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    1. Maryann Williams

      Ayyyy lity

    2. HighKeyGaming

      I’m doing a cheerleading dance and just imagine how much I am sweating and how fast te dance is and I had to learn it in one day 😭

    3. Victor Garrido

      Like si 2019 y en tiktok😃😃😃😃

    4. rainbow panda princess and spinkles


    5. carlosmadrid77

      Make blessings

    6. Sumiko Yuukio

      This song gets me turnt every time I hear it. It is so good😍

    7. Ariana - Chan Chill X Cute X Nice

      *When your friend suggests a song in school and it swears or has twerking in it* Me: Oh my Gawd! Girl Why U listenin to these things your only 10! Friend: O_O Noo Totally not.... *runs* Me: Excuse me! Me: Oh well i was gonna tell her i love the song but Okie **Level up level up level up level up**

    8. Ris qa

    9. Glogang Swim


    10. Kiara Henderson


    11. Bruxo Da noite

      Level up ❤️

    12. Angel Thao


    13. Alicia May Chavez

      All inspired by Beyonce! The beat, costume, hair and specially the Choreography.

    14. TheFluteKid

      Finally someone who knows Bose is a good product, beats are soooo over rated!!

    15. JeNae Rogers


    16. Ny'Kerria Upson

      Ciara you go girl. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    17. TORI BABY


    18. Last seen missin

      Lvl up you want this yummy in your tummy. What's that guys do with lvl up?

    19. bryanna Campos


    20. Mycrazyteddybear

      Ciara i love the song but you took a free gym workout :3

    21. Scot Stratman

      Reminds me if Lunar. Lol watch my vids to see Lunar anyway just turn it up all the way.

    22. Jaleah Caudle


    23. James Taylor

      Don’t trust edit comments

    24. laura lott

      there clothes are everything

      1. laura lott


    25. James Brown

      If your reading these comments STOP and level up😁😂😂😂

    26. James Brown

      I leveled up liking these comments 😂😂😂

    27. Brood Supreme87

      i love you leavel up your pretty

    28. Lance Santi

      I tried this and now my exercise routine is done for 2020

    29. Iysis Chukes

      Who still listening level up in 2019 if you are like this comment

    30. Clanx War2

      It a boy name

    31. Clanx War2

      I hate my name

    32. Gabriel Chalas

      Why all of them the dress the same but not ciara

    33. Nicole Nixon

      i bet big freeda came up with the dance

    34. Dariestel 07


    35. Angela Battu

      These likes need to level up

    36. Fouad Foufou


    37. Clanx War2

      My friends know this

    38. Jametta Wright

      I love it

    39. hunter soulz

      Me when i win Fortnite battle royal

    40. Мирас

      Казахстан-Россия-Беларусь....какие страны ещё забыл?????

    41. Move Mojito

      damn the entire time i thought Beyoncé was singing until i watched the video now

    42. Jenni Stoddart

      Hi everybody

    43. xKing966

      Showed this to my level 0 Fortnite account now it’s level 999

    44. Г. М.


    45. Queen of Yasrabien


    46. Natilie E. S.

      She calls this a "Come Back"...Really??? Honestly. It NEVER felt as if she left. I enjoy her videos. She is so underrated.

    47. Rachel Foord

      Ummm who else can't even twerk😂😂

    48. Zeynep Eda Süslü

      What a zumba song!

    49. A S

      Best song to workout 🏋️‍♂️ yeaaah!!

    50. Sirine Siala

      Trop bien le clip !!!