It’s you posted Chris Pratt! Clap clap your a stalker and you know that! Clap clap what the hell is wrong with you!? But you posted Chris Pratt!

    46. Your Average Otaku

      Chris looks so confused half the time

    47. Your Average Otaku

      Chris has good memory damn... instantly remembered

    48. Andres Clavel

      I can only hear Shayne laughing in the back 🤣

    49. Regoil GD

      If I had to e0be gay with anyone, it would be chris Pratt

    50. Rylee Mckenna

      This whole episode was just about embarrassing Courtney