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    Chris Pratt relives his Twitter history and surprises super-fans Courtney and Olivia when he joins us for You Posted That!
    Ian Hecox
    Chris Pratt
    Courtney Miller
    Olivia Sui
    Shayne Topp
    Directed by Ryan Todd
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    1. James BeoWulf3000

      I loved fallen kingdom

    2. GAME N' DAYS

      Awqwrrrrd situations

    3. Chopped Liver

      What is Anthony doing nowdays?

    4. Darío Castro

      I see Chris Pratt a Little unconfortable

    5. Mikael Lalli

      I really like courtneys type of humor

    6. Tegan Gregory

      Lol Chris pratts birthday is the same as mine & fallen kingdom is out 1 day after my birthday he he he

    7. The Purple Phoenix

      9:33 Listen closely is that Shayne laughing let me now

    8. Cozy LovesMusic

      courtney is ME in any uncomfortable situation

    9. FaliClt Heitz

      Chris Pratt should play Ed Warren in the conjuring movies.

    10. ivy

      Oh my goodness if I saw Chris Pratt I would be like hi can I have a photo and then after I go away scream XD I wish I could make Chris Pratt except he's famous and I'm not so 💧cry

    11. gamer pro Jesse

      Dinosaurs 🦖 dinosaurs 🦕 yessssśßš

    12. Aud Ng

      I love how loud Shayne is laughing and how identifiable his laugh is

    13. Patrick Ly

      Holy God theres 169k LIKES! I liked :D also I feel bad for courtney cause she had an awkward slow dance with a celebrity that she was a big fan of

    14. Angela Goins

      As much as I loved Courtney and Chris dancing I would have loved to see Ian and Chris dance. 😂😂

      1. Aimee Campbell

        Me 2

    15. Francisco Cazares

      Get you someone who looks at you like courtney looks at Chris Pratt

    16. Tae Tae

      Shane's laugh is great (in the backround)

    17. Antisocial Butterfly

      I came back to watch this and I realized that on a lot of Courtney's tweets had the words 'Chris', 'Pratt', or 'Starlord' in bold which means they were sought out and not just aimlessly scrolled by and I live for it

    18. ender hero

      Chris Pratt is my tenth cousin no lies.

    19. David Grimard

      Imagine that part in gotg 2 where groot is eating the candy or whatever it was, but he’s watching Courtney and Pratt getting spicy

    20. Jaylen Gao

      Chris I’m mad at you for what you did in infinity war

    21. Isabel Pestana-Bastos

      You should have brought in MatPat instead

    22. Koren Hoang

      8:53 I eat the tail....

    23. rai 1000

      talk about someone taking "my breath away" 2:17

    24. The Try Not To Laugh King

      That was probably the best day of courtney"s life

    25. Rebecca Garden

      I'm laughing do hard my eyes are filled with water lol😂😂😂😂

    26. Diamond

      "I'm sorry" "I'm not"

    27. Aidan Gaming time

      Courtney - “Criss prat makes me so happy...” Criss Pratt - *hug* Courtney - *crys* WHAT?!

    28. aileykate

      *i feel like chris keeps looking at them both really intense to make them nervous*

    29. KingCyrus

      i ship them

    30. EDY Is AWESOME

      That Olivia is freaken hot

    31. TvFun #TvArmy :p

      9:31 is that Shaynes laugh in the background? xD

    32. awesomelego24 awesomelego24

      This is totally staged, but its still pretty funny

    33. Haise KuzaLure

      Courtney loves him ;)

    34. Expert Gamer

      Courtney tries to hard to be funny

    35. Macray Flanders

      Chris Pratt grew up in my town. Lake Stevens

    36. Nea Dietz


    37. Olivia :D

      Shane in the audience 😂

    38. Mister sprinkles09

      I could see Courtney saying in her mind, “Why me?”

    39. Supergummytaco

      OMG that was so adorable XD

    40. Crazy Cactus0702

      that would be me lmfao

    41. Crazy Cactus0702

      chris pratt is my dad...

    42. KillsterDanger321

      I think the half horse half man guy was Tonska...

    43. xXShadow_LordXx

      9:43 if they were beautiful would that make it a hot pocket

    44. Sfrijol Duraznos


    45. Happy_Hannah 77

      Courtney is mood wtf like it’s so accurate

    46. abdul malik

      what is the song they are dancing to?

    47. jp green

      Ok, this is super funny...sorry it's at your expense Courtney, but you were great! :) 😂🤣

    48. Kyisoe Thant

      i don't even know girls poop 😂😂

    49. Mr.ThunderChief

      9:30 is that Shane laughing super loudly in the background? hahaha

    50. Jadyn Manning

      I'm so jelly and I luv Chris Pratt